Reconstrucție ambarcațiunii + planuri de navigație pentru anul următor (Learning By Doing Ep199)

Reconstrucție ambarcațiunii + planuri de navigație pentru anul următor (Learning By Doing Ep199)

Am pus la loc jumătate din barcă după ce am îndepărtat o mulțime de lucruri pentru pictura pe punte. Mă urc pe catarg pentru a repara lumina de navigație a vântului și a capului de catarg. După ce obținem forma unei nave, suntem gata să ieșim din portul de agrement HOT și să ieșim înapoi la ancora unde ne este locul. Marie conduce barca din doc pentru prima dată! A doua jumătate a videoclipului este despre a vă spune despre planurile noastre viitoare de navigație, acestea includ Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Tasmania, Noua Caledonie și Noua Zeelandă. Suntem încântați, sperăm să fiți și voi! ⚓️Alătură-te ECHIPULUI nostru⚓️ Dacă îți plac videoclipurile noastre și apreciezi efortul depus pentru a le realiza, atunci poate că ai fi interesat să susții producția lor. Un pic merge mult Patronul nostru: Paypalul nostru:… Obțineți un tricou cu noul design Maries aici! SUBTECH Cod promoțional: teamsubtechvernon Reducere: 20% (livrare gratuită în toată lumea) Indiana Paddlesurf: VERNON10X (cod de reducere de 10%) Vă rugăm să vizitați: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:


30 thoughts on “Reconstrucție ambarcațiunii + planuri de navigație pentru anul următor (Learning By Doing Ep199)

  1. If you considering moving South over the coming times have a look at MOTOR SAILING FOR OLD DUDES they did a pretty good 3 part series on the BAR CROSSINGS along the NSW coast North to South about 6 months ago, may find it helpful, Cheers 🙂

  2. 1770 marina has a top restaurant, cafe, and bar with pizzas and burgers…if you guys drop in be sure to catch up…we have a boat hire biz on the marina called Crusing Round 1770. Hope we see y’all 😂😎

  3. Hey guys
    Great videos btw… been following for a while now… where I live I have great access to the Keppel Islands and would love share a cold beer with you both when you are down this way…

  4. I will be here for you at the Port of Tauranga to take you both to Rotorua. A 1 hr drive. As a Tour Coach drive I can give you both a good commentry on our country.

  5. Terrific seeing Marie take her out of the berth.. Nice job of coaching Vernon.. My wife liked your cool.
    That break must have done you both a lot of good. You're both looking so relaxed and happy – or is it coz you've had a shave Vernon?
    👏 Looking forward to your travels down the coast, particularly Pittwater, and Port Jackson. Hope you can show a bit of Port Stephens too. Boat show in Tazzie will be awesome.
    Then we'll buy you a beer and pie and fush n chups when you get to NZ. Bon voyage Cap'n

  6. Hi Guys, Great to hear about your future plans.
    Did you ever think you would be driving a boat Marie, you did well.
    I grew up in Oamaru NZ ,now live in Port Macquarie NSW ,I am not sure it was the best move, how ever
    If you follow The Old Seadog he just spent 2 1/2 years in NZ now he's off to Fiji.
    He would have some tips i am sure. Take care.

  7. Hi Marie and Vernon
    Great to hear your plans. Looking forward to seeing your footage and especially the Chatham Island and New Cal.
    For your trip down the south coast of Australia and Tasmania you need to look at Free Range Sailing.
    Bermagui is a good spot to stop now a days. Easy to get into in most conditions.
    It would be good to poke your head into Bass Strait and check out Lakes Entrance and Refuge Cove on Wilson's Promontory then to Deal Island and then across to the Ferneaux Group of Islands before jumping across to Tassie via the Banks Strait which is a tidal race.
    Then there are many interesting spots down the East Coast of Tasmania.
    Regards Ian and Doris

  8. Hey Vernon I installed a diesel heater in Melbourne this winter. Love it.
    Best thing I did. If you buy a Chinese one try to go higher end and you will need to upgrade the fuel line and all hose clips as they are for caravans and trucks.

  9. That’s some wild seas as you get under Eden. I’ve sailed up and down there all the way to Philippines, and that was easy compared to bass strait and Adelaide etc

  10. Indeed this sounds like an adventure in sailing for sure….always ready to have my horizons expanded yet again! Hopefully your passage to Tasmania will be a little calmer than the one I remember from Catamaran Impi. That had some truly impressive weather….

  11. As I lay here listening to the waves lap against the shore of Patong beach, Thailand, I can't help but be greatful to you-tubers such as yourselves who have inspired me to get off my ass and explore this big blue marble hurling through space.

    Namaste 🙏

  12. Hey Marie and Vernon, If you have time Lord Howe Islands are fantastic. Best overnight spot in Sydney Harbour is Balmoral Beach where there are pink guest moorings. Don't stay opposite Opera House as its extremely folly from swell and ferries. Hope I can catch up with you in Sydney. André

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