Revizuirea noastră CINESTĂ a Yacht-ului Silențios ALIMENTAT SOLAR 55

Revizuirea noastră CINESTĂ a Yacht-ului Silențios ALIMENTAT SOLAR 55

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50 thoughts on “Revizuirea noastră CINESTĂ a Yacht-ului Silențios ALIMENTAT SOLAR 55

  1. Hello from Minnesota USA!! My 2 favorite YouTubeers in one episode!! Love that Riley gave his honest opinion, and I think he's right. The mission this yacht is designed for is different than there sailing catamaran. Looked luxurious to me!

  2. The solar yacht is a great idea for gunkhole sailors. If it’s uncomfortable when it’s rough, it won’t be much of an oceangoing vessel because when it’s uncomfortable, it’s also inefficient. But it seems a lovely yacht for island hopping. A fascinating video, thanks.

  3. I really enjoy all of your adventures. This episode in particular was great in that it was unexpected and informative. I don't think there is ever enough reliable information for those interested in upgrading or purchasing their first vessel. Being able to see and hear pros and cons from and experienced and reliable source definitely provides valuable information to anyone looking in this lifestyle. Hopefully I'm not the only one but I would love to see more feedback videos like these with other amazing vessels in the future. Keep the amazing videos coming!!!

  4. Again, another fabulous video, this time with a different spin on an electric boat. I am all for going carbon based fuel free, so I watched with a keen eye on how this one works. But I will never give up on the idea of sailing, but with a focus on replacing Diesel with Solar powered electric motors!

    Great to see you again, look forward to your next video and the new boat!

  5. 3/4 the way through the video. Being a top heavy vessel with what seems to be no stability. Facing any storm of any consistency would be dangerous.. Now if it had a sail at least you could have some sort of stability. However this vessel is not built for ocean crossing.
    But in the end an amazing vessel for local and short term travel.

  6. Listen I get it. To each there own but with only a couple of exceptions I do not care for most other YouTubers or influencers if you prefer. I am sure Kara and Nate are good people but I find them to be just a bit too slick unlike Riley and Elayna who I find to be real world folks who happen to live on a sailboat. That is what makes La Vagabonde so appealing to so many. You guys are in a class of your own. Thanks for the review of this vessel and with the price of fuel skyrocketing I can see these having a great future.

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