ATACUL DE RECHINI și Chirurgie pentru amatori: Navigarea și pescuitul sub apă pe insulele zdrențuite (EP 55 – Luni Niciodată)

ATACUL DE RECHINI și Chirurgie pentru amatori: Navigarea și pescuitul sub apă pe insulele zdrențuite (EP 55 - Luni Niciodată)

Navigarea pe insulele zdrențuite. Este cunoscută ca o destinație îndepărtată care poate fi perfidă în anumite condiții de vânt. Știam că trebuie să fim pregătiți cu multă mâncare și apă la bord, dar habar nu aveam ce ne rezervă. La începutul călătoriei noastre, prietenul nostru Jeff a fost mușcat de un rechin în timp ce eram la pescuitul sub apă cu prietenii noștri. În ciuda faptului că au fost la 2 zile distanță de orice ajutor medical, navigatorii cu noi au reușit să-l suture, să-i administreze antibiotice intravenoase și să aibă grijă de el, în timp ce noi ceilalți îl priveam cu uimire. Acesta este un videoclip cu acel incident, ce s-a întâmplat, asistența medicală primită și lecțiile învățate.


36 thoughts on “ATACUL DE RECHINI și Chirurgie pentru amatori: Navigarea și pescuitul sub apă pe insulele zdrențuite (EP 55 – Luni Niciodată)

  1. This, in my opinion, is a direct result of humans and the Bahamas, there is more tours from the Bahamas for shark dives where they bait and feed them that reef and black tips do not fear humans and also see them as a food source. I never fish there anymore, I prefer to go south to Turks or further south and have zero issues. I also use a spear with a tether not a tri prong so when I shoot I swim back with the fish 10' away on the tether. Cool story though and medical is so important for any blue water sailing as you can be hours or even days from medical help

  2. And another arrogant human, thinking: '' oh, sharks are not dangerous and I'm an enviromentalsit, they will not do nothing to me„ 😂😂😂😂 That's what you get. You're very lucky your wound weren't worst. But I bet you didn't lear your lesson. Yeah, stay arrogant when dealing with wild animals……😂😂😂😂

  3. I remember you from when you first started. Lost track and here you are again. Excellent story telling by the group of sailors. The Ragged Islands were home to a similar group of sailors during COVID. Fond memories and lifelong bonds were formed there. Such a special remote piece of heaven. Teamwork is key for successful outcomes. Lessons learned and shared will forever bond. Thank you for sharing. You have a new subscriber.

  4. Well done video, glad that Jeff and everyone came out for the better… having lived, freedived, and speared in the bahamas all my life. Living here permanently on our numerous boats. This story brings a few things to mind that might be of help… we always spear and freedive with buddies, no exceptions. There is always a dingy above us to take the fish immediately from the hunter… most important in this story is not having the fish anywhere near your body. The fish is always kept on the pointed end of the shaft pointed down and out as you head to the surface then brought immediately out of the water making sure to not let the fish slide down the shaft to your hand, a very special woman had this happen on the surface and her hand snd fish were ripped off in two jerks from a shark no one ever saw… I've never heard of anyone hugging a bleeding fish to their chest as a target for our friendly sharks… the dirty rash guard doesn't make a difference… the bleeding fish being hugged to someone's chest surely does… being at the end of the shaft 3 feet away from your hand and arms length away from your body does make a difference… I surely understand the feeling of loosing your favorite spear, but its better when a shark takes the fish at the end of a spear and possibly your spear at the same time while leaving your body in perfect tack to go and get another spear and continue on… we spend a lot of time purposely freediving with the Tiger, bulls, and lemon sharks around where we live here… they are amazingly wonderful gifts from mother nature. They only want the fish and definitely don't want to mess with humans in any way.
    Sorry I babbled so long and wish you all a great and safe upcoming season.

