Am ajuns în Jamaica… o oprire neplanificată, dar locul arată minunat. După o primă întâlnire alarmantă cu jamaicanii locali, următoarea noastră provocare a fost să ne înregistrăm. Aceasta este realitatea călătoriilor internaționale folosind propriul tău transport. Dacă obțineți valoare din videoclipurile noastre, indiferent de divertisment sau educație, arată-ți aprecierea susținând canalul nostru. SPRIJĂ-NE AICI 👇: ALĂTURĂ-NE echipajului nostru „PRIME” de pe PATREON pentru lansări video timpurii, FĂRĂ ADUZĂRI, actualizări săptămânale ale videoclipurilor în TIMP REAL, grup privat de facebook, apeluri video, „CONSULTANTĂ GRATUITĂ” și chiar să navighezi cu noi!!! Patreon : CONTRIBUȚII ONICĂ : Paypal : Sau pur și simplu cumpărați-ne o cafea : SPRIJĂ-NE GRATUIT! dă-ne un THUMBS și ABONAȚI-vă la canalul nostru! GĂSIȚI-NE AICI 👇: Like și Urmărește-ne pe FACEBOOK: Urmărește-ne pe INSTAGRAM: Verificați site-ul nostru pentru mai multe informații despre noi și Jupiter²: DESPRE NOI: Jupiter² a fost construit în Filipine de un designer australian pentru Jamie. În timpul liber de la serviciu, Jamie a trăit la bord și a călătorit în Asia de Sud-Est. Unul dintre visele lui de viață este să navigheze în jurul lumii. Planurile lui s-au unit la sfârșitul anului 2018, când a întâlnit un cântăreț de lounge filipinez în China. Prințesa tânjea după o vacanță, deoarece a lucrat mulți ani pentru a-și întreține familia. În cele din urmă, frații ei și-au găsit propriile locuri de muncă și ea a decis să se alăture lui Jamie pe Jupiter² și să meargă la navigație. A fost o decizie sălbatică pentru ea pentru că nu navigase niciodată înainte. Pentru prima dată, navighează timp de două săptămâni în jurul Phuket, Thailanda. A început să vadă ce îi place lui Jamie la mare. Ambii și-au demisionat la începutul lui 2019 și au început să lucreze cu normă întreagă. Sperăm ceva inspirație pentru „Renunțați la job și mergeți la navigație”. MUZICA: Toată muzica de pe Obțineți o probă gratuită de 30 de zile utilizând acest link: ECHIPAMENT CAMERA: Cameră principală: Panasonic LUMIX GH5 cu 12-35mm f/2.8, 25mm f /1.7, 45-150mm f/4-5.6 & 100-300mm f/4-5.6 II Stabilizator de cardan : DJI RSC2 Cameră de vlogging : GoPro 9 cu mod media și IPhone 12 Pro Max Litechaser Pro | Sistem de filtrare Iphone 12 pro max Microfon : Rode Wireless Go II & Zoom H1N înregistrator la îndemână Cameră subacvatică : GoPro Hero 8 clemă flexibilă pentru fălci GoPro GoPro stick de cameră cu trei căi și suport pentru trepied GoPro Dome Filtre GoPro Polar Pro Dronă : Editor de software DJI Mavic Air 2 : Davinci Resolve 17 Utilizare laptop pentru editare : MacBook Pro 15 inch Touch Bar 2017 MacBook Pro 16 inch Touch Bar 2019 Ne vedem la următoarele videoclipuri cu navigație și călătorie. Pentru afiliere de afaceri, contactați-ne la: © Sailing Life on Jupiter 2022 #mumby48 #cyber48 #aluminumcatamaran #sailboat #sailing #catamaran #ustour #worldadventurers #worldtour #yachtlife #boatlife #sailingaroundtheworld


48 thoughts on “ACEASTA NU ESTE BUN VENIT LA CARE NE AȘTEPTAM – Sailing Life on Jupiter EP111

  1. Jaimie & Princess,i've Been meaning to catch up with ya and express my appreciation for being able to share such wonderful experiences with such fine folk's as guy's wedding was amazing, Princess looked so beautiful and well J.,u looked pretty sharp ya'self .. 'LuvU2 Awesome people!!'… please be have a blast..your friend..chris t -💙🤺💙🤺💙✔️💯%..😇😎😉😇.

  2. Not sure if it is the favorite drink in Jamaica, but I sure love their Red Stripe. It's Beer! Always a bit unnerving to get boarded I imagine, but they seemed friendly soon enough. Happy trails.

