navigând în Torquay și Dartmouth

navigând în Torquay și Dartmouth

Ultimul videoclip de pilotaj din Marea Britanie prezintă facilitățile de la Torquay și River Dart


15 thoughts on “navigând în Torquay și Dartmouth

  1. Lovely video!

    Dartmouth is an absolute treasure trove; personally I have always found the guys on the Fuel Barge to be extremely friendly and helpful (but extremely intolerant of fools).

    The anchorage right outside Darthaven Marina offers good holding and the Council-funded water taxi is only £1 each way. Facilities are available ashore at the Dartmouth Yacht Club, and the town centre has a decent Coop (although the Lidl and fuel stations are a bus ride away up a steep hill).

    Noss Marina remains a "work in progress" and other than the fantastic cafe/fry-up van halfway up the hill, is a long way from anywhere; in contrast, further up the the river places such as Stoke Gabriel and Dittisham offer plentiful and easily usable anchorages/mooring buoys and reasonable shoreshide facilities. The further you venture up the river, the better it gets…

  2. Dart Harbour always has availability even during the regatta. Not always walk ashore but the water taxi is very cheap. I have never seen the point in paying more for the marinas. The yacht club is good for a shower and decent food. I am sorry you didn’t have a good experience to start with. I totally agree with the comments about fuel barges in. The area, I am usually on my own and they just stand and watch as you have to handle the lines yourself.

  3. Having been to both Brixham and Torquay the former is much more lively and interesting. Although Brixham is a bit of a ‘kiss-me-quick’ holiday resort it has better facilities in the marina.

  4. Good to hear from you, Michael. I have no experience in the UK but I was thinking along the same lines when you mentioned your surprise with the fueling procedures. And you docked single-handedly two other times and there was no one alert enough to take your line. Anyway, well done by you!

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