  5. Great video guys. Love how all involved were so calm cool and collect. That would not be our family. I’m going to make all my immediate family members view the video and take notes. Also, do you think you paramedic friends could put together a list of items for a concise First Aid Kids. Not the crap bought in stores. You were talking about Antibiotic IV is that something that could be purchased OTC? Again, ty. We are going to be heading out on our first crossing this summer. Ciao!

  6. I made myself a boogie board float (about 10yrs ago). It works great. Always lots of sharks where I spear and haven't lost a fish since I started using it. Made of an old boogie board, pool noodles and a spring loaded 'crayfish bag' to hold the fish. Mostly all zip tied together. Also great for holding a drink and snacks and it's big so stands out well on the water. Which is good to stop boats running you over 🙂

  7. I'm to old now but 50 years ago I worked on a Prawn Trawler ,, I've seen many times the 3 ft Black Tipped reef sharks , in one bite take a piece out of the net you could put your head through ,, scary,, no way I would get in the water with them,

  8. Sharks can smell blood a mile away …. we would throw old fish off dock and watch a shark feeding frenzy with sharks coming from miles away … and thrashing oh my scary …

  9. Glad it wasn't a Bully. Glad it wasn't a more aggressive bite. Glad EVERYBODY learned from this. Sharks are no joke and we are in thier domain at a distinct disadvantage. So happy this story had such a great ending. What a wonderful video guys, thank you for sharing.

  10. That's the key to spear fishing. You have to have a buddy in the water and one in the dingy. But if gonna spear alone you have to have a buddy in a dingy close. Those sharks are after that bloody fish. They want that fish! You can't outswim or fight them off period! He could have lost his life so easily, he was very lucky. And knowing exactly how to do stitches. You always need morphine in a syringe ready to go. Always! And pill form oxycodone, preferably instant release form, pure oxycodone. Brand name Roxycodone. He was lucky because what if he had lost a hand or any limb or even if the bite had been larger and deeper. I keep a huge paramedic size rolling carry bag that when full is around 50 lbs. Has huge size gauze packs to small, every type of liquid skin anticipate, creams, ace bandages, various Pill form as well as IV pain killers. Leg and arm tarnicats to stop blood loss. So many other things. It's packed slam full. Glad to hear you sto ked up your kit but try to gather more. I have a niece that works at the fir department here in Tennessee 🇺🇸 and she was able to purchase me one. So if you or anyone you know has a Contact networks for the fire department or somewhere like that they can probably hook you up with a proper medical bag. So glad to hear you're able to stick him up and the story ended good when could have been so much worse. Always buddy spear and buddy boat. God bless

  11. I don't believe in coincidence but I believe in fate you all were faded to be together. This is a lesson everyone needed to have refreshed .Sadly someone did get bit. Happily everyone came together to create the perfect balance of hospital an calm fun .. This is living with nature we are visiting their home .. This is a wild place . I love travel as a flotilla of families an friends…it's a beautiful life I learned so much from this I found new ppl to follow.. I'm land lockd lost everything to fire..looking for future vessel..til then I watch an learn.. I'll forever be a sea sponge soaking up knowledge an expanding upon it!! I commend each of you ..the safe guard you've all implemented is to be noted as I see many lone sailor's not thinking about the creatures who patrol these waters for injured electric signals blood sent is secondary to the electric current a injured fish puts out.. it travels quite a distance.. sharks whole set-up is to read electric current running thru water.. an smelling of blood in water right with it…
    Thanks for sharing your lives with us grateful for the wisdom shared ✌🏼💗😊⛵

  12. A bull shark killed a woman snorkeling with a guided group off a cruise ship in the Bahamas! They kill ! That is what everyone in Australia says about them and these people surrounded by ocean know all about the behavior of sharks! This couple never should have been in the water with them. He is very lucky!

  13. Good job handling everything, glad it wasn't any worst. It really makes you think of the first aid supplies we carry on board and how we spear. With a baby we've been doing alone way more than we used to. Fair winds and stay safe.

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