Tur de iaht de 1,6 milioane de dolari: Princess V50 Open

Tur de iaht de 1,6 milioane de dolari: Princess V50 Open

Nou-nouțul Princess V50 Open! Sponsorizat de: https://www.boatsandyachtswarranty.com În asociere cu: https://www.illuminated-yacht-names.com/ https://www.intelligentmoney.com https://www.yacht-solutions.co .uk https://www.vircru.com Prețul este doar cu titlu orientativ și poate varia considerabil în funcție de locație și specificație Cu mulțumiri către: https://www.princessyachts.com https://instagram.com/aquaholicnick https ://twitter.com/BurnhamNick https://facebook.com/aquaholicnick Citiți articolele mele online pentru MBY la https://www.mby.com/author/nickburnham Vezi mai multe dintre videoclipurile mele pe canalul YouTube MBY: https: //www.youtube.com/user/ybwtv


38 thoughts on “Tur de iaht de 1,6 milioane de dolari: Princess V50 Open

  1. It's no Gulf Craft Majesty 175 but it's a Princess what more needs to be said, apologies Mr Burnham sir I happened to be out all day so have only just seen today's download. Being a Princess it's a stunning 50ft boat for sure but for me if I was to have a boat for me anything over 40ft would have to be a lockable main deck cabin rather than an open boat, saying that if anybody was in the market to give me a Princess V50 open I'd be chuffed and very grateful for sure,at the end of the day if you're floating you're boating 🤗 Nick as ever a grand job with the tour sir and as always ❤️ Aquaholics 👌🖖

  2. Not bad for the price for a Princess, Can i make a video suggestion – How about a video on Williams Tenders maybe go though the whole range as you always mention them (other tenders also available )

  3. Lovely ship it is Nick..
    You are absolutely right..
    But do we expect something different from Princes..
    It is always suberb.

    Thanks Nick..
    Btw.Your voice is 100% , rum, thee and honey huh?

  4. Great video Nick, really well presented and informative as always 👍🏻, and what a really good boat! Excellent for weekends away in the Med with friends. Love the garage as well, great for hiding away some toys! Not to sure about the open deck, don’t like the idea of leaving it unsecured. It would be better if it had a sliding canopy that could be fastened and secured. Also so Nick, I think you should have the Saxophone player following you around on your videos, bings that party atmosphere everywhere you go😁😁

  5. Question….. If you had the money would you buy this after seeing the Galeon 510 Skydeck? Or is the Princess so much better in terms of quality and sea-keeping that it's like asking whether you'd spend 50k on a new Vauxhall or a new Audi ?

  6. Now where's that mirrored ceiling when you need it? You sexy thing……. (The BOAT Nick…. the BOAT!) RIP Errol Brown.
    I saw Hot Chocolate live in Sydney many many years ago….fantastic! ….. but that's another story. Great to see Princess Yachts has good taste in music as well….. Cheers.

  7. The more and more Princess boats I see, the more I think theyre overpriced. I know there is a certain quality in the building process with fit and finish. But at this price point, there are so many more interesting and innovative yacht builders out there. The Princess brand is just the same old guard in fresh clothing. Im shocked they shift so many of these.

  8. I don't know why Princess keep on calling this a Completely new boat, when the only thing that changed is the larger window in the hull sides. Yes they needed new tooling for this, but calling it Completely New is an Over Statement to say it mildly…. Its just an evolution of the previous model and the V48 which is everything but the same except for the hull windows….

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