Repararea ambarcațiunii în Vuda Marina – Fiji – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.281)

Repararea ambarcațiunii în Vuda Marina - Fiji - Sailing Greatcircle (ep.281)

Momente înfricoșătoare când Greatcircle este transportat într-o rampă foarte îngustă pe un cărucior cu câteva blocuri de lemn. Dar este singurul loc din Fiji unde poți scoate o pisică și, prin urmare, au multă experiență în acest sens. A avea 2 cârme din nou spre Noua Zeelandă ar putea fi și o idee bună, așa că hai să mergem.


24 thoughts on “Repararea ambarcațiunii în Vuda Marina – Fiji – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.281)

  1. New Zealand is a beautiful country. Will you be near thames. If so I would be honored to meet you and say hello. I see some of the group are up in the north of New Zealand currently. Welcome to Aotearoa.

  2. Well they might do that a lot taking boats out that way. But one or two blown tires and you have big problems. No i would have waited for a port with a hydraulic lift for a lot of boats to be moved with. What a sketchy operation for moving a lot of boats in and out! I hope they get a modern lift real soon as you mentioned. Take Care!!

  3. I very much enjoy your videos– the shots of you sailing are wonderful. It appeared you didn't antifoul the new rudder and hull repair before you went in or did you use a different colour antifoul? You'll love NZ, however watch out if you come south to Cook Straight and the Marlborough Sounds– 60 knots is not unusual…

  4. Hi guys, thanks for all the lovely videos. I've been binge watching for a few weeks now.
    Just a couple of observations….
    The vibration you experienced when exceeding15kn on the Outremer was probably harmonic vibration of the shrouds. The young 65 EOS has encased rope spiralling the shrouds to interrupt the wind.
    It must be very reassuring to not hear the disturbing sound of the Lagoon's bulkheads creaking. There are many videos of Lagoons having bulkhead failures. You probably dodged bullet in that 50kn wind "to go or not to go" video.
    Hope to see you in Cairns

  5. You would think French Polynesia would make a perfect location for an Outremer service centre, almost the exact opposite side of the world yet part of France, heaps of Outremer boats in that part of the world and all needing servicing 🙂

  6. Great memories from Vuda marina. We got hauled out in 2019 exactly the same way as you. They had to dive down to put stones under the wheels because the tide was too low. Very nice and helpful staff. Great restaurant and bar.
    Have fair winds to NZ.

  7. In the last episode Mark was ready to deploy a portable pump, presumably operating off the 12v. What brand and model of pump do you have please, it seems a good thing to have on a cat. Thanks, Neil (Lorikeet 4X23)

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