Pasaj perfect de navigație peste noapte (Learning By Doing Ep200)

Pasaj perfect de navigație peste noapte (Learning By Doing Ep200)

Primul nostru pasaj de navigație de ceva vreme, primul pentru Marie în Australia. 105 nm de la Magnetic Island la Bowen. A fost un pasaj de vis de la început până la sfârșit, am ridicat ancora la ora 13 și am aruncat ancora la 3:30, adică o medie de 7 kt. Aveam o stare optimă a vântului și a mării, atât de bună încât Marie a făcut chiar și un duș la parter, o premieră pentru ea în timp ce naviga. Atât de bine să ieși din portul de agrement și să te întorci la explorare. Enjoi ⚓️Alătură-te ECHIPULUI nostru⚓️ Dacă îți plac videoclipurile noastre și apreciezi efortul depus pentru a le realiza, atunci poate că ai fi interesat să susții producția lor. Un pic merge mult Patronul nostru: Paypalul nostru:… Obțineți un tricou cu noul design Maries aici! SUBTECH Cod promoțional: teamsubtechvernon Reducere: 20% (livrare gratuită în toată lumea) Indiana Paddlesurf: VERNON10X (cod de reducere de 10%) Vă rugăm să vizitați: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK:


15 thoughts on “Pasaj perfect de navigație peste noapte (Learning By Doing Ep200)

  1. That was a fantastic sail. Maybe Riley and Elayna can hook you up on a 20-knot sail when they get their trimaran. I know Riley is keen on the fast sailing speeds. I loved Marie's voiceover at the end. Thanks for sharing. 💨⛵

  2. Sailed fast, woman seemed happy to see his man happy, arrived at night, entered under sail, dropped anchor in good spot and got some rest for the day. I never left my bedroom but believe THIS is what sailing is all about. Great video as always, V. and M. Loved that shot of main sail being “raised”, just don’t get the crocs with yellow pants thing. 😂 Thank you!

  3. Vernon, I tried your way of making coffee (keto?) but turned out too low in caffeine (drinking quick) and too acidic (drinking slow), so I discovered #CowboyCoffee. Add grounds to warm water, heat until almost boiling (careful not to spill over). Heat off, wait a minute and submerge floating grounds by dropping cold water on top. Pour coffee in empty pot. Smooth as cold brew but spicy, high in long-lasting caffeine. 🎉

  4. Great video! I'm still getting used to heeling! We've been going out on a mates boat (bigger than ours) and went out a couple of weeks ago in bigger winds and wow! I felt safe as he was experienced and we also had another sailor on board (a catamaran owner but we can't hold that against him lol). I had to keep switching to the higher side of the boat when we tacked. Felt better there. I think I just need to get to a place where I know the boat won't capsize and I'll be ok 🙂

  5. Good to see ya back at it, love the way you sail. Saw a Sayer 39 for sale here in Adelaide, although it ain't quite the Sayer I was thinking of, huge pilot house affair with what looks like a slow hull, nothing like your beast. To Marie be careful cutting coconuts like that in your lap, I stuck a knife a good inch into my thigh doing exactly what you were doing here, made me squirm when I saw you doing it

  6. Great video, speedy sail turned out well for you to get some sleep after anchoring. Marie, I’m with you about nice comfortable speed for sailing….I can still remember the terror when Vernon took me for a ride in his RX7, 200+kph down the Valley road!! Loved your story and the sunset pics at the end xx

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