TIPA in Gibraltar | S07E18

TIPA in Gibraltar |  S07E18

Deveniți un Patron pentru a obține avantajele din culise și pentru a face posibile videoclipurile noastre săptămânale. https://www.patreon.com/ProjectAtticus Când ești într-o călătorie lungă, poate fi ușor să fii prins în fiecare provocare. De fapt, orice scop înalt necesită să ne concentrăm toată atenția asupra fiecărei probleme pe măsură ce apare. Dar acum că ne-am încheiat traversarea atlantică și avem vânturi calme prognozate pentru a naviga spre Gibraltar, poarta de intrare către Mediterana, avem șansa să tragem aer și să privim înapoi la călătoria noastră pentru a ne aminti cât de departe am ajuns. am venit.

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37 thoughts on “TIPA in Gibraltar | S07E18

  1. Hi project Aticus, Just dropping a quick note to say thank you. Thank you for what. I have watched your episodes from the start and I have purchased my first ocean going Yacht. You have had a part in inspiring me to get on with this dream. I have just returned to NZ from Fiji for the summer and next year Tonga is the destination. So again Thank you and keep up the great content you post

  2. Great episode. Love your cinematography. Used to love the new style YouTube philosophical/historical/romantic commentary, but getting a bit bored of it now. I don't mean Sailing Project Atticus particularly, I mean all the cruising YouTubers.
    I went to Malta as a baby, 2 to 4 years old. My father was a Squadron Leader in the RAF. He had a boat and went sailing in Malta. There are old photos of baby-me in a harness tied to the boat. (I'm over seventy and live in Australia now). One of my brothers was born there. Watch out, Desiree, he's nuts! Loveable, though.
    Re Sailing Uma and Sailing Project Atticus – anyone know the dates they where actually at Gibraltar? I'm guessing SPA went through before Uma arrived, even though the SPA episode came after the SU episode.

  3. You can develop a leak in the forward hatch through the LENS and experience the kind've leak you are seeing. Temporary fix: take some electrical tape and use it to seal the edge of the acrylic LENS.

  4. Really enjoying your guys' videos!! We had a similar issue with water intrusion and it was due to water coming through hause-pipe (spelling?) and into chain locker. Due to the drainage pipe, at bottom of chainlocker, being clogged by sand/mud brought up by chain it was clogged and filled this area. It then proceeded to spill over into the veebirth and aft. We were on a PSC31 so don't know if chain locker drainage is similar but just a thought. KUTGW!!!

  5. you two are living the dream. Doing an amazing job. Thank you for the vids. I have been thru them straits many times. Can't wait to get back one day. Until then. You all be careful. Fair winds and following seas. 🙂

  6. Welcome to the Med! Another awesome video as always. Not sure where you guys are up to but we're floating about with our tiny human and fur baby too – will keep an eye open for you on AIS!! xx

  7. I take my hat off to the two of you, soon to be three. You are exploring the world in the best possible way!!😉 Will you be be sailing down to Cape Town South Africa? If so you have to visit the mother city for a few days and then sail to where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet at Cape Agulhas east of Cape Town ⛵

  8. Want you to know how much I appreciate your content! No bikinis, no foul language, LOTS of knowledge shared, demonstrated love and affection for each other and, of course Atticus! What a boat!

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