O ZI DIN VIAȚA unui grup de adolescenți pe un iaht! (de fapt 2 zile, dar orice) Ep 218

O ZI DIN VIAȚA unui grup de adolescenți pe un iaht!  (de fapt 2 zile, dar orice) Ep 218

Așa că am invitat cinci adolescenți la întâmplare să locuiască cu noi timp de o lună pe barcă! În acest episod, navigăm pe coasta Arabiei Saudite în Marea Roșie. Ne petrecem o zi la ancora, bucurându-ne de scufundări și snorkeling, apoi luăm ancora și pornim într-un pasaj de 2 zile către Duba. Asigurați-vă că vă abonați pentru a urmări aventurile noastre săptămânale! Mulțumim pentru acordare în această săptămână! Toate episoadele emisiunii noastre sunt create exclusiv de mine, Keith și copii. De asemenea, puteți urmări călătoria noastră pe Facebook și Instagram sau, dacă doriți să susțineți eforturile noastre de realizare a videoclipurilor, iată câteva modalități prin care puteți împărtăși dragostea: ❤️ — DEVENI MEMBRU AL Z-CREW! https://sailingzatara.com/members —CUMPĂRĂ UN BILET LA SHOW! https://sailingzatara.com/tickets –LUAȚI NIște MARFĂ sau ECHIPAMENTE DE BARCĂ: https://sailingzatara.com/shop –CE CAMERE UTILIZAM? Găsiți toate echipamentele mele preferate de filmare aici: https://sailingzatara.com/camera-gear Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew ___________________________________________ Muzică în acest videoclip: Melodia noastră tematică: Float Away de Grabbitz furnizată de Monstercat: https://www.monstercat.com/ Găsiți-o aici: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=bzuSHCFQD7c Această muzică oferită de Epidemic Sound http://share.epidemicsound.com/B3SzL Min Wahi El-Lami de Ali Sabah Ocean Breeze de King Sis Luau de Bonsaye In the Red Soil de Bonnie Grace Twenty Five de Epidemic Sound Wonky Wayne de Eoin Mantell Go Undercover de Akerman (feat Dag Lundberg) 00:00 Mutarea la un nou ancoraj 03:32 Scufundare în Marea Roșie 10:07 Pericol lângă recif 12:48 Începe trecerea 21:32 Vloguri echipajului #yachtcrew


24 thoughts on “O ZI DIN VIAȚA unui grup de adolescenți pe un iaht! (de fapt 2 zile, dar orice) Ep 218

  1. I have been watching since day one and love what you two produce and stand for. I've always saw myself doing this kind of activities with my two sons they are 19 and 24 but due to leukemia it makes it hard to do it but you certainly inspire me to realize these are the things that matter in life 100%. Keep up the fight, and one day, I will meet you guys in person!

  2. It’s great your taking young folks on such an adventure! Have you ever considered taking a few Seniors along for the ride? Some of us are running out of time to have such a great adventure.

  3. I LOVE your channel. Your family is inspiring. I sailed a good portion of my life, but just coastal sailing in Maine, Massachusetts, and NH. We sailed to Canada once, but that’s about the extent of longer treks. I joked with my family that I wish you had an old lady contest for sailing on Zatara! Lol. Anyway, I look forward to your new episode every week.

  4. It looks so fun. Here I am 61 years old. It's okay it is fun to watch all you kids have fun. It is beautiful were you are!!! Why are you not going to Dubai? I heard it was a really nice place to go. One thing, expensive!!!! Anyway you all have fun, fun, fun and I will see you next time. Thank you Renee for the great video.🏊🏄🍩🤽⛵⚓🇺🇸🕌 🙋💞✨✨

  5. Yup, love you guys, for the last two+ years, your family values brought sanity to my family.
    Given the last episodes,there is a sense of a tipping point; strategize and watch out for the upcoming and unavoidable rifts. Best of luck.

  6. WOW!!! What an adventure for all those kids. I would love to do this someday. I don't know squat about sailing, so I will rent an excursion someday 🙂
    Thanks, for the videos–Long time subscriber.

  7. Not sure of the timing of this entry to your videos, but I wish you and the family a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. I so appreciate you give me a break from my corporate perspective and remind me (and I'm sure others) that there is a big wonderful world out there.

  8. What’s your scope when you’re next to a reef like this??? Love Love your movies Keith & René, especially for keeping it real!!! May the Lord Continue to Bless You and Keep Y’all…

  9. Hey Zatara Crew! My wife and I frequently watch your channel and we really enjoy seeing what you post documenting your experiences out in the water. It’s a really good idea to invite the other kids out to have an experience most will never have. Hope they know how blessed they are. Be safe and God bless you guys. – Joshua and Bonnie Davidson in Tennessee.

  10. Great job to you all. Gotta also admire the fact that you’ve gone off the beaten track here, and are going to places that 95% of typical rounders don’t go. Very eye opening stuff to see what’s available in today’s Egypt, Saudi and Jordan. Thanks for sharing it all with us, as always 👍🏻⛵️👏🏻

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