Am traversat Golful Biscaia la șase luni de la cumpărarea unei BARCĂ Nr. 148

Am traversat Golful Biscaia la șase luni de la cumpărarea unei BARCĂ Nr. 148

Tocmai sosind în Brest din Falmouth în ziua precedentă, a fost o schimbare rapidă când a venit fereastra noastră de vreme pentru golf. 2 zile, 8 ore și peste 300 de mile mai târziu, am ajuns în Gijón după o aventură destul de mare. Noi am făcut-o! Becka & Zach –––––––⚓––––––– CUM NE PUTEȚI SUSȚINE: Dacă doriți să vedeți Teulu Tell Us (și un cont actualizat despre locul în care ne aflăm în fiecare săptămână) și doriți o lansare anticipată a videoclipurilor, nu ezitați să vedeți Patreon-ul nostru. Link către Patreon-ul nostru: Datorită cererii populare, am deschis o listă de dorințe Amazon! Suntem incredibil de recunoscători pentru generozitatea ta. Multumesc, multumesc, multumesc. Link către lista noastră de dorințe Amazon: ––––––– ⚓––––––– VIN LA O AVENTURĂ CU NOI: AFACERI:


26 thoughts on “Am traversat Golful Biscaia la șase luni de la cumpărarea unei BARCĂ Nr. 148

  1. Well done, the first crossing beyond coastal waters!👏👌
    The boat surely can take it when sailed right, and that's precisely what you did.🤗 Apart from the tea that is…🤣

  2. You have quickly become one of my favourite sailing channels. ⛵️ The detail of the sailing is better than most other channels.
    I love watching your enthusiasm and frustration and overcoming fears to accomplish long held dreams. So many firsts in such a short time.
    We bought our own yacht only a week ago. A Carter 30. Owning my own boat has been a dream since I was 17. I am now 64. We have many firsts ahead of us, and you both are such an inspiration.

  3. No more crawling, up and walking bigger steps, apart from flinging tea around the galley, well done the pair of you! That courtesy flag requires a rather large telescope to see what it is?? LOL

  4. Wonderful to see a successful and well done milestone in the books. You two are doing very well accepting the challenges and performing positive, successful deliverables. Keep it us.

  5. @Teule Tribe this is the 1st video of yours that I have watched and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to some binge watching to catch up on your sailing story. Congrats on completing a fairly big sail for novice sailors. New sub. Good luck with the channel.

  6. Hay guys really happy for you both. I think you're living your best lives. Good on you both. Really enjoying your content. You are both doing so well. SV Kiwi Lady Opua Bay of islands New Zealand. 👍. Ps. Do you think you'll make it to New Zealand?

  7. haha normally you fly your Q flag (yellow) until you clear in then you fly your courtesy flag, i was the one who told you about your backwards ensign so i feel famous now hahaha

  8. this is so great, remember when i said you are the captain and you make the decisions, now that you have done a crossing I hope you understand more fully what it really means to be a captain. You're the captain now! Congrats!

  9. I came here after seeing you two on Mads channel and I'm very pleased I did. Congrats on the crossing, no mean feat, I'm impressed and look forward to following your journey. All the best to you both.

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