80.000 USD vs 120.000 USD Barcă cu pânze – Ep 206 – Lady K Sailing

80.000 USD vs 120.000 USD Barcă cu pânze - Ep 206 - Lady K Sailing

Astăzi, Tim vorbește despre cumpărarea unei bărci cu vele pentru 80.000 USD sau 120.000 USD și compară la ce vă puteți aștepta la fiecare punct de preț. Bărcile includ Duncan Sailboats, Catalina, Beneteau și Jeanneau Sailboats. Lady K Discord: https://discord.gg/as46DJpZ Ai nevoie de un consult? Faceți clic aici pentru a trimite un mesaj: https://ladyksailing.com/consults/ Vrei să ajuți să sprijiniți Lady K Sailing? Faceți clic aici pentru a deveni Patron: http://www.patreon.com/ladyksailing Sau aici pentru a face o donație unică: http://www.ladyksailing.com/team-k Urmărește-l pe Lady K pe Facebook: https:// www.facebook.com/ladyksailing sau Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ladyksailing/


31 thoughts on “80.000 USD vs 120.000 USD Barcă cu pânze – Ep 206 – Lady K Sailing

  1. This week we're talking about the difference between buying a sailboat for $80,000 US dollars vs a sailboat for $120,000 and looking at what each budget gets you in both production style sailboats and full keel blue water sailboats.

  2. I presently have a 32 Hunter visions, a bleach bottle boat with an awesome sugar scoop and walk through transom! I have enjoyed it immensely, and I agree with the easy accessibility, even on and off of the dock! I am presently dreaming of 1981 Lord Nelson 41, all number 4 and here on lake Erie. Totally opposite boats from one extreme to the other.

  3. I'm getting a wee bit tired of the 'blue-water-full-keel-heavy-weight' vs. 'Island-hopping-production-boat'. Here in Europe the boats are getting lighter. Think Pogo etc… Even new Hallberg-Rassys are not what they used to be. The thing is that time has moved on. Materials are better, resins are better and desing tools are WAY better now. It seems to me that it's just the land of inches and feet who still thinks you need a slow boat with a full keel that can't really go upwind to cross oceans. You don't. People have been going around the planet on water with 'production boats' for ages.

  4. i am quite certain that the Duncan Marine Garden 46 is a Bill Garden design. A west coast designer world renknowned for these types of boats. Last I heard he was living on an island near Sidney BC but died a few years back. Stunning boat and design. He was a character as well 🙂

  5. I was leaning heavily in favor Of a tartan, but noooo, you have me back in the Catalina camp. Those mark 11’s are beautiful heavy cruisers. Thanks again for your information!

  6. Really dig your reviews. Fixed that I was unsubscribed. Hey can I ask you revisit this in a month – desperate sellers could really change the market.

  7. Just want to thank you for taking the time to research and deliver some great info to us. I always look forward to your next video. Great way to pass the time until Toronto boat show and eventual launch in April. Ontario winters are tough and long. ❤

  8. I would not own a Beneteau under any circumstances. It is a day sailor, no matter what length. If you are a stock broker banker or equivalent, with clients who know nothing about sailing, this is the boat for you. Get some dockside catering and invite them over for a dinner on board. It is comfortable and impressive at the dock. If anyone asks where the traveler is, tell him it's on vacation and will be back after they leave the boat.

  9. Great episode
    To answer your question 80-120k, I'm partial to the corbin 39. Probably spend a bit more to get one that is finished nicely. Just love that boat.

  10. Pullman 2 cabin C42 Mk II…check please!

    You’ll love the fwd head with a great shower/wet locker. You’ll bang your own head on the ceiling as you grab stuff from the garage. 😱 but you’ll love the 20kWh of LFP you keep in there powering 2 inverter chargers so you can sleep with aircon all night and not have to deal with a genset.

    Is it perfect? Nope. But every trade off is justified. No two C42s are the same. Each boat has been upgraded/modified over the years. It’s a great platform for anyone to make his/her own “dream boat.”

    Nice find on the Brewer. Never heard of the Duncan.

    Not a fan of the Bene or Jeanneau. The older ones seem to be more….classy than the last decade or so.

    Another great video

  11. I’ve been thinking of an Amel Sentorin but I’m wondering if the center cockpit while fantastic at sea weather you loose something from the open rear cockpit for sitting in the sun ?

    I’d be interested in what others think on that .

    And the galley on the Amel is small.

    I really like the last two boats here .

  12. I really like your reviews however one of the things I haven't seen you address is replacement of standing rigging. Would be interested in your thoughts on this. In most of the yacht world ads you hardly ever see a mention of standing rigging age even on 20 plus year old boats. Shouldn't this be an important factor in pricing when looking at older boats ?

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