Tur cu barca: Norfolk Gypsy – o barcă cu pânze de 20 de metri cu gaff

Tur cu barca: Norfolk Gypsy - o barcă cu pânze de 20 de metri cu gaff

Iată o privire în jurul meu Norfolk Gypsy, o barcă cu pânze de 20 de picioare. Este o barcă cu pescaj de mare adâncime (0,5 m pescaj cu bordul sus) – deci capabilă să exploreze râuri și pârâuri puțin adânci, dar și suficient de substanțială pentru treceri de-a lungul coastei. Trec prin toate elementele principale de pe punte, în cockpit și în cabină.


14 thoughts on “Tur cu barca: Norfolk Gypsy – o barcă cu pânze de 20 de metri cu gaff

  1. Great video – interesting to see your fuse and switch panel being sensibly located at the back of your chart table – mine is low down with the wiring and connectors exposed to the damp bilge 😮.
    Out of interest what treatment are you using on your teak seat slats ?

  2. love the looks and its all well looked after realy nice wood finish and were they,ve used it real quality boat ,little boats are so unique and all you need they go were big boats cant for exploring shallow waters, less hassle equals more sailing ,

  3. She's a beauty! Reminds me of a friend's Caprice back in South Africa, another great little sailer (one called Shrimpy even circumnavigated the globe!). I wish I had a Gypsy and lived in the UK! Enjoy every sail, and may you have years of super fun in her.

  4. I like the black and white plastic stoppers for the reefing lines. That one is going to be added to Naiad this Winter for sure. That's a very nice boat you have there. Are you going to fit the mast lowering/raising modification?

    You are going to have a bit of work over the off season varnishing your bowsprit and tiller,. it looks like the varnish you have on has cracked and allowed the wood to weather and go grey. But it's not called varnish work for nothing 🙂

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