Ghid de cumpărare a barca cu pânze – Episodul 202 – Lady K Sailing

Ghid de cumpărare a barca cu pânze - Episodul 202 - Lady K Sailing

#sailboat #sailing #sail #sailboatpurchase Cumpărați o barcă cu pânze? Aveți o listă de verificare pentru achiziționarea unei bărci cu pânze? Explorăm Annapolis și întâlnim marinari care urmăresc pe mai multe barci cu pânze, cum ar fi turul cu barca Hans Christian și Passport 42 sau Slocum 43. Navim pe Chesapeake în timpul Annapolis Sailboat Show și vorbim despre cumpărarea unei barci cu pânze. Ce să cauți într-o barcă cu pânze. Asistență Lady K – Sau Aveți nevoie de un consult? Credit foto:×400.jpeg https://www.×400.jpeg /68dba2_f1afa3bdf9e24cefb7abaf2f943763ca~mv2.jpg https://arthcff2.jpg /uploads/2018/04/04194400/Surprise-can-be-an-effective-tool-in-impacting-change.jpg https://www https:/ /arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-tronc.s3 http:/ /×683.jpg -31-1570545738.jpg /HxPjsKnO0wg/maxresdefault.jpg 8/8369378_20220624060558027_1_XLARGE.jpg de vânzare-001.jpg com/content/v1/5126d1d4e4b08c2e6d1cf7fd/1617153285884-KTWNH30R6ZUUZCLGXDDY/13EE6300-CEEB-4D24-A2A0-9B6427B1BE63_1_201_a.jpeg https://www.×400.jpeg


27 thoughts on “Ghid de cumpărare a barca cu pânze – Episodul 202 – Lady K Sailing

  1. Good episode, but not one of your best. You seem to have occasionally confused the two different 43 footers built by Hans Christian. There’s the Hans Christian 43, all of which had canoe sterns, and there’s the Christina 43, which all had a transom. Same builder, totally different boats. An easy mistake but you usually research things better.

  2. There is nothing as welcoming as the sailing community ✌️ just a heads up you may want to check the validity of a learners permit out of the country. I found out the hard way 🍻

  3. I made the drive out too and slept in my car. Driving though PA in mid October was a treat! That was my first time at the show! It was great being around other sailors! Sorry I missed you.

  4. Sorry I missed you at the show, but I elected to do some two-wheeled wind therapy on Saturday instead. Glad you and your son had a good time. That drive through PA is my favorite part about going home to WNY.

  5. You said something profound that really hit me: "just do it"!
    I'm 50 now so, basically, I'm half dead. Therefore I want to sell my home and get a boat big enough to live in full-time, preferably a 48'. I've narrowed it down to either a Rassy, IP, HC or an Amel. There's a really , really nice, 1988 HC trawler for sale that is absolutely gorgeous, but the price is a bit out of my reach right now. I could try to take out a loan, but I want to avoid that as much as possible. Any tips Sir Tim?

  6. Another great video. Love the purchase checklist. I was blessed to find out perfect girl and love every minute I’m on her. And if I’m not on her, I’m thinking about when I can get back aboard.

  7. I watch a number of YouTube sailing channels. I follow Sam Holmes and Wind Hippy, for the smaller boats (less than 30 ft), How To Sail Oceans and Magic Carpet, for mid-size boats (30 to 40 ft), and Adventures of an Old Sea Dog, and Sailing Wisdom, for larger boats (40 ft plus). I think I have learned more about yacht design by watching these channels (and yours) than I have even going to school to study it.

    I have learned that Beam says more about a boat's true size than length.

    I have learned that IOR influenced cruising boats make damned decent live aboard boats, as they are sufficiently seaworthy, they have a decent amount of on board space, and they have the performance corner pretty much nailed.

    Their only drawback is their huge jib. I'd be inclined to split it up into two smaller ones. But I have seen evidence that a sufficiently durable roller-furling jib can work quite well (just don't skimp on it).

  8. I’m thinking of buying a 1972 Ericson 27 Sailboat this is my first time buying a boat and I saw this boat on the internet and really liked it could you please tell me if it’s a great first buy or if I should stay away thank you .

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