315.000 USD BLUEWATER SAILBOAT – DUȚI ORIUNDE!! Navigație cu mâna scurtă Little Harbour 42 – EP 119

315.000 USD BLUEWATER SAILBOAT - DUȚI ORIUNDE!!  Navigație cu mâna scurtă Little Harbour 42 - EP 119

Săptămâna aceasta avem de vânzare o barcă cu pânze Bluewater Little Harbour 42, proiectată de Ted Hood. Această barcă cu pânze cu apă albastră a fost echipată pentru navigație cu mâna scurtă și are zeci de detalii atente care indică experiența de curse offshore a lui Ted Hood. Potrivirea/finisajul/estetica acestei barci cu pânze de vânzare este pur și simplu încântătoare. Rețineți că acesta ar putea fi puțin mai scump decât unele dintre bărcile noastre obișnuite, dar chiar dacă aceasta nu este ceașca dvs. de ceai… ați putea culege câteva detalii pe care le-ați putea adăuga la propriul vas mai puțin costisitor. ======= CAPT Q MERCH ===== https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaptainQYachtHunter ============== Sprijină-ne ====== ======== Vă place ceea ce facem și vreți să vă ajutați?? Deveniți sponsor Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Conectează-te cu noi ============== https:/ /www.instagram.com/captainqyachthunter/ https://www.facebook.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Interesat sa cumperi?? ===== Iată lista completă: https://www.yachtworld.com/yacht/1990-little-harbor-42-8551715/ ======== segmente ======= 00: 00-01:53 Introducere și fundal 01:54-06:00 Design carenă 06:01-13:01 Cabină și comenzi 13:02-17:20 Puntea din față 17:21-22:41 Cabină principală, bucătărie, motor, sfert dană 22:42-27:23 Nav, santine, cap, v-costă 27:24-29:21 Încheiere


44 thoughts on “315.000 USD BLUEWATER SAILBOAT – DUȚI ORIUNDE!! Navigație cu mâna scurtă Little Harbour 42 – EP 119

  1. A very, very nice boat. Although it's not expensive a boats go, it is certainly out of my price range. However, Christmas is coming Captain. Will it fit in my stocking?? Keep the good stuff coming guys.

  2. I just watched the 1997 Bruce Willis, Richard Gere movie "The Jakal" and he hid the 14mm heavy machine gun in the boom of the main sail furling mast rig on a Beneteau Oceanis 440, similar rig as this boat, and was still able to sail it single handed. I would think it would interfere with the sail operation. If I am right I learned it on your channel. Great boat and tour as always. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. This is a beautiful yacht. These Little Harbors strike me as being on par with Morris and Hinckley.

    How concerned should one be over the skeg hung rudder if going offshore? I think I'd at least want an easily implemented emergency rudder system. Maybe some pintles pre-mounted on the stern to accept a rudder assembly? I think I'd want something like that even on a full keel boat. Better to have and not need than need and not have. 😒

  4. Thank you gentlemen for a totally enjoyable Thanksgiving evening. What a beautiful boat. I hope your Thanksgiving was full of good food, great family and many stories of life on beautiful boats.

  5. She is a near P.B., From the fit and finish to how well though out all the things you need as a single man sailor .I know you like For and aft seating in this case however i see an advantage .when you heel to port or starboard your not leaning to the side and you do have the bulk head and counter for bracing .The one and only thing i saw that i was disappointed in was the size of bed ,unless your a confirmed bachelor .but i offset this downgrade because of the opulence and cozy comfort of that cockpit .

  6. Oh sure ~. OK ~ I like the concept. A ~ "Stable Mate" ~ ??? ~. But Captain Q? ~. Isn't that an "equestrian" term? ~ Not a "nautical" term. ~ Seems to me. ~ So "right off the bat" (a baseball term) you've got me connected to two beautiful stallions in a stable on an Irish hillside. I'll tell ya. And all I intended to say was that I was off to the "Bodega" (convenience store term) to purchase "Lottery Tickets." Just never a dull moment for you guys. I'll tell ya. Thank you again for all that you do! ✨🙏✨

  7. 19:42 I really like the idea of the twist handles as opposed to recessed ring handles…having to take gloves off to open a door is a pain.
    20:39 I think out of 119 videos, that is the FIRST time a light has gone on when opening the fridge/freezer 🤣
    22:11 In Newfoundland, we still call wet weather gear oilskins, the word foulies is pretty much unheard of.
    Gorgeous interior, and a well maintained boat for sure, but I think she's pretty pricey overall, I can't see him getting $315k for it…though for someone with the money to spare it's almost a no-brainer. How much was she new, I wonder?

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