De ce nu ne concentrăm trapele (MJ Sailing – Ep 257)

De ce nu ne concentrăm trapele (MJ Sailing - Ep 257)

Folosiți codul MJSAILING pentru o sumă suplimentară de 10% pentru reducerile de Vinerea Neagră devreme Pe punctul central al acestui episod, trapa noastră de la pupa!! Acestea sunt cele care vor fi în fiecare cabină principală, cu privirea spre traversă. Rămânem cu trapele noastre preferate Vetus și, la fel ca cele din partea din față a cabinei, și acestea se vor deschide. Datorită acestei funcții, totuși, a trebuit să ne asigurăm că plasarea lor pe traversă va funcționa pentru noi. În loc să le concentrăm în zonă, le-am ridicat până la vârf, cât mai aproape de punte. Acest lucru ne poate lăsa fără cea mai bună vedere din patul nostru, dar avem motivele noastre!! Continuați să urmăriți pentru a afla. 🙂 Sperăm să vă placă! Link către barca noastră: Mulțumim MULT Patronilor noștri. Acești susținători extraordinari ne ajută să ne menținem pe barcă, echipamentele noastre de cameră la zi și videoclipurile care urmează. Fără patronii noștri, aceste videoclipuri nu ar fi posibile. Pentru a vă înscrie în rândurile Patreon, vă rugăm să vizitați sau Cumpărați-ne o bere prin PayPal! sau Ajută să contribui la construcție cumpărând Lista noastră de dorințe Amazon! Adresa de livrare: Kentmorr Marina 910 Kentmorr Road Stevensville, MD 21666 Vă mulțumim!, Matt și Jessica – Obțineți marfa: https:// Videoclipuri realizate de Jessica, cu Matt și Georgie. 00:00 – Vremea este perfectă pentru legături! 00:55 – Introducere 01:25 – Amplasarea trapelor noastre de la pupa/traversa 04:19 – Tăierea mai multor găuri în barca noastră!! 05:37 – Asta a spus ea 07:16 – Poți forța pisicile să fie cele mai bune prietene? 10:28 – Decorarea spumei din jurul trapei 12:34 – Un golf ușor pentru a se lipi în cadrul din fibră de sticlă 14:40 – Summer and That Guy pleacă!! 17:35 – Gândurile tale despre plasarea trapei noastre 19:34 – Muzica de închidere: Actor On A Stage – Amos Noah II Sole Splende – Sum Wave Increase Dose – American Legion No Curves – Superintendent McCupcakes One Tree – Iso Indies Rock This Party – Storyblocks Audio Sweet Home Wisconson – Storyblocks Audio Pandemonium (Versiunea Tribute) – Echipamentul camerei Mondays folosit: – Panasonic Lumix GH5 – Microfon pentru pușcă Shure VP83F – – GoPro Hero8 Bărci anterioare: 1983 Trisalu 37 – aluminiu personalizat , construit în Quebec (Elements of Life) Unde am fost: 2,5 ani refit în Indiantown, Florida; Abacos, Bahamas; St. Barth; St. Maarten; Antigua; Saba; Azore; Irlanda; Scoţia; Norvegia; Anglia 1989 Sabre 34 Targa (Serendipity) Unde am navigat cu ea: SUA – Bahamas – Jamaica – Cuba – Insulele Cayman – Honduras – Guatemala – Belize – Mexic – Bermuda – Azore – Madeira – Insulele Canare – Sint Maarten – BVI – Software de editare USVI: Site-ul Adobe Premier Pro: Facebook: Instagram: & /mj_wayfaring/


39 thoughts on “De ce nu ne concentrăm trapele (MJ Sailing – Ep 257)

  1. You need to stress they don't make guys wear skirts after you buy a plot of land in your commercials. Guys with accents are annoying when they fly in for major Poker tournaments. You atomically know they are first-string and in for a nightmare. There is a reason why you have neighborhood dog parks and zero cat parks. Dogs are much easier to acclimate to other living creatures. A past girlfriend did have a cat that loved ridding one particular horse. Not centering hatches only matters to OCD anal retentives' like me.

