AM PIERDUT ALTUL! 😭 Ultima navigare cu echipajul nostru de la Marea Roșie (Ep 219)

AM PIERDUT ALTUL!  😭 Ultima navigare cu echipajul nostru de la Marea Roșie (Ep 219)

În timp ce ne continuăm aventura în Marea Roșie, ne gândim la sfârșitul timpului oaspeților noștri aici pe Zatara, în timp ce navigăm pe Golful Aqaba până în Iordania și suntem întâmpinați de oamenii amabili de la Ayla Marina: https://www. Vă mulțumim pentru acordare în această săptămână! Toate episoadele emisiunii noastre sunt create exclusiv de mine, Keith și copii. De asemenea, puteți urmări călătoria noastră pe Facebook și Instagram sau, dacă doriți să susțineți eforturile noastre de realizare a videoclipurilor, iată câteva modalități prin care puteți împărtăși dragostea: ❤️ — DEVENI MEMBRU AL Z-CREW! —CUMPĂRĂ UN BILET LA SHOW! –LUAȚI NIște MARFĂ sau ECHIPAMENTE DE BARCĂ: –CE CAMERE UTILIZAM? Găsiți toate echipamentele mele preferate de filmare aici: Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew ___________________________________________ Muzică în acest videoclip: Melodia noastră tematică: Float Away de Grabbitz furnizată de Monstercat: Găsiți-o aici: v=bzuSHCFQD7c Această muzică oferită de Epidemic Sound Love From The Heart de Ali Shaker Goodknight de Guustavv Ghaith de Ali Sabah Done Deal No? de Harry Edvino Moment de Jones Meadow Călătorie prin deșert de Trace Way Wonky Wayne de Eoin Mantell #redsea


45 thoughts on “AM PIERDUT ALTUL! 😭 Ultima navigare cu echipajul nostru de la Marea Roșie (Ep 219)

  1. IWhy would it matter if it’s a sailing yacht or a catamaran carrying life rafts or not? Catamarans can just as easily catch fire.
    Please store it on deck.. you don’t know where the fire will start so a locker isn’t ideal.
    I’ve owned both motor boats and sailing yachts and it’s the same requirement. A life raft big enough for people onboard, EPIRBS, PFDs for everyone onboard.

    Never heard of catamarans being exempt from this international law. All boats can catch in fire or hit rocks so you must abandon ship.
    Regardless, you should always have one onboard and have it on deck somewhere, not in locker (again, who knows where the fire starts). Must be very easily accessible along with EPIRBS.

    I was boarded in Australia where they checked all,safety gear. I always stay opus to date for safety reasons but i know you can be fined heavily if it has expired or if you don’t have enough PFDs.

    Take care and stay safe

  2. Yes, you need a life raft I saw one that got split in half, they were using ropes to hold it together till it got to port., not sure why it was split, lightning or something like that. also i would think fires would also be an issue.

  3. Can you please ask Jack what type of sunnies (sun glasses) he's wearing on the mini bus? I think I want a pair! Thanks heaps and enjoy your sailing.. 🙂

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Love your adventures! If you ever decide to take on a family of three with a 16 year old daughter. Maybe a summer thing, just a thought. Happy and safe travels! ❤️🎣🙏🏻

  5. So hoist up the Zatara sail,

    See how the mainsail sets,

    Call for the captain ashore,

    Let me go home,

    Let me go home,

    I wanna go home, yeah yeah.

    Well I feel so broke up,

    I wanna go home.

  6. Where did Bella get her hat? I have a daughter who I think would love something like that. Love watching you guys and all of your adventures. Keep it up and stay safe out there.

  7. Awesome absolutely loved this episode great to see the kids making really good friends the whole experience has been great for them well done Keith and Renae 😊😀😀😀

  8. Life raft is necessary. Especially when cruising across oceans. I'd say that it's important when any rescue attempts are hundreds of miles away or further. There was a youtuber that sank his catamaran and there is always the story and book Black Wave. That one will getcha. Also, ya gotta get those kids doing the "Water World" leap off the bow. Life changing.

  9. Since you asked. I was on a sailboat in the Pacific. The rain was going SIDEWAYS!! Waves larger than Homes!! We were looking UP to see the waves crest!!!!!! The liferaft was WORTHLESS. When she goes down. Say hi to God to make Heaven. It happens quick!

  10. As a 23 year old that has been through the "normal" trials of life with getting my college education I'd love to experience this and have always wanted to despite my fear of big open bodies of water. This is a blissful experience and culturally enlightening time that not many get to engage or even comprehend. Keep doing your thing, you entertain even the fast paced college kids.

  11. In the US I do not believe you require a life raft as you are not a commercial vessel. I do think it’s a good idea and you should keep it somewhere more easily deployed. While the cat might still float when it turtles, what are ya gonna do if there is a catastrophic fire in the blue water ?

  12. Keith and family,
    I've enjoyed your videos since the beginning!!

    I binge watch every single one over and over, including Teen Yacht Tuesday!
    (I NEED MORE!)
    I love your kids with their sense of adventure, learning, and awesome humor!

    Your entire clan are fantastic to host these wonderful kids!

    I'm glad you had a blast in Jordan and Israel.
    Petra, Jerusalem, and spending the night in Wadi were beautiful.
    I have relatives that live in both countries.
    The people are absolutely wonderful.

    I'm blessed to say I was finally able to take my wife
    (as well as our 2 grown daughters) on our official 1st honeymoon in 2018,
    after 28 yrs of marriage before she sadly passed from cancer in 2021.😥🙏🏼

    Please live life everyday as if its your last.

    May God bless you all,
    and be safe in all your beautiful adventures!

    Praying to see you out on the water someday.
    You have made me miss the ocean once again,
    just like when I was a kid, and my time in the USN in the 80s.
    'Float Away'

  13. YES! you need a life raft two reasons you did not mention
    Another is if you were RUN over by a ship and your vessel is broken apart. Yes most cats stay semi-submerged.
    I could go on Capt.Syd
    Wish your the best of weather on crossings to come.

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