„Living Off The Reef” este BullSh*t! | Pasul 328

„Living Off The Reef” este BullSh*t!  |  Pasul 328

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34 thoughts on “„Living Off The Reef” este BullSh*t! | Pasul 328

  1. We have been living and cruising on our yacht since 2007. My go to trawling rig is a large hand reel with 30m of Para cord, large bullet game swivel, 10m 200lb mono, large snap swivel then 2m mono or multi strand stainless wire to the lure. My favourite is the 7" slayer with an 8/0 hook. Forget about using a rod when trawling, you are not doing it for fun, but for food. Save the rods for at anchor and just skull drag them in with the hand line. Oh and some shock cord as well. The boat is on the hard at present in Greece. Roll on 2023.

  2. In the biggest catch port
    in the California state,
    and old fisherman taught be a trick
    that worked pretty great.

    Hang a heavy PLUMBERS WRENCH
    on some very strong line
    lowered to whatever depth you want.
    Go slow and it's fine.

    Attached to the wrench
    5 slipknots will do,
    is the 6 foot line to your hook
    on the pole's line back up to you.

    When a fish bites the line
    and pulls hard opening the knots
    the line breaks free from the wrench
    wind it in&see what you got!

    It's a "Poor Man's Down Rigger"
    and it worked well for me
    I caught 30 lb salmon
    at about 30 feet.

    Knowing the depth
    and the fish you want to reel
    is the key for that wrench
    hanging below your keel.

    The other mistake
    many people make
    is sailing too fast;
    drift slow&make no wake.

    The noise of boats scares them.
    And silence is a key.
    You'll be woke in a blink
    when your pole line breaks free.

  3. Btw, I think your propane is flat. Stale. Petrol does the same. Both have shelf life of 6 months… a genset would need to be refuelled at least twice a year (not topped up)….. Cruisers on YouTube faffing about with outboard motor carbies… but it's stale fuel that must now be flushed out of the entire system. Ahhh the joy of it all… a couple of architects and a sailboat named Uma as performance art. Fabulous.

  4. While you were talking about fishing is the best time to fish other than an hour before sun rise ! So you won't catch much unless you do ! Use a teaser 10 yards ahead of the luer ! A teaser is something that flops and splashes on top of the water !

  5. Hi Guys, interesting comments as regards fishing- do you think there is less fish in certain areas of the sea now ? I've read somewhere that the med is very much overfished and pollution in some areas is quite bad.

  6. Totaaly crazy fishing idea from my friend, who won some fishing competition with it: Just send the messege to the fish: "Anyone of you is tired of life, feels the karma of life is running out, and/or wishes to offer it's body as a contribution: here is my lure!"

  7. Hi both, I am following Project Atticus as well and they are in Majorca in their way to Malta to give birth there…I am wondering if you both Youtube channels meet and do a joint episode somewhere in he Med!

  8. I could be wrong but I never heard you mention bait, you know real food, you have plenty of hooks nothing on the end of it, sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, just a thought,

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