Salvare în ocean deschis în largul coastei Bermudelor

Salvare în ocean deschis în largul coastei Bermudelor

Un apel de ajutor ne pune în alertă maximă și duce la salvarea unei bărci cu pânze în ocean. De asemenea, căpitanul James oferă o actualizare rară în TIMP REAL pentru abonați. 🙂 Mult drag, sper sa va placa. -James și Ana Du-te la @Sailing Yabá Rezervă o velă cu @Sail Libra -❤️ Suport ❤️- Patreon: Paypal: Merch: -👇Contact👇- Site: Facebook: Instagram: https://www.instagram .com/sailingzingaro/ -👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Companii pe care le IUBIM 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦- OC Licitații: Spectra Watermakers: https://www.comspectrawatermakers Ochelari de soare: Kraken Structuri: -🎶- Epidemic Sound


38 thoughts on “Salvare în ocean deschis în largul coastei Bermudelor

  1. Thank you for the green flash bro. Didn’t think I would ever see that. I love your channel. You seem to be the most on the edge of disaster of all the channels. That’s not a bad thing. It’s really the reason why I Watch. it’s with much love I say that. I love your channel.

  2. Happy anniversary on your milestone. Or Miles and Miles Stones. Enjoyed your videos over the years. However you do know you're not that easy to look at.ha, sorry had to say it, just the pirate in me. All the girls have been super great though. Make sure you rack up on some lobsters for the pirate party.

  3. I have never seen the green flash dispite the fact that I have seen hundreds of sunsets at sea. Thanks! I have slight color blindness, just enough for something as subtle as the green flash to be very hare for me to see.

  4. I can't imagine what the owner of this large expensive boat is thinking watching this clip, I know what would be going through my mind though if I was the owner. btw theres another good argument for a skeg

  5. YABA is a scam they pulled in a yard and had the work done by workers and financed it by exposing the amazing craftsmanship of the shipwrights with probably only the yard boss on the take
    Should not the money have gone to the extremely poorly paid craftsmen ($20-30 a day). You can tell on their sad faces that for month the workers were not happy at all, even forced (long faces) to wear Yaba shirts from the very own couple that rip them off!
    Ben and MP are also lliars pretending to their viewers and Patreon they would sail the world on Yaba, they know Yaba is not an offshore boat but a keel-less coastal motor sailor built for short sunset cocktails cruises.She will never get the blue water license mandatory in Brazil. Also all the clues are there to show she was rebuilt out of bootleg illegally harvested old growth timber(no room to expend here but evidence is very compelling) SHAME ON GREEDY BEN & MP

  6. Optical illusion
    red, and wavelengths close to it are the widest spectrum wavelengths of light, so thats the last colour you see in failing light
    but if the ambient isnt a strong, that is to say the scene is well illuminated, red it will fall off to orange or yellow
    the yellow of the sun and the blue of the reflected sky on the sea make green in the last second of the suns transit on the day

  7. Wow , clean break on a drive shaft! I just installed an Aqua Drive system , separating the thrust from the engine . Possibly this would be a solution , alignment of the engine is not crucial.

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