Viața lentă: un rămas bun perfect și dulce-amărui [Sailing Via Ep 71]

Viața lentă: un rămas bun perfect și dulce-amărui [Sailing Via Ep 71]

Alăturați-vă nouă pentru 22 de minute de bucurie de ancorare la distanță: trăind în largul mării, urmărind vitele cutreierând plaja la apus, taco-uri cu pește, scufundări din belșug și viața dulce și lentă. cele mai recente videoclipuri de navigație | cele mai noi vloguri de navigație| navigare vlog-uri pe youtube | navigand cu caini | cele mai bune vloguri noi de navigație | cele mai bune videoclipuri noi de navigație | nou canal de navigație | youtube sailing cupluri | cele mai bune vloguri de navigație de pe youtube | cele mai bune bloguri de navigație | canale de navigație youtube | #sailiing #sailingaroundtheworld #sailingvia #sailingwithdogs #sailingvideo #boatlife #nouestsailingvlogs #sailingmexico #cruisinglife #seaofcortez


25 thoughts on “Viața lentă: un rămas bun perfect și dulce-amărui [Sailing Via Ep 71]

  1. I just love seeing the "Via" crew enjoying their life on the water. Hopefully your hiatus back state side goes well, and "Via" weathers her time ashore. Looking forward to seeing your antics as you spend time on land getting reacquainted with the concrete jungles.

  2. Another beautiful vlog, the camera work is excellent.
    Where did you get that swimwear from? I am going to order matching set for my crew.
    I know it will end up the same as when I bought the grass skirts, I had to beat both Bubba and Leroy with the winch handle to get them into them. They looked great after the leg wax though.
    Time is going super fast here must be in a different warp zone !
    Don't forget to leave a link to the swimwear, oh and if you have any makeup tips on how to hide bruises !!!!

  3. Hi Mike and Taylor! Wow, another great video! We really enjoyed sharing the beautiful scenery and sunsets, but mostly wished we could have shared in the trigger fish with mango salsa! Enjoy and a belated Happy Birthday, Mike! -Fraser and Jeff

  4. Fabulous episode S/v Via and crew. Breathtaking views. Not sure why people in the Mexico / South USA take their boats out of the water during hurricane season rather than cruise to a non-hurricane area and enjoy that space. Can always fly to the States for a few weeks and then back. Oh well. Lots to learn. ✨🌊💨⛵️🏝👙🌞✨

  5. My favourite video so far..which is saying something because they are all so good. The pacing, videography and content just summed up boat life for me. Perfect.

  6. We are planning to leave it all behind and sail away and we have been looking at sailboats do you have any pros and cons with Via (Caliber 40)? Would like to know she looks like a wonderful boat to cruise on…

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