Probleme de motor din nou WHS E104

Probleme de motor din nou WHS E104

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49 thoughts on “Probleme de motor din nou WHS E104

  1. First time viewer here.
    I was only 22 seconds into this video when I seen those "dreaded by all Captains" yellow bastards hanging there so nicely.
    Bananas on a boat!!!
    Scary shit here. I must leave before the curse of the yellow bastards hits me and I get into a accident on my way to work.

  2. I enjoy your videos. I went back and watched all of them, in order, until I ran out of them. Now, instead of being able to watch them at my pace, I have to wait until you post a new video (thanks Tish!) Still, I look forward to the next one. You are very brave, and capable.

  3. Another great video Holly! The glow plug, a simple fix! We have to use it most of the time here in Canada! Life is a learning experience! It's windy and snowing here, on the east coast of Canada! Burrrr!!
    Safe travels!

  4. you are a really good and able sailor but you are turning into a bit of a liability and danger to yourself and your friends. Not really good as a long term strategy. Suggest a bit of a rethink.

  5. That’s hilarious about you not knowing about the glow plug! They’re with all Diesel engines that I’ve ever seen, I ran barrels most of my life and I had a Ford truck that had a International Diesel Engine in it and I would have to “wait” on the glow plug or it wouldn’t start either. I assume it warms the engine but it was the only one I ever had and I thought the transmission was too weak, so….. it was my last, although diesel was much cheaper than gas was then ! I’ve learned so many things from your adventures and have always thought you could “think” your way out of any situation that didn’t have “working parts” & fix anything that did, so far you have!!

  6. Quite simply you are one of the best sailing channels ever.
    So so impressed and we love your videography and your narration. Thank you so much for taking us to amazing southseas Islands most of us will never go to 🌸🐬🌞💗🏆

  7. My diesel is like that needing the glowplug but not so much temperature related but rather use related so if I am out even if very cold it won't need glowplug at all except for first time leave it for a day or two same but a week or more and you will definitely need the glowplug I suspect it's a moisture humidly thing as much as anything but I use it mostly as it saves wear on the starter.

  8. My 24' can be rowed…and us outboard powered despite the full keel..probably couldn't row against wind or current…but all part of sailing to wait for conditions…as it's my first boat I didn't want to have to learn marine inboard mechanics while learning sailing…as I don't have friends or family to assist in any of the proces33s. As a former offshore employee on ships I know enough about diesel engines to operate it just didn't want the added costs of engine overhaul at the same time as refurbishment of an older sailboat…which is so overbuilt it's not a worry and an 8hl mercury that's much more modern….
    I hope to find a steel boat that's full keel and 30' or under eventually to make home (with small welding machine inboard for repairs and projects ) and rig up an electric motor with heavy duty diesel generator instead of traditional inboard..
    Yeah, I think there may have been some ajr in your lines and worked out before notice

  9. Walk me in the morning sun, Tell me I'm the Lucky one, ridin on an ocean that I could be brave, Is there anything good on the radio, turn it up loud and let me know Who sings this song???

  10. Great video. Glo-plugs? Didn't know they put them in on engines that small. If you can hand crank, it's no bigger than two cylinders. Awesome rescue. Great village and people. I have traveled many countries and places like that, and really puts in perspective how friendly people are, while appearing to have nothing to western civilizations, they actually have everything they need to live a peaceful life. Fair winds.

  11. when i hear the engine sound i think the injektorpressure or one injektor is wrong. you dont must buy a new injektor, very expensive, its enough to change the injekting elements only. and mostly you must not adjust the pressure.

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