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  1. Tool No 1: Hammer
    Tool No 2: Screwdriver
    Tool No 3: 2-part epoxy glue
    That's allmost all you need. I carry 100 kgs of tools. What do I use 90 % of the time ?, make a guess. When you get onshore, buy a new Wilson.

  2. I love your realism. You live the life as it would be for a lot of us. I was watching a crew that had lots of real adventures were broke and all of a sudden there buying a 250,000 dl. + boat not to mention paying for upgrades????? I hope your lives get better soon!!! Love your strength!!

  3. Reliving these challenging moments with you have been strangely calming. The surrounding beauty stands in such contrast to what seems like one insurmountable terror after another, and yet, I see the strength you guys gather from the sea and each other as you overcome and continue forward. I’m sure the frustration weighs heavy at times in those moments, but now seems distant from the safety of port. through it all you captured it all and shared these intimate moments. I can’t thank you enough

  4. You guys are great at diagnosing, fixing & working around problems. You just keep calm & move forward in spite of it all & that’s impressive – one of the things I love about your channel.

  5. Not sure of the design of the autopilot actuator, but I have repaired similar items by drilling small holes into the mating surfaces and inserting and gluing in metal pins/nails. The metal can take the stress that glue cannot.

  6. I really admire the grit an determination with which you both work together do what needs doing. In support of each oth an the goal. No matter the cards delt… Grateful for the wisdom shared an inspiration to never give up… Thanks for sharing your life with us ✌🏼💗😊❣️

  7. You guys are amazing! Love the way you can get through the tough times without ripping each other's heads off. I hope you remain that way off camera too. Because you teach us so many lessons about how through adversity, your love for each other remains strong and you come through it for smooth sailing another day. Would a Wind Vane be a more reliable self steering piece of gear for your sailing needs – as well as noiseless?

  8. You both are incredible people .I would be a crying heap at the bottom of the boat, Problem upon problems and you both are so positive saying prayers that you make some better times and less things breaking. You two definitely show all sailing days are not great . Please stay safe and healthy out there.

  9. One of the reasons I enjoy watching you two. Sailing at it's finest and truest. Showing breakdowns and everyday frustrations along with lessons learned show what day to day life is. Minus the shiny, always smiling, not a care in the world type of 'sailing', where you know their pockets are extra deep that they don't show. Minor hiccups in overall maintenance, when we as the viewing public know that things can't be as bright and lively as portrayed in some other sites. I enjoy the real that you two put up, it's a great lesson for those who think, 'Sure let's buy a boat and go sailing like_______(insert name here). And we can have all the fun like them.' Mind you those types usually end up selling their newly acquired vessels at a reduced price because they came face to face with the reality that you two are living daily. Some people just can't hack when it gets real…like just putting your heads down and sailing over five hundred miles without an engine. I remember my history and sailing ships didn't always have engines. Keep up the REAL life aboard you two, I love it!!

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