  2. Show me a sail boat where there were no compromises made 🤣 When you finish faring and fitting out the boat those windows will look like they were meant to be there 👍🏼

  3. I was in Lowes this week and I saw the PVC downspout and thought of your wire duct issue it's lightweight but it's square that might help in your wireway hunt if you need something bigger than the 2" vacuum tube.

  4. Annapolis is a great place for you to have such easy access to while you're building. I used to be there when I visited my former employer's site in Annapolis, Northrop Grumman. I really enjoyed when we got into town because of all the great people. Can't remember all the places where we ate (a decade ago) but we were never disappointed.

    It's challenging to make decisions like that hatch and visualize all the circumstances that might affect the best placement. I trust your vision and I know when she's fully built and in the water, we'll find that you made an excellent decision.

  5. Quickest way to get animals to except each other is feed both undesirable treats at same time. Cats and bits of raw fish or even cooked fish. After that, cat toys with catnip. Lastly don't be nervous, pay attention but pretend to ignore both animals and you just socialize with the other pet owner. Animals that don't get attention will draw together for stimulation.

  6. Centering things makes things look balanced and precise, offsetting will look a bit unusual, however accenting the space can return it to a balanced look. Put something under the hatch, or paint something in the space under and or around the hatch to compensate… Personally I'm more about functionality than aesthetics, so if it works, it works… I'm more thinking about a big wave from behind and how well it will hold up. I would make it easy to put an additional storm protection mechanism over it, or emergency replacement if it breaks while underway, i.e. a fiber glass piece cut to fit that is used elsewhere for some other purpose… Oh, pour a can of tuna juice over one of the cats – he he

  7. It's your boat and monies. You do what you want. And don't let the keyboard pirates tell you different. You two are busting your humps on your dream why have someone that doesn't know their butts from a hole in the ground. Tell you what to do. 👍🏽 Great channel and I simply can't wait to see your next post. God bless and stay safe 🙏

  8. We have three cats. One is several years older, and two litter mates. All three are well adjusted, and still there are cat fights. After deciding witch one is at fault, short separations are needed. It’s not a huge problem.

  9. You need to get a different tip for that Multi-Tool. You can get tips that are a full half circle. So you cut the foam core out without having to rotate it constantly.

  10. Looking good. I bet you guys get excited every time you tackle another one of these big things. Then reality comes back and hits you reminding you that you have so much more to go. Assuming those hatches are you emergency exit point as well. With the step under them on the outside, that would probably give you something to grab and pull yourselves through if you ever needed to.

  11. Great location for a hatch … building your own boat means you can have lots of these quirky ideas and with you and Matt engineering these ideas, why not!! Stay Safe & Fair Winds!!

  12. Not likely to be cuddle buddies – maybe, you can hope, but not likely. With the humans mixing after petting the other cat – will go a long way in allowing them to tolerate each other. Cats release "scent" and if it is rubbed off, and smelled by the other cat – hey will become familiar. I have two cats – that moved into the house at different times – and they are not buddies, there is an occasional back off buddy growl, hiss, swipe- but there are no blood feuds.

  13. I think that all of your reason for moving the hatch up are good, valid reasons and you will be happy with the choice. But there is another benefit, apart from privacy, to a higher hatch. All of the hot, stale air in the space is going to be at the top. Having a higher hatch will give a way for that air to be vented even when you can't open a top hatch for the weather or other considerations.

  14. The hatches location looks good, and most importantly, you've been able to make that decision yourselves. I like the step arrangement too. Perhaps both cats need to get used to each other in both homes.

  15. I have just a quick question. Why drill the holes in the middle of an edge instead of a corner? When ever I have seen a project where you are removing the middle and keeping the edge and not using something that can do a plunge-cut they drill a hole in each corner.

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