  3. before World war 1 you can travel to any country without a visa or restriction or Passport, the globalist tyrannical Governments have seek to control. God gave the earth to all mankind to travel where ever he/she wanted to go. BS all man-made rules and regulations

  4. Damn well I’m getting out of all this and I love love sailing with you guys but I’m getting out of this is life will be easier if you go sailing with somebody that’s not a Filipino I think you guys should go in depth on why the rest of the world can cruise with no problem but the Filipinos have a problem but I guess as Americans are going to have the same problem here pretty quick if we don’t get our government squared away will be considered fifth world also and treated as such and that’s bullshit love you guys Keep the wind at your back in the drinks in your head

  5. I don't understand why they won't let Princess in to Jamaica, she can prove that she has travelled with you across oceans, and she has boat qualifications and is your wife. What is up with these countries. It almost seems racist to me. I don't understand what difference her country of origin makes.

  6. Hi Jamie, it's frustrating to say the least, those issues around visa's and Princess's passport. I can empathise with you, as my beautiful wife is Thai.
    Before she gained her Australian citizenship and subsequently her Australian passport, travel was frustrating – we too were "world travellers"; we actually cycled through 18 countries over three years. The OZ passport made a world of difference. Best Wishes to you both.

  7. Woah . . my heart was pumping when you were inspected at sea. . . . you guys handled it well. I had an aggressive inspection at sea by the Japan Coast Guard. . finally after 3 hours, I was allowed to go to port. after I safely moored my boat in the fishing harbor and went looking for a meal in a local bar ( izakaya). To my surprise the only other customer was an officer from the coast guard ship. LOL. He greeted me like a long lost brother and the next 3 days took me sightseeing!! Lol

  8. I just love your carefree approach to daily life at sea. Most anything can be overcome if you only have all documents uptodate. A seamans book is sometimes more valueable than any passport. Kingston was a stop on my first circumnavigation and had a short visit up to Montego Bay. All the best to both of you.

  9. So what do we need to do to get Princesses paperwork str8 .. can I help in anyway. I'm sorry guy's. I'm gonna be honest Jamaica doesn't want sailboat visiting I've noticed no matter what vessel it is. If it isn't for bizness reasons … Forget it. Sorry guy's… Better times ahead… ✌🏻💗😊⛵

  10. "THIS IS NOT THE WELCOME WE EXPECTED". Well, indeed, every country is different dude… They have to protect their borders! You are lucky they didn't go through your boat and check for drugs since you just sailed from Mexico.
    At least you can get into most countries without hindrances for admittance but Princess from a third world country don't have that privilege! There is another couple sailing the world as well. She is from Haiti and he is from Canada, she was denied entry into Portugal because of citizen status. But of course, he had no issue. Sad when another human being can't enjoy something they like just because of where they from…

  11. love the music so much! and that full moon was awesome. i wish the red tape wasn't so awful. it's a gorgeous island and i would love to see it through your eyes (and lenses). 🏴‍☠

  12. Just found your channel. Im in my 70s now and when I was in my early 20s I grew up in Wisconsin and would go to Jamaica in January. Did that for quite a few years. Ocho Rio's…loved it! Enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  13. Your just plain stupid and Too Gullible to realise what you did wrong…. You Just did what Skunk Runners do they sail as close to Jamaica as possible to pick up the Green Weed and sneak it into South America to sell on ….. Dumb Arses… 😂… The Police and customs boarded you for that very reason….. They suspected you of Smuggling even if they didn’t tell you, They searched you anyway…… If you haven’t arranged to visit Jamaica stay away from its coast line …

  14. I was wondering if you could share how you found out about the Mumby design. I hadn't heard of it since I started watching your videos. I've also been looking at performance cruising catamarans for years and hadn't found one that I really liked till I saw your channel. So basically, my story is the same as yours for looking at dagger boards, thin hulls, light weight, strong hulls and wanted to be able to beach it but didn't think that was possible till I saw your videos. I just spent the last 4 days without power due to a wind storm that knocked out our power witch sucks. As soon as this plandemic is over with, I'm going to either start building my Mumby or purchase one.

  15. I will watch the episode tonight, as I’m actually sailing today, but I had a very bad experience with Jamaïque 🇯🇲 at the beginning of the cov** madness… we were evicted from Cuba where we was legally checked in since a little less of two month and we had to divert to Jamaïque because of the weather conditions, they were awful 😢 I’m still on medication 💊 2 year after because of the PTSD this experience cause me. Big negotiations between my French embassy and the Jamaican prime minister, for nothing, we had to leave for 11 days of sea to reach Saint Martin. Without much food, without much water without fuel. Without options to stop underway.

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