Cum să-ți faci prieteni celebri la Annapolis Boat Show. #125

Cum să-ți faci prieteni celebri la Annapolis Boat Show.  #125

Cu participarea grațioasă și total voluntară (ahem) a: autorului și legendei navigației Lin Pardey: @Onboard Lifestyle @Sailing Zingaro @Spear It Animal @Out Chasing Stars @The Boat Galley @SAILING into LIBERTATE Nikki Henderson, care nu este pe Youtube, dar ar trebui să fie. @Sailing Totem Noul meu prieten Matt @MJ Sailing @BRNKL de Barnacle Systems @Sailing Zephyr @EarleWrites @Odd Life Crafting @Pacific Solo Au fost sport buni, dar nu au ajuns la videoclip (și încă merită un strigăt): @Kristina’s Travels @Sailing Fair Isle @Distant Shores TV @Heidi and Franny’s Garage @Sailing Yabá Multe felicitări tuturor celor care ați venit și v-ați salutat la standul Youtube Sailing Channel, ați navigat cu noi pe Woodwind Schooners, ne-ați dat cadouri (doamne baieti!!!!Va multumesc mult!!!!) si a facut din acest spectacol de barca o experienta absolut de neuitat. Mulțumesc Brandon de la @BRNKL by Barnacle Systems pentru că m-ai lăsat să câștig la Mario Kart :p Mulțumesc Patronului nostru Kris pentru pachetul de îngrijire ❤ Conținea suficiente picături pentru tuse și Tylenol pentru a mă duce peste săptămână Și, în sfârșit, mulțumesc lui Jeff Înapoi pentru asamblarea standului Sailing Channels. Ce timp 🙂 ––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– ––- ** ECHIPAMENTE FOLOSIM ** ⛵️Ambarcațiunea noastră: Polar Seal, 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40, versiunea proprietarilor (dispunerea 2 cabine). Tur complet și recenzie a Polar Seal la: 🎥 Echipament foto și film Camera noastră: Sistem de microfon Lavalier: Stabilizare imagine Obiectiv: Obiectiv cu unghi larg: Microfon Shotgun: Microfon windjammer: Acțiunea noastră cameră: Microfon pentru camera de acțiune: Drona noastră: ⚠️ Dezvăluire: Unele dintre linkurile de mai sus sunt link-uri afiliate. În calitate de prieten al lui Ryan & Sophie Sailing, ne permiteți să câștigăm un mic comision dacă faceți o achiziție prin link-urile noastre de afiliat! Dezvăluim doar link-uri pentru produsele pe care le folosim și le iubim și credem că și tu o vei iubi. Dacă faci cumpărături pe Amazon, poți susține acest canal fără costuri folosind link-ul: Vă mulțumim că susțineți acest canal! ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– – ** LINK-URI 🖇** // Videoclipuri, povești, fotografii și alte bunătăți ale aventurii noastre de călătorie și navigație | Povești scurte și videoclipuri din viața noastră la bord. | Fotografii dulci cu navigația noastră și locurile pe care le vizităm. | Puneți-ne întrebări scurte, obțineți răspunsuri rapide! ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– – ** SUPPORTĂ ACEST CANAL GRATUIT! 🙌🏻 ** 🛒 Dacă faci cumpărături cu Amazon, ne poți susține gratuit folosind acest link: Plătiți la fel și Amazon ne oferă un o mică parte din profitul lor, ceea ce ne ajută. Apreciem cu adevărat sprijinul dumneavoastră! ––––––––––––––––– ––––––––––––––––– – ** CONTACT 📬 ** Salutați, puneți-ne o întrebare sau trimiteți-ne feedback la: 📩 #sailing #sailinglife #boatlife


