Sailing Scotland – Sound of Jura – Lagg Bay – Gigha – Ep. 262

Sailing Scotland - Sound of Jura - Lagg Bay - Gigha - Ep.  262

Călătorim de la Insula Jura în jos pe Sound spre Gigha –– Dacă vă plac videoclipurile noastre, puteți oricând să lăsați un bacșiș în borcanul nostru de cafea –- Link-uri afiliate –- Mr D Cookware – –– Despre noi –– Am început o aventură pe croaia pe Bavaria 36, Fata sarata. Misiunea noastră continuă este de a explora noi porturi ciudate, de a căuta bucătării și culturi noi pentru noi, de a merge cu îndrăzneală acolo unde ne duce vântul și să ne placă –– Urmărește-ne –– http://www. –- Muzică –- Prognoza locală de Kevin MacLeod este licențiat sub o licență Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. Sursa: Artist:


14 thoughts on “Sailing Scotland – Sound of Jura – Lagg Bay – Gigha – Ep. 262

  1. Thank you for putting more than a smile on my dial. Hilarious opening "scene" in Lagg Bay. Journey – especially if I have no idea where I will be at the end of the day. Travel in remote parts with the caravan – so something is bound to happen. It's generally something I could have done without! More recently really heavy rain turned right when I should have turned left ended up on a dirt road that was as slippery as – table drains full of water so couldn't pull over, couldn't stop or would have got stuck. Vehicle in 4WD and anti sway on caravan worth the money! Slept very well that night.

  2. Defo – the journey! Longer, more exciting, changing, challenging, unpredictable, not static…. I do enjoy the moment we arrive and crack the beer in the evening, but few hours later I am ready to go somewhere else, haha! Itchy feet!

  3. Journey! Although the beach in Lagg Bay sounds like an alluring destination! 😉 Whether we end in a dirt covered box or in Davey's Locker- it's all about how we got there. Thanks for sharing another gem of an informational video!!

  4. Haven’t had the luxury of it being about the journey, because I have always had time constraints. For example we had to leave Conway in July at 9.15 pm when the marina sill opened, in order to sail through the night to arrive at the Sound of Calf (IOM) at no tide, the following morning. In my short sailing life I have enjoyed getting to the destinations that I set and have generally got there with a little engine help!

  5. Out here they use every type of light you can imagine when at anchor. All round white, all round white flashing, red flashing, white flashing, blue underwater, white under water. Sailing into an anchorage at night you can get arc eye from all the lights. Just before you hit the un-lit tender wizing back from the bar in a gin soaked haze 🤣 Sail Safe Guys, Ant & Cid.

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