O ZI ÎN VIAȚĂ: La bordul iahtului nostru de 50 de picioare (în afara rețelei și a trăi pe ocean)

O ZI ÎN VIAȚĂ: La bordul iahtului nostru de 50 de picioare (în afara rețelei și a trăi pe ocean)

Viața de zi cu zi la bord: vă vom duce OFF-GRID într-un Cay spectaculos din Marea Barieră de Corali. Doamnelor și domnilor, haideți să explorăm Walker Reef! ⛵ Dacă vă place călătoria, ne-ar plăcea să vă invităm la Patreon fam-bam pentru actualizări în timp real și videoclipuri suplimentare din culise! Avem și cei mai tari oameni în grupul nostru privat de Facebook 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/kristinastravels CAPITOLUL: 0:00 Walker Reef, Great Barrier Reef 00:43 Navigare către Walker Reef 2:55 Ce sunt coralii bommies? 4:14 Ancorarea pe Marea Barieră de Corali 5:40 Cel mai frumos cai de recif din Australia 8:28 Snorkelling Walker Reef 9:45 Observarea cocii 11:21 Stil de viață cu barca 12:38 Realizarea unei ancori severă 🇦🇺 Urmărește seria noastră completă din Australia începe: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfZuf6hkg2xFmpTPd2Gy0tTZA_0PqmQUN 🇬🇷 Urmărește seria noastră completă din Grecia aici: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfZuf6hkg2xFGRB8Rf5dzDM5TM_7mIttG trimite-ți puțină dragoste! 🥹👉 https://www.paypal.com/donate/?business=VC9WJGE9RXW86&no_recurring=0&item_name=Mulțumesc+pentru+sprijin+direct+pentru+a+%26+păstrarea+acest+canal+YouTube+alive%21+% 3F%3F%E2%9D%A4%EF%B8%8F¤cy_code=AUD 🤓 Videoclipuri realizate de Kristina, cu căpitanul John 🧑‍✈️ www.instagram.com/costalos www.instagram.com/johnptilley ❤️ Nu uitați sa ne dai like pe Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/sailingtucana #lifestyle #dayinthelife


40 thoughts on “O ZI ÎN VIAȚĂ: La bordul iahtului nostru de 50 de picioare (în afara rețelei și a trăi pe ocean)

  1. Hi Guys love your posts!! Small hint we learned on a whale trip, put your foot in a plastic bag and it will slide through your wetsuit easily!! Just hang on to the plastic bag when you’re done so it doesn’t blow overboard1 😂😂🥰

  2. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a drone that had a program that made it automatically fly in front of the boat so you could actually see bombies? It would require a powered tether cable so it could fly for as long as a person needed but it would work. Expensive? Yes, but how costly are holes in the boat?

  3. I would really love to have you as my neighbors to produce some waves together, Kristina & John! 😊Have a good journey and always take care! Thanks a lot for having us with your adventures! 🤗

  4. An absolute cinematic masterpiece! Give me the ocean as my backyard any day! Kristen you're amazing, in love with your poetic journalistic commentary, and that intro was top notch 👌 You're doing such an amazing job turning us into ocean lovers by your vlogs 🎥 I'm so glad that I found your gem of a channel!

    Keep clocking in those nautical miles and stay safe!

  5. So jealous of the two of you now cause I am hunkerd down in the Netherlands for the winter.
    But guess what happend here…?
    it's 23 degrees here…In October !!!
    the warmest days in October since they start measure it.

  6. Here Guys,. . . I've got an expensive tip for you. 'A BOMMIE CAM' which is a GoPro cam in a waterproof casing, Clipped to a vertical bracket suspended off the Bow. Might make another bit of safety gear for spotting underwater nasties ?? 😊😊 Cheers. Jim.

  7. Have you ever thought about mounting an underwater cameras to your boat it might make it easier if you could see the reef and go around thank you for reading my comment and I wish you a wonderful journey again thank you Wayne Obryant Merced California

  8. Fantastic voice overs, epic drone footage, high quality transitions, and added graphics take these already spectacular videos to a completely different level! Thank you so much!

  9. First video I’ve seen of yours AMAZING what a life literally true happiness. I have so many questions if you don’t mind sharing. How long have you been at sea?
    Did you guys grow up around sailing?
    Now a couple more personal questions if you don’t want to answer that’s fine. How much $$ dose this cost? And what do you guys do for work, To be able to do this? And would somebody who’s never been a sailing be able to do that and if not how much sailing background would you recommend before doing something like this ? Thanks for your time in advance for your answers if you chose to answer

  10. My adventures on the high seas ended eighteen years ago, but part of my soul is still on the ocean. Nowadays, I just visit the Pacific from time to time. Your video travels capture the romance that is life on the sea away from the turbulent world we know today. Fair winds and following seas! QM1(SW), USN, retired.

  11. hey svTUCANA amazing adventures. were doing the same thing its so magical. so i was wondering if your stern anchor might rip your bow anchor and damage your windless. PLS wright back.

  12. Another fantastic video. This video really make me appreciate what we have on our doorstep, sadly I've had to come back to the UK for a short time, but your adventures help me see through the gloom.

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