Tur de dezvăluire a bărcii + VESTI MARE

Tur de dezvăluire a bărcii + VESTI MARE

După 2 ani, suntem gata să vă arătăm barca și să vă dezvăluim noul plan: Galapagos, Insula Paștelui, Patagonia, CAPE HORN, ANTARCTICA, Insulele Falklen, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Surinam, Barbedos, Bermuda.. .. Lista de lucruri, oameni buni. Rezervați o excursie: https://www.sailingzingaro.com Lista de dorințe Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3ACPGOVCQ5KDA?ref_=wl_share Cumpărați-ne o plută de salvare: https://www.paypal. me/svzingaro Suport video: https://www.patreon.com/svzingaro T-shirts: https://www.bonfire.com/store/zingaro


36 thoughts on “Tur de dezvăluire a bărcii + VESTI MARE

  1. For heads, I LOVED my La Vacs manual heads. I fit them in 3 different cruising boats that I have had. They are as maintenance free and bullet proof as you can get. When in the E Caribbean and Panama, we were in the crewed charter business with our boats for over 15 yrs. You couldn’t kill them!!! And because they move a very good volume of sea water through them, you never had that buildup in in thee system or plumbing, and no “head” smell. Because they work with a Henderson 25 bilge pump they rapidly move volumes of water. And because its a diaphragm bilge pump it more lots of “stuff”. I have even had it pass tampons and Bounty paper towels! If they do get clogged, which is rare, it’s super simple to pull off the cap of the pump for quick full access
    I have had them as long as 8 yrs without touching them for a rebuild. And I never had to replace a seat seal. They are just super simple. No move parts except for the diaphragm on the Henderson bilge pump. Where in charter, you just never know what people are going to put in the head regardless of what you say or write. I loved these heads. And the 8 yrs I mentioned was just because I sold the boat. Just thought that would give you a HEADS UP on this. No pun intended. Wow. Where did you have the new teak and white oak done. Absolutly beautiful!

  2. Ah yes, the beautiful Ana. I have missed the wonderful giggle that comes with her. The captains log was stellar. My guess is through the canal and going west to east starts with not having to fight the prevailing winds. I'll be along for the ride James, thanks for taking us with you. Stay safe.

  3. Good to see Anna again. Love the Tan . Inside looks beautiful. Gorgeous flooring, and nice new interior. The horn, Antarctica sounds awesome. Keep the boat. Just redone, like you said you know it in and out.
    Safe sailing

  4. I have to say, ALWAYS have Anna move your computer. Sure, watching all the new accoutrements fly past is nice but most of us would rather watch Anna the angel carry us all to better seating. Beautiful things are nice, beautiful women are better.

  5. Ha bro (James)
    Talkin New Zealand, wow,
    You gotta do better than the average cruiser and sail round the whole country (North & South Islands, Stewart Island, Marlbourgh Sounds etc) getting good weather windows can be time comsuming so give yourself oodles of time.
    You have a lot planed so it could be a while
    Love your videos
    Enjoy the new look oyster
    Far winds bro

  6. It just gets sadder, YTubers with their bullshit announcements. I forgive a couple of such BS vids, but then I'm out. All that time and effort to build your credibility, blown in a few minutes! Don't listen to your ad guys and managers. YT is now like commercial TV, and who still watches that?

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