Lăsăm BARCA în urmă [EP 187] Cea mai proastă călătorie a noastră de până acum.

Lăsăm BARCA în urmă [EP 187] Cea mai proastă călătorie a noastră de până acum.

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45 thoughts on “Lăsăm BARCA în urmă [EP 187] Cea mai proastă călătorie a noastră de până acum.

  1. I am glad you got to visit Annapolis. I hope you get a little time to explore, it is a pretty neat town. I am a little concerned about three months with very little sailing footage. I’m gonna go into withdrawal!

  2. You have got to be kidding me !!!

    Somebody would have died !!!
    There would have been a lot of murdering taking place. Dead puppies , kittens everything, I think I would have laid wast of everything. Roman soldiers , Spartans , Greeks Nuns , the Spanish Inquisition, Godzilla would flee screaming like a little girl. Man you guys are tough. Oh yeah hi Khiara.

  3. Even with the unplanned travel plans, you are both smiling (delirium?) at the end of the day and stayed focused on the goal. Seems to have worked itself out well for now … looking forward to the next episode. Rock on!!

  4. …. goggle "how to activate super thanks" ….. oh boy! a day in the airport ….. what a tease .. boarding … ha joking … get off ….. you sure have a full three months ahead living out of a suitcase .. exciting though ….. thx for the share .. as always .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger .. have fun be safe, save our oceans …..

  5. American Airlines owes you for the hotel room. Hopefully, they got you connected to your destination with no further charges and gave you upgrades on your flights.
    I’ve flown AA a dozen times in 20 hrs and have never had a positive experience.

  6. Seeing your travel experience triggered my travel PTSD. One time I flew into D.C., my bag went to DCA and my body went to IAD. Couldn't get to my bag (because DCA was closed) and wound up doing the next day's meetings in jeans and a T-shirt. Saddest part: 100% of the people I met with completely understood. It's like they tried to design air travel to be as miserable as possible.

  7. Worked for a company that had huge red trucks, when people hit them they would claim they never saw the truck. On land research has shown white vehicles are easier to see, guess that is why so many fire trucks are now white. At sea don't think white would be a good colour choice. Note I used the UK spelling of color, so want credit.

  8. Let me guess, your flying American Airlines? Well I wish you luck. Oh yeah, you know your luggage that got on a different flight. I hope you really wasn't to attached to it because its probably in California by now. Oh yeah, welcome to America!

  9. Sorry about your airline issues. I hate to say it but American Airlines is horrible!!!! I always fly Delta in the US…..may cost a few bucks more but the best ratings year after year.

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