Uraganul a devastat Fort Myers Beach

Uraganul a devastat Fort Myers Beach

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32 thoughts on “Uraganul a devastat Fort Myers Beach

  1. Casually watching your vid in the background "I found a briefcase full of money, if it belongs to someone let me know". I chuckled. Shouldn't have shown how much was in it…. you can use that as a base to see if whoever tries to claim it knows.

  2. The size of that house, the energy it took to build it, all those fossile fuel hungry yachts, crazy pollutio, the footprint this life style takes, it is the main cause of more and more extreme weather. USA is the worst in the world, more heavy footprint than any other nation. Unfortunately the rest of the world look to USA as a standard. Mostly the poorest pays, both with life and economy. USA will get it more and more. Paybacktime as you say in america. Good that you use solarpanels though, not to add more fossile poluting.

  3. Your video of Fort Myers showed more damage than any of the news stations. I was floored by what I aaw. I hope Ron deathsantic is doing his part as governor. I don't get the sense he cares about people. I hope your gran is able to repair her house. How nice of you to do all the work you and your mom are doing.

  4. Not sure why you're laughing and smiling so much. Totally inappropriate

    I was impacted as well; I appreciate tge benefit of keeping a sense of humor; but I'm not laughing about it.

  5. jesus, the extent of the storm damage is unbelievable. what a disaster and not fully comprehensible til you see it from the ground as you showed us. your poor grandparents 00 i hope they recover though that certainly seems like a long way aways yet.

  6. Woah!! 😮Only on the ground can you really understand the full extent of the destruction and damage these hurricanes cause. The heart ache 😢Thanks Sam for bringing first hand awareness to this devastation caused to the community.
    But on a brighter note, thanks for finding my missing case of cash. I’ll send you my dets for it’s return. Cheers 😂

  7. This video just came up in my feed. Just wow with the reality of all the destruction!! Thank you for sharing!! Was this filmed immediately right after Ian or is this more recent video footage?

  8. And I thought our flood in Australia was bad. It was but much more localised. Pass our best wishes to your Grandma. It'll be fixed someday. It sure took us a while to see the forest through the trees.

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