Adri se mută cu Sailing Zatara!

Adri se mută cu Sailing Zatara!

Părăsim Țara Galilor și ne îndreptăm spre Londra pentru a-l lua pe Maura și a vedea Palatul Windsor. Apoi ne luăm rămas-bun de la fete, iar ele zboară la Zurich pentru a-i întâlni pe băieți și zboară împreună în Egipt pentru a se urca pe barca cu Sailing Zatara!! Noi ceilalți zburăm la Atena, Grecia și facem check-in la noul nostru Airbnb! Deveniți membru al canalului Boyd Family Adventures făcând clic pe acest link: #sailing #bigfamily #travel #greece #egypt #sayinggoodbye Airbnb la sud de Atena: https://abnb .me/n5c03v3VEub _________________________________ Link-uri afiliate: Teecino (America de Nord), obțineți 10% reducere: Teecino (Livrat în 185 de țări), obțineți 10% reducere la prima comandă, 5% reducere la comenzile recurente: Revive Uleiuri esențiale, obțineți 10% reducere la prima comandă, 5% reducere la comenzile returnate: bd8780 Xero Shoes: __________________________________ Social Media- Instagram- Facebook- __________________________________ Muzică oferită de Epidemic Sound Faceți clic aici pentru a obține o lună gratuită când vă înscrieți la Epidemic Sound: https: // __________________________________ Tema cântec- We Should Start Right Artist- Loving Caliber feat. Emmi _________________________________


24 thoughts on “Adri se mută cu Sailing Zatara!

  1. Another great video, amazing all those stone buildings. At 5:10 where you are all standing, the stone buildings make a good background.

    I have already seen the first Sailing Zatara video with Adri and others arriving. Looking forward to seeing upcoming ones. I wonder if we'll have video footage during the next month on the 'Boyd Family Adventures' channel, seeing as Adri had camera footage within this video.

    Amazing gem of a host for the Airbnb, not only did he show you where everything is, but his parents built the house and he grew up living there.

    You all seem to have great luck on your travels!

  2. Awww I'm so excited for your new adventures Adri 💞🙏 Best wishes & be safe always. As a parent I totally understand…I have 2 daughters in their early 20's. I almost cried. But im glad you part in love & well wishes for her! You all are a beautiful family 💞

  3. Adri is emotionally ride high!!! She is so thrill to ride sailing with her friends.

    Flight attendant was so crazy about Levi 💋

    Greece is very famous structures from earliest centuries. Please show us famous structures up the hill near Athens.

    It’s very difficult to read Greek language. Please enjoy Greek food at any restaurants!

    See ya next journey with your friendly family!!! 😊

  4. Wow another great adventure for Adri..Oh I can feel what Adri's feeling mixed emotions for being away from the family and at the same time being with new friends… that's part of growing up and being independent…I know the family is missing Adri for some time…Now I am the one getting excited and at the same time sad… 😂. Anyways, thanks for taking me where you are always. God bless.

  5. I saw your reel way ahead this. Got misty eyes to be honest. Felt the love within your family. The bond between Bethany and Adri stands out. Maura is like a big sister to Adri. Am also following Zatara and noticed the modesty in Adri, which is rare these days. Congratulations Michael and Sabrina for being amazing parents, for raising these amazing kids. A safe and happy journey to all of you always.

  6. Weird watching your family and watching Adri on the zatara channel. Very cool though. All the best. By the time your next video, she already probably left the sailing crew in real time. Hehehe

  7. You are getting to do things that very few people ever get to do. I have a sailing catamaran and when I take my friends on a two to three week adventure – they loose their minds….

  8. I tell you it's fantastic to know Ya raising good kiddos. They are quoting Monty Python 😂 we always grew up repeating from my dad.🤣 It's just a flesh wound.

  9. i look at what you do and the nerve of letting your kid alone with some strangers for weeks and all I can think of is you are simply crazy. I wish I will be as crazy a parent as you guys when time comes

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