WINDELO 54 YACHTING CATAMARAN Electric Hydro Solar Silent Hybrid Performance Tur iaht

WINDELO 54 YACHTING CATAMARAN Electric Hydro Solar Silent Hybrid Performance Tur iaht

Informații și contact WINDELO: Urmărește-ne Construirea unui iaht explorator @NautiGuys Încercăm mereu să vă aducem iahturi interesante și unice! Așa că urcarea la bordul WINDELO ECO CATAMARAN a fost pe primul loc pe lista noastră și nu puteam rata ocazia de a-l duce la o probă pe mare. FĂCUT DIN ROCI DE LAVA ȘI STICLE DE PLASTIC? Pregătește-te pentru un tur foarte detaliat, ne vom scufunda în toată tehnologia: electrică, hidro, solară, silentioasă, hibridă… ce vrei! Acest catamaran cu vele de performanță face cu adevărat furori în industrie și merită cu siguranță urmărit acest tânăr șantier naval în timp ce continuă să crească. Alăturați-vă nouă în acest tur de iaht al versiunii WINDELO 54 YACHTING, în timp ce explorăm fiecare colț. Windelo 54 Yachting are un preț de aproximativ 1.235.000 USD. Bucurați-vă de Tur! 😜 Spuneți-mi ce părere aveți despre aceasta, băieți, în comentarii. Catamaran pentru amenajarea asta. WINDELO Info & Contact:: #catamaran #PerformanceSailing #YachtTour //INSCRIE-TE ECHIPULUI NOSTRU NAUTI: De la început, am decis să ne păstrăm independența & integritate, deci nu acceptăm plăți pentru Yacht Tours și nu „lucrem pentru închiriere”, astfel putem alege și doar Tour navele pe care le considerăm interesante pentru publicul nostru. Suntem aici pentru a ne distra în timp ce verificăm cele mai tari iahturi de pe piață și nu ne luăm prea în serios! //WATCH NEXT: ○ Eco Yachts: ○ MERGE ORIUNDE EXPLORATOR: VA MULȚUMESC PENTRU DISTRIBUȚII, COMENTAȚI PENTRU AMERĂRI, COMENTARII PENTRU SUBS-URI! ACESTE 4 CLICURI SIMPLE FAC ACEST CANAL POSIBIL!!! 🙂 //URMĂȚI-NE: ○ Instagram: ○ Blog: ○ Facebook: NautiStyles/ //CUMPĂRAT NAUTI GEAR: //CAMERA UTILIZAT: ○ Camera – ○ Drone – ○ Microfoane wireless – ○ Microfoane cu fir – ○ Card SD – ○ Gimbal – ○ Lumină – //SUBSCRIBE AICI:… 0:00 Introducere 1:15 Test Sail 11:14 Tur exterior 16:13 Rock & Bottles 23:50 Interior 38:40 Helm & Tech Talk 48:05 Sala motoare 50:32 SPECIFICAȚII 51:12 Outtakes Mulțumim pentru vizionare! Ahoy, căpitanul V DECLINAREA RESPONSABILITĂȚII: Linkurile incluse în această descriere pot fi link-uri afiliate. Dacă achiziționați un produs sau serviciu cu link-urile pe care le ofer, este posibil să primesc un mic comision. Nu există nicio taxă suplimentară pentru tine! Vă mulțumesc că îmi susțineți canalul, astfel încât să vă pot oferi în continuare conținut gratuit în fiecare săptămână!


45 thoughts on “WINDELO 54 YACHTING CATAMARAN Electric Hydro Solar Silent Hybrid Performance Tur iaht

  1. Love what these boats are doing….and thanks for the tour 💙🌅😎🧙‍♂️🏞️
    They might not be the first boats built using Basalt…i know the Deep south ice race class boats used basalt and some Australian power boat hulls use 1/2 inch solid basalt …its bullet proof literally but a jet boat hull is going to hit rocks ..
    They may be the first production sailing yatchs though and definately cats…
    Basalt can also be used for propellors and drive shafts and many other metal or Carbon roles.
    The sandwich construction insulates and is highly resistant to chemical attacs and impervious to electrolitic corrosion as its an electrical insulator as well.
    Basalt is also one of the most common igneous rocks in the earths crust and the equipment to melt it is very compact and as he pointed out very energy efficient ..

