187. Sailing To Cruisers Paradise | Duminica navigatie

187. Sailing To Cruisers Paradise |  Duminica navigatie

În acest videoclip, navigam spre Grenada! Dacă sunteți interesat de navigație și doriți să experimentați unele dintre cele mai bune navigații din lume, atunci acesta este videoclipul pentru dvs., deoarece avem una dintre cele mai bune pasaje până la Grenada. Așa că, alăturați-vă nouă în această călătorie captivantă cu navigație către Cruisers Paradise! SITE WEB SAILING SUNDAY: https://www.svsunday.com SAILING SUNDAY SHOP: https://svsunday.com/online-shop-home/ DONAȚII DE ANIMALE DE STRADA: https://www.paypal.me/jacksonstreats PATREON: https: //www.patreon.com/sailingsunday SOCIAL MEDIA: Conturi Instagram @sailing_sunday @brittnimoffatt @ryanweepers @jacksontheshepherdx @animalrescueyachtclub Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailingsunday TikTok @animalrescueyachtclub


24 thoughts on “187. Sailing To Cruisers Paradise | Duminica navigatie

  1. Omg, I was loosing it with the smoothie, 🤣 Good luck with the puppies, don't remember seeing anything on Instagram if y'all found homes for them. So I don't need to worry about skeeters right now because it's too fucking cold and windy!! Not sure I like the trade off? Skeeters were bad though, walked Maggie near the marina store through the grass and when I looked down I had spots all over both legs, this was mid day. ❤️🐕⛵️

  2. Although you are really doing a marvelous job with dogs and I love you for that, I wonder if Jackson gets enough landtime. I tend to feel sorry for him more and more. He gets more than enough love but still……it seems to me he longs for land and runs

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