Tur cu iaht de 205.000 GBP | ARKSEN 28 Coastal Explorer Yacht! (PRIMA VEDERE)

Tur cu iaht de 205.000 GBP |  ARKSEN 28 Coastal Explorer Yacht!  (PRIMA VEDERE)

În acest videoclip de prezentare, arunc o privire la noul iaht de explorare de coastă Arksen 28. Are o viteză maximă de peste 40 de noduri și o autonomie (la viteza ei de croazieră) de peste 200 de mile marine. Deveniți membru al canalului meu: https://bit.ly/join_my_crew Urmărește-mă pe Instagram: https://bit.ly/Yacht_Buoy Pentru întrebări despre afaceri: e-mail: john@yacht-buoy.com Înscrie-te pentru buletinul meu GRATUIT: https://bit.ly/Yacht_Buoy_Free_Newsletter Consultați noul meu canal „hobby”: https://bit.ly/nomadic_drone_Echipament YouTube: GoPro 9: https://amzn.to/3z5psIQ Holder: https://amzn.to /3ljyehv iPhone 11: https://amzn.to/2Xccyvs DJI Drone: https://amzn.to/3zgIaRF DroneMask: https://dronemask.com?aff=45 Muzică: Epidemic Sound


17 thoughts on “Tur cu iaht de 205.000 GBP | ARKSEN 28 Coastal Explorer Yacht! (PRIMA VEDERE)

  1. How are those Arksen 85 builds coming along? I've been looking for the 85 'finished' video that I thought was promised by September. Anyhoo…about this 28…my first question would be what sort of stabilization system is incorporated; say by chance maybe Zipwake?!? The bow seems to be riding a bit high out of water. Enjoyed the video – thanks for sharing! Cheers…

  2. Thanks for the video! This boat isn't really my cup of tea, but I can appreciate its features. I would rather have a welded aluminum deep-V for coastal cruising such as Allied Marine's Liberator 28.

  3. John, that looks like a good entry boat for somebody in Florida to stay aboard doing a run to the Bahamas and capable of handling any seas with as quick as thunderstorms crop up in the Gulfstream area. I could see four to six people doing a run to Bimini and staying at a Marina motel and doing fishing for the weekend to run back to Florida afterwards. If you hit inclement weather everybody could stay dry and enjoy the ride knowing that they're safety involved and that the boat can take the waves.

  4. Hi yacht Buoy, if you are looking for a good exploration story, check out the story of Dorothea III on YouTube. Cruised the world and towed a sports fishing boat with her. Beautiful exploration yacht and interviews with the captain who tells some great stories of what they went through.

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