  2. Amazing lay-out and a very capable sailor! Although, a serious improvement to the joinery (hinges, for example) is expected at this price range, but its design is really well thought out! Good job, Windelo and thank you NS for the detailed presentation.

  3. Lol it´s hilarious when people say that they will never cross an ocean in a so called condomaran with a flybridge (even though multiple people do it every day), even though they are safer, faster and a heck of a lot more confortable than a monohull in the same length.
    It´s even more hilarious when people choose to buy their sailboat based on how they will use it 5% of the time (sailing) instead of 95% of the time (at anchor). 🤣
    So who then cares if it takes 1 day longer to cross the Atlantic ocean "for example", in a so called condomaran compared to a high performance catamaran in the same size, when you will spend the vast majority of the time at anchor the rest of the time anyway and the performance, speed is not that different overall!

  4. Nice anchorage boat for the charter and coastal cruising market.. … I wouldn't take it offshore… This recycling point can easily confuse people but the bottom line is that this boat will be crushed to create plastic waste within 20 years… The only truly marine recycling material is metal.

  5. Great that basalt is used. The price difference is largely due to an absence of scale. The more used, the cheaper it will get. Basalt also fails differently than glass or carbon. Glass and carbon shatter into bits. Basalt maintains more strength as if fails from impacts. We are also running out of sand. Sounds crazy, but glass is made from very specific sand deposits. Basalt is much more plentiful. So it's great to see basalt used.

  6. How is comparing this to the “windmills” a good thing, when anyone who’s done some research knows that for whatever reason, there’s thousands of old, broken, unusable “solar windmills” and batteries virtually being “dumped”, but by no means are they being “recycled”. Notice the administrator said when asked that they “could” be recycled? He was likely telling the truth, but the next question should have been at what cost? Or maybe how big a footprint would the “recycling” procedure take?

  7. excellent but 2 concern's heave storms and the plastic front cover?
    2all this downloadable updating monituring avaliable,does this also mean if new lockdowns come about, governments can shut yiour yachts down, if youy do not comply to unlawful access of your yacht?

  8. I wonder how strong are glass windows in the aft cabins. I didn’t call them portholes because I didn’t know what they’re called . But I was wondering if they would stand up to ruff seas ?

  9. I guess I must be a relic of a different age, but I look at that galley, and only thing I can see is the cook falling down the ladder in rough seas and breaking their neck No lifeline, no gate…. nothing to brace against. And the thought of going into the towering waves of 50's and 60 degrees southern latitude with those giant windows…. not to mention plastic Vinyl enclosures forward as the only thing to keep the wave tops sweeping across the foredeck out of the cockpit, and then down the companionways and filling into the hulls……Well, it's surely nothing I'd want to take down to explore say, the coasts of Patagonia, or take across the Pacific.

    This seems to me to be a yacht designed for fair weather, that ignores the possibility of getting caught in rough weather. As a charter boat for use in, say, the Caribbean only…outside of hurricane season, with a day or two between destinations (and intermediate safe harbors) … great But I can't see this as a world cruiser. Am I wrong?

  10. What a great segment, to hear people doing great things for the environment, recycling and introducing totally unique products……I am awestruck, wish we have more people like
    Them…… Bravo!!!!

  11. For the multifunction display in the salon for the charter guests, it might be a better option to be able to echo one of the wheelhouse displays on any of the TVs on board rather than having a separate display. Surely someone makes such a product already.

  12. Great Video for a great boat. I really like the setup as it is really working, first Windelo did the Atlantic tour whithout any major trouble. This is probably the only boat almost noiseless and able to cross oceans….

  13. Great Video and Catamaran! Hmmm the one area of concern is the helm area steps, it is a nice feature but it seems to covered by rolled down plastic how does that handle during a storm for example during a hurricane or a big storm or heavy seas….where does that water go? is there something to stop the water from going into the main cabin area?

  14. Design is a question of taste, but the ideas are just great and the future of yachting. I like where more and more brands in the industry are going these days…

  15. I really liked this. It was more technical then your other vids. BUT let us, at least me, be honest: Looking at cabins 3/4 of the vid, as you usually do, is not what a sailor is looking for. He wants to know how the boot (cat) is maneuvered in daily business. Most of us can not afford a crew and want (have) to do it all ourselves. So just hearing if this vessel can be sailed single handed was for me one of the most important messages. BTW loved that forward cockpit ….. really thinking about that cat. Perfect compromise and getting close to Eco Sunreef ….. just that I like sailing a lot more then cruising …….

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