#GGR2022 Actualizare de urmărire în engleză 6/11

#GGR2022 Actualizare de urmărire în engleză 6/11

#GGR2022 Actualizare de urmărire în engleză 6/11


10 thoughts on “#GGR2022 Actualizare de urmărire în engleză 6/11

  1. Good morning. Since no one answered so far, let me repeat the question, I posted already yesterday:

    In Kirsten’s course you can see two abrupt south turns, followed by smooth adjustments to the north. The first one was triggered by the high and turned out to be an excellent decision. The second one, which happened in the evening of Nov 2, I don’t understand. It looks like this cost her quite some time. Does anyone have an idea what the motivation/cause for that move might have been?

  2. G’day to RCYC … ex member before sailing off to many years ago now… send my regards to all .. ex Heritage Mnf… and fair winds n following seas to competitors .. go Kirsten … tell her “vat hom fluffy”..

  3. The UPDATED Betting; (Sample prices only, not for betting).
    Simon Curwen (UK); 3/1.
    Damien Guillou (FR); 4/1.
    Pat Lawless (IRL); 4/1.
    Tapio Lehtinen (FIN); 6/1.
    Abhilash Tomy (India); 10/1.
    Kirsten Neuschafer (SA); 12/1.
    Micheal Guggenburger (Austria); 12/1.
    Ertan Beskardes (UK); 25/1.
    Jeremy Bagshaw (SA); 25/1.
    Elliot Smith (US); 100/1.
    Ian Herbert-Jones (UK); 250/1.
    Arnaud Gaist (FR); 250/1.
    Guy Waites (UK); 500/1.
    All Quoted.

  4. Loving the daily updates!! I check every morning.
    One note, if you could zoom in the screen share a bit we could see more detail, and we dont need to see the bottom or left of your screen.

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