(DIY) Baterie cu litiu în timpul navigării | Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep34]

(DIY) Baterie cu litiu în timpul navigării |  Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep34]

▸ COMANDAȚI O BATERIE: RiggingDr@gmail.com ▸ MATERIALE NECESARE PENTRU PROIECTELOR NOASTRE: https://a.co/6y07tiz ▸ MARFĂ: https://teespring.com/stores/rigging-doctor ▸ ABONAȚI-VĂ DIRECT cu noi niciodată ratați un episod: https://www.riggingdoctor.com/subscribe ▸ COMISIUNI DE PICTURA: artisticeyestudio@gmail.com ▸ ARTĂ DIN VOIAȚIA NOASTRA: https://www.bluefeatherfineart.com ▸ CHARLIE & GERRY CHANNEL: https://www. .youtube.com/c/PirateParrots21 Herby a construit o nouă baterie cu litiu pentru Dinghy și acum trebuie să echilibreze cel mai bine celulele. În acest episod, Herby va explica dezavantajele echilibrării superioare a unei baterii cu litiu: „De ce trebuie să o faci?” „Cum să o facă?” și „De unde știi când ai terminat?” 0:00 Introducere 0:11 Construirea unei baterii LiFePO4 1:45 Echilibrarea superioară a unei baterii cu litiu 6:23 Echilibrarea superioară Terminată 6:53 Ancora sus și merg la navigație! 11:12 Ancorat și încărcat 11:25 Echilibrarea superioară continuă 12:40 Data viitoare ↓BINGE WATCH↓ BINGE WATCH DE LA ÎNCEPUTUL: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlDgR504BxwnlEhveyFpjTUi6LLA4_4 OUR ▸ 4 ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brlatJgDP28 ▸ MARFĂ: https://teespring.com/stores/rigging-doctor ▸ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/riggingdoctor ▸ FACEBOOK: https:/ /www.facebook.com/sailingwisdom ▸ SITE WEB: https://www.riggingdoctor.com ▸ COMISIILE DE PICTURA: artisticeyestudio@gmail.com ▸ ARTA DIN VOIAJA NOASTRA: https://www.bluefeatherfineart.com ▸ CAMERA PRINCIPALA: https: //amzn.to/3kYDNTs ▸ CAMERA SECUNDARA: https://amzn.to/3x9icwm ▸ CAMERA SUBACACALA: https://amzn.to/3FBXFni ▸ CAMERA STABILIZATA: https://amzn.to/3kUewcM ▸ LENS: NIGHTIME https://amzn.to/30HTuHe ▸ DRONĂ: https://amzn.to/3DzcgiB ▸ MICROFON: https://amzn.to/3DElSst ↓PARTENERIATE↓ ▸ PREVICE VÂNT: https://www.predictwind.com/ ?ref=riggingdoctor ▸ SUN OVEN: https://www.sunoven.com/riggingdoctor ▸ MANTUS ANC HORS: https://www.mantusmarine.com/?affiliates=119 ▸ OVERKILL SOLAR (PARTE BATERIE LITIU): https://overkillsolar.com/?myboi=187478592 ▸ CONECTARE BATERIE (PARTE BATERIE LITIU): https:// www.batteryhookup.com (Pentru o reducere suplimentară de 5%, utilizați codul promoțional: RIGING5) ▸ AQUOS ELECTRIC OUTBOARD: https://www.aquospro.com?sca_ref=1008159.oxyRUafA2y ▸ CELLULE DE LITIU: https://www.docanpower .com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=455&tracking=06ORmUMyyrYyEpQ2VkP7mUHWKgx9B9SeQB6gb57tAV7ag91SsfJ5D2FxQRDgTqmm ▸ CEA RECE WATER COD: 0: https://the-cod promotor: 0: https://the-com/?reg. Pentru șansa de a câștiga o sticlă de apă GRATUITĂ: https://thecoldestwater.com/RiggingDoctor-giveaway) ▸ AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/shop/riggingdoctor


22 thoughts on “(DIY) Baterie cu litiu în timpul navigării | Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep34]

  1. First off… cudos on your fun socks game. Those corgi socks are cool.
    Question: Putting your cells, wiring, and controller into an equipment box seems like an A+ idea for hardiness & waterproofing, but what about heat dissipation from the battery? How much of an issue is that with the LiFePO4 cells?
    Safe travels.
    P.S. Could you balance the cells passively with high capacity resistors? Would that suffice as a way to initialize the system?

  2. How care can make Mackerel look good. Story why my first cat came to hate it.
    Dinghy batteries! Much better than borrowing from one system for another. Though watching you and others my plans are all will be the same units.

  3. Is Herbie turning into a mad scientist?!!! He is a dentist already so that's what 2/3 of one and now he's got a waterproof suitcase with wires coming out of it>.<
    Maybe next year I'll have to employer lol capacitors are stupid!!!!!!!!!

  4. Herbie – the first cell to hit a set voltage, either under charge (higher voltage) or under load (lower voltage) isn't an over-achiever, it's the cell with the highest internal resistance and thus with the lowest usable capacity (in other words, the one aging the fastest and/or damaged). Because cells don't age equally, and because capacity starts to diverge from day one, is why a BMS with both high and low voltage monitoring is critical. Fair winds from SV Jane Ann

  5. Thanks for a fun video! Your battery projects are cool. I was extremely sad for you when your other sets got wet. Such is the life of on innovator though. It's awesome when it works, but it breaks your heart when some unforeseen event wrecks it.

  6. Very interesting to see how you make a battery pack and juice it up properly! That salmon & broccolini looked absolutely delicious(salmon is one of my favorite meals), and always glad to see you've made good progress for the day.
    Thanks for another cool video, and fair winds & following seas as always! ⛵⚓😎

  7. I've debated making a battery like that before. My main concern with putting it in a Peli case like that would be that foam which is almost certainly not fire retardant and will restrict air circulation around the BMS. Does the BMS get warm with high charge/discharge currents?

  8. I like the idea, an Execution, but seeing so many Insurance companies stamping VOID on so many policies.. please contact your insurance agent? Not only your boat, but if something goes wrong (nothing to do with your homemade battery) and burns a six million dollar boat in the Marina next to you? Ouch!

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