Cum să CUMPĂRĂ o BARCĂ cu velerii second hand pentru a naviga în jurul lumii | Ep.01

Cum să CUMPĂRĂ o BARCĂ cu velerii second hand pentru a naviga în jurul lumii |  Ep.01

În 2020 am cumpărat o barcă cu pânze pentru a naviga în jurul lumii. Am petrecut câteva luni căutând barca potrivită și în acest videoclip vă luăm cu noi în timp ce găsim barca perfectă pentru noi. Ne-am uitat la atât de multe bărci, noi și vechi, la Hallberg Rassy, ​​Najad, Amel și Contest înainte de a cumpăra în sfârșit Adhara, un Contest 48CS în Marea Britanie. *La câte bărci te-ai uitat înainte de a le cumpăra pe ale tale?* Ai face ceva diferit? Ne-am dori foarte mult să-l întâlnim pe proprietar data viitoare! *LINK-URI:* Luați legătura cu noi pe Instagram: Cumpărați ghidurile noastre de călătorie și navigație Alăturați-vă Newsletter-ului nostru lunar: https://bit .ly/3rMaqXV Contest Yachts: Închiriază o barcă în toată lumea și economisește 10% „SAILINGADHARA” Predict Wind


33 thoughts on “Cum să CUMPĂRĂ o BARCĂ cu velerii second hand pentru a naviga în jurul lumii | Ep.01

  1. Great video guys!
    One question, how do you compare the 44cs over the 48cs? Aside of the evident length increase, speed etc,
    From what I can see the layout is similar, except on the third cabin (bunk beds), right?
    Does the rest of the boat have the same size (aft cabin/head, galley, chart table, saloon)? or is it all a bit more crammed? How about winches

    My wife and I love your boat, and hope to be looking at upgrading our current boat soon, and dreaming of a Contest (44 or 48cs)


  2. Great stuff Jan & Jessie, looking forward to you catching us up on your adventures! Lists and folders joke made me chuckle. Fair winds….looking forward to future instalments as we see where your journey has taken you and continues to take you!

  3. Your video is very nice but it would be good if it included the translation into Spanish like many others who publish, keep in mind that there are 500 million people speaking Spanish and surely many more would follow. Thank you and good luck.

  4. Nice and very safe boat, I bought my 2004 Najad 490 in 2019 in the south of France and this year I sailed to the Greek islands after spending last winter in Italy. having a center cockpit is a safe choice and more comfortable to have the size of boat you chose. no doubt. wish you fair wind and following seas…

  5. Looks like a really nice boat, personally I'm not a fan of mast/headsail furling because if you're in a storm and it jams up you're screwed. I've heard of people having to cut halyards in the thick of it because of a jammed/broken furler . Most people love them for ease of use, but just be careful.

  6. Ok! Congratulations on your New Boat. And I am looking forward to seeing ya'll on your journey. And Thank You for taking us along.
    I would love to see what you got and the work you had to do to get her ready for your around the world journey. The cost and are you Happy about your decision.
    Ok I well be waiting here on my lanai for your next video.
    Until then Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii.

    P.s. who knows maybe you well sail here. If so you are welcome to stay with us here on the Big Island. Aloha.

  7. I am curious about your sailing experience prior to buying Adhara. Seems like a whole lot of boat to maintain even if you're experienced sailors.

  8. If you get a longer, lighter mono, then they can be as fast as most cats and are more forgiving to sail. Look at a Sundeer or Deerfoot. I have a Sundeer 60. It's the same displacement as your boat, but with a smaller rig. Everything is done from the cockpit. I get 200 mile days 85% of the time. If the apparent is over 12.5 knots and 60⁰ AWA or more then that's a guaranteed 200 mile day. Our best days are over 220 miles. It's comfortable, easy to sail and very safe with two watertight bulkheads.

  9. Tolle Eigner, toller Kanal! Ich freue mich auf Eure kommenden Geschichten, Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen🙂
    Wo seid ihr gerade und wo soll es hingehen?

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