Momentele ridicole în care conduceam barca au mers prost

Momentele ridicole în care conduceam barca au mers prost

Jurnal privat ► Un dans cu remorcherul, un submarin pe o stradă a orașului și o barcă de salvare făcând un backflip: această compilație este plină de momente uimitoare pe apă.


36 thoughts on “Momentele ridicole în care conduceam barca au mers prost

  1. Remind me to never hitch a ride with any of these captains when going to work out on the islands!! Thank you Casco Bay Lines for making my commute to work less harrowing!! LMAO!! Although I think I would hitch a ride with the tugboat guys who did the synchronized maneuvers. That would be awesome!! Has anyone ever heard of bilge pumps and bumper guards??????? Apparently not any of these morons!! LOL!!

  2. 5:55 for those interested…. there is a very extensive documantary about this crane incident…. with estimated total damage between 50 and 100 million Euro probably one of the most expensive ones ever… it happened in a German harbour (Hannover or Hamburg) some years ago.
    This happened when this crane/vessel was put through it’s tests upon being commissioned…. the crane was supposed to lift a 5.000 ton(!!!!!) barge from the water when the hook ‘snapped’….
    By the way the crane was rated to lift upto 10.000 tons!!!

  3. I must come back on the figures I just stated in my previous reactions:The hook snapped at around 2600 tonnes weight…
    But it was,like the crane,supposed to be able to lift 5.000 tons…. the test was with a 5.500 ton barge…. 10% overweight being the standard to approve all parts of a crane are up to the job….

  4. 2:39 what's happening here? I know small boats with outboards can trim the motor up and just spray water everywhere, but a ship that big… it doesn't have prop trim, does it? I thought they had bow planers that are wings underwater and not a changed angle of the prop.

  5. 4..45 clearly too cheap to buy boys (i know wrong spelling but it's not coming to me) that's what they are there for to keep the side of boat away from other boats and when docking

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