41 thoughts on “Cum să-ți faci prieteni celebri la Annapolis Boat Show. #125

  1. Turkish Pepper Sweets are AWESOME ! But you Wasted the packet Sophie ☹️Whst you do is crush the Turkish Pepper Sweets, Put them in an Empty Bottle, and fill it up with Vodka. Then you shake it every Day until all the bits of Turkish Pepper Sweets have dissolved. A friend living in Finland used to bring packets of them over for me whenever he visited. It is Nothing like Rum Swizzle, but I Bet it's a Drink you would like. The only drink more popular with the local ladies, was doing the same type of thing with the little Kumquat (asp?) oranges, Vodka, and sugar, but that took at least 6 months to mature Teresa, got really unpopular in the local Pub, because she necked an entire litre bottle of Kumquat Liqueur, without even stopping to breathe. I was impressed, but she was the last one to get a glass of it when the next bottle was ready 6 months later. It's actually better to puckle Kumquats with Vodka, in one of those large Kilner Jars, as they can go in whole and then at Christmas, have them with cheeses, meats, sloes from Sloe Gin, other pickles etc. Seriously though, try that Turkish Pepper home made Liqueur. Bob.👍🙂👍🙂👍🙂

  2. Great video! Looks like a lot of fun! I was hoping you could get Kazza from Delos to try your candy. I am sure she would have appreciated it. Wish I could have attended, but I went sailing with Matt & Emily on SV Sea Odyssey! Your Polar Seal label was in a very predominate place on their boat.

  3. What? You are passing around the famous Danish candy Tyrkisk Peber (literally 'Turkish pepper') as a "Swedish candy"?
    Well the Danes deserve it nowadays after all that anti-refugee staff (stripping refugees of their values or sending them to Kosovo etc). It's OK!

  4. Those Turkish Pepper candies used to be my favorite! That salty taste and in the least expected moment comes that hot bitter taste like a dagger! But all due respect, they are NOT a Swedish candy. It is a Danish invention, original name was like "Tyrkish peber" or something. I read that the Danish company has been bought by Finns. Maybe they do not want to associate the brand with Denmark with all that anti-refugee discriminative stuff going on in Denmark nowadays (stripping refugees of their values if they are not from Europe -Ukraine, for one)… Maybe for that reason they are selling them as "Swedish" nowadays 🙂

  5. Only 6 minutes in, a few I don’t know is but I’m already seeing so many I watch, listen to, read, ALl the TIME…Lynn, Carolyn, the onboards, Plucky across the background, and Fair Isle in the thumbnail…I have to get to Annapolis someday!
    Congratulations on the green card Sophie!

  6. Boat Show was so much fun with you two there!! I'm so happy we're going to be 'kinda' neighbors for awhile! Now we won't have to wait until next October to hang out again. 😍

  7. I like all the YouTubers (especially you guys) but I've yet to see a single video from this year's Annapolis Boat Show that's about boats or sailing. I guess there weren't any boats this year or anything new, or anything interesting….

  8. OH Shucks! I am not a sailer but watch a bunch of the channels! I should have asked to go to the show for my 60th birthday trip! Instead it will be a suprise trip my husband planned! HMMMM…..maybe he chartered a sailboat for us!

  9. 🇺🇸🛣🚐Again congrats on successful navigation of labyrinthian pathways to (the anything but promised) 🇺🇸 permanent residency land. Wishing y'all safe happy adventuring and memory making! ❤⚓🖖

  10. Wonderful to meet you both in person. Glad that the trip was worth your while. Lot of familiar faces in this very funny video. Was that ‘Lisbeth from earlier Delos episodes (S. Africa) as one of your taste testers??

  11. Omg, you gave Odd Life candies! I follow them too! When YouTube worlds collide. 💕
    Also, I used to live with a Dutch woman who always had super salt licorice and strange other candies in the house. I eventually grew to enjoy them almost as much as she did.

  12. Two things:

    1. When a beautiful woman asks “do you want to go on an adventure?” Does anyone say no to that question?

    2. I am not subscribed to La Vagabonde but I have been a subscriber here for over a year.

  13. Your guys coverage of the boat show was by far the best of them all, but what else could we expect from you guys! And no I wouldn’t wait hours to see couple that thinks he’s a philosopher and pushes his girl txx’s and axx to get people watching. You guys are doing great!

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