NE-AM ESCOAT DE UN GLUNȚ… Navigați spre Thailanda Ep 289

NE-AM ESCOAT DE UN GLUNȚ... Navigați spre Thailanda Ep 289

Cu vremea încă neașezată, continuăm să încercăm să facem teren… În acest episod, ne continuăm călătoria spre nord, spre Thailanda. După ce am fost fumați de o furtună uriașă cu o zi înainte, luăm ancora și ne întoarcem în larg. Din nou, cerul este întunecat și vântul sus. Fiind puțin mai tentativi de data aceasta, ne aplecăm pe partea precauției și facem tot posibilul să evităm vremea rea…. #sailing #sailingaroundtheworld #boatlife #tinyhome #offgrid Luați niște produse Sailing Nandji și ajutați-vă la susținerea canalului nostru https: // Vă recomand cana de cafea 👌 Dacă vă plac videoclipurile noastre, înscrieți-vă la Patreon pentru a ne sprijini pe noi, producția noastră și aventurile. Veți primi videoclipuri exclusive, recompense oferite și veți interacționa cu noi mai personal! Dacă doriți să contribuiți la videoclipurile Nandj, vă rugăm să folosiți acest link. Mulțumesc. ABONAȚI-VĂ LA CANALUL NOSTRU. FACEȚI CLIC PE SONOP pentru a afla când apar videoclipuri NOI Nandji! Pentru multe videoclipuri mici și imagini minunate! Marley este și el pe The gram! @SaltydogMarley Asigurați-vă că ne dați like pe Facebook! ABONAȚI-vă la Newsletter-ul nostru pentru actualizări despre aventurile noastre! Noroc legende! Dacă ți-a plăcut acest videoclip, WE DODGED A BULLET. Faceți clic pe linkul de mai jos și vizualizați-l din nou!


40 thoughts on “NE-AM ESCOAT DE UN GLUNȚ… Navigați spre Thailanda Ep 289

  1. Oh man when she gets those words figured out you are not gonna get any sleep. She's gonna be askin about everything, and pointing. Lol. That said, it'll all be worth it when she learns how to bake cookies. Then you'll be fat.

  2. Actually a huge Shout out to the Crew of Nandji for knowing how to get it out there and who to get the message to! It’s those who care, who make the Ocean a smaller, more Social place……..

  3. Gosh Yosh, didn’t expect an upload within two days of your last. Thanks there always a pleasant surprise because you guys are actually sailing and your on point. Tallula’s really good at pulling stuff out of pigeon holes isn’t she!😂 Happy sailing and looking forward to Thailand. How out of date are these videos Yosh? Don’t worry I won’t stalk you, I have a broken finger and dislocated shoulder after falling off my electric scooter. 🤣 There a huge issue at the moment in Queensland as there banned in the Southern states. The Karen’s have started partitions to remove them from the walking and bike ways:😉

  4. Don't ever change! I watch a number of sailing videos. You are my favorite channel. Why? Because you are real and show me the real life aboard. Who could ever forget you hauling the anchor up by hand time after time. Engine problems, prop problems, challenges with Marley. On the other hand you love being under sail. You are good parents to one of the cutest girls on the ocean.

    There are a few channels I watched for a while, then unsubscribed because they weren't real. They were polished with voice over.

    Good luck with the sailboat switchover. I'm anxious to see the boat you're trying to buy.

    Love you guys.

  5. I was so bummed for you guys after getting your boat boarded and burglarized and seeing the sad faces you described the locals not really wanting to help or get involved; most likely knowing who the perps were. This sail to a new location, and getting to help a fellow sailor along the way, seemingly rejuvenated and uplifted your spirits; and restored some of the good vibes you need to carry on. The fish at the end, and smiles returned; it made for a great video. I was however bummed for Yosh not to get that last surf in. I know that feeling.

  6. All's well that ends well. You're my favorite sailing team. So much harmony, and Talula is already coming into her own and is a confident child, with her beautiful smile – just like her mom. Fair winds and following seas, folks!

  7. Well done for getting the stranded sailor rescued. It makes sailing safer knowing that when in dire straits others will rally a call and have you back on solid ground. He and his family will be forever thankful to you both. 👍👏👏 Way to go!!

  8. Thanks for posting another sweet video y'all are looking so right at home on the water.
    Like probably so many Americans I just love your beautiful accents.

  9. Wonderful episode and so glad you chose to be safe than sorry.. You did a great job giving a shout out to the sailing community and search and rrscue.. Oh and AMAZING fish at the end caught in the clearer water.. And was that Tullahs first swim? She did wonderful.. What a trooper !!

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