Navigație de noapte SUREALĂ către SUEDIA [S5E9]

Navigație de noapte SUREALĂ către SUEDIA [S5E9]

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31 thoughts on “Navigație de noapte SUREALĂ către SUEDIA [S5E9]

  1. It’s so interesting to hear someone describe the only anchoring technique I’ve ever used in my life (in Swedish we just call it “natural harbor”) as something exotic! I can’t wait to see you explore my home!

  2. I love that your first Swedish harbour was Lerkil, home harbour to me and my International Folkboat or IF as we say in Sweden 😃 And I love following your sailing adventures👍🏻

  3. The weaving of a beautiful story for this over night 🌙 sail ⛵️ ❤️ Maya you have an elegant sweetness of a lyricalness that is complimented by the films and relayed just as lovely as your playing of your violin 🎻 EPIC

  4. Was that Sibelius? If so, wrong Nordic Country! Grieg would have been a little closer (Norway was part of Sweden in his lifetime). Abba might have been more appropriate. Either way, love your videos and travels

  5. First snow today (saturday) so spent a nice 20 minutes watching this lovely video. Eagerly already waiting for next summer, winter never was my favourite time of year. Magic videos from magic carpet, thank you so much for making these for us to enjoy. 🙂

  6. Love following your adventures.. Maya're last descriptive phrase blew me away.. "The ethereal filtered light shining down on the freshly laundered world." WOW !! 👌

  7. Please tell Annika that getting seasick is normal for some of us: At different times in my 22-year career in the U.S. Navy, I got seasick EVERY time I served aboard a different platform (vessel type); it had something to do with "platform harmonics" and my body's adjustment to them, and it (seasickness) only lasted 24 hours. BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed your video, as always. 🙂

  8. Hello, I just want to thank you guys for introducung me to Kirsten in the GGR2022 race. I have been following her with great interest. So amazing to watch and hear about her extraordinary sailing in the rescue of fellow competitor Tapio when his boat sank. She is not only a very skillful sailer, but also such a positive person.

  9. Beautiful video as per usual! The section with the night sailing and the summer rainstorm were both wonderful. This may be a dumb question, but I have to ask – Are Aladino and Luka actually twins? Or is that just a running gag? Wither way great episode and fair winds!

  10. Just a simply beautiful video! From hitting your weather window perfectly to tying up in one of the most beautiful places, it was all good! Excellent editing, music, etc as usual. Enjoy Sweden!

  11. I find myself yawning, not because this video is in any way boring. To the contrary, it is so beautifully filmed, edited, and masterfully narrated that it has taken me away from the world troubles of the day. Soooo relaxing with the lovely background music…my shoulders soften and I am sailing away with you. Thank you again for such a classy video of your adventures.

  12. cross-over viewer. big fan of Kerstin and her CG. Kerstin did some amazing sailing in the past 24hr to rescue another sailor after his yacht sank. I enjoy your channel…but do look forward to more work on your CG

  13. I love watching your chanel! The visuals, the music, the sailing tutorials… a wonderful mixture! I am slowly learning how to sail and am looking forward to my first trip to Scandinavia (perhaps to buy a boat there and sail back to Holland) and your vidoes are a great inspiration to me. Thanks you so much and continue the good work! I do have a slightly odd question though… There is a bit of classical music in this video. Is it from von Weber's 'Der Freischütz'?

  14. I suddenly realized why I enjoyed your adventure so much because many years ago I sailed with a friend who owned a Vindo 40. The pictures of Magic Carpet brought back so many happy memories.

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