170.000 USD Barcă cu pânze – Episodul 207 – Lady K Sailing

170.000 USD Barcă cu pânze - Episodul 207 - Lady K Sailing

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30 thoughts on “170.000 USD Barcă cu pânze – Episodul 207 – Lady K Sailing

  1. The price point episodes are great but toss in the other type of videos. I like when you show how to fix something or do an upgrade. I have a tartan 34c. Go S and S.

  2. Here's a possible video topic: If you spend X on a boat: What improvements, fixes, replacements will you need to do and spend to bring it up to 'standard?' And that 'standard' can be: weekend sail-er, a coastal (& Caribbean) cruiser, cross oceans. Even new boats need things. I'll bet there are some terrific $30k boats being offered for $50k that probably only need $5k work, while similar boats selling for $30k need $10 to 20k (I'm sure unless you just let the boat yard do it all you're going to save money with the cheaper boat. For the record I've got a $170k Hunter 45' with all the extras, watermaker, Hydrovane, etc…without hesitation, I passed on a $130k 45 footer. )
    Is a B&R rig really that limited downwind? What I've noticed is that no one really likes to go straight down wind, Wing on wing seems to be a pain. Admittedly, I don't have that much experience, but I do have a B&R rig! and man that in mast furling sure makes life easy. And if the Selden and B&R don't sail as well as…. my 45' seems to make up for it. Ten days ago I annoyed my instructor, when we happened to be the only two boats off the coast at the same time. I didn't see much of his 38 footer and then not for long.)
    And yep the Selden really does make handling the main a lot easier. The real kicker is a power winch. I first thought, 'only one?' but I can run everything off of it and I do. Trying to unfurl/furl the main or even the jib by hand takes a long long time. So anyone who learns on a 22' then charters a 28 footer and thinks this is more work; then when they charter a 32 and it seems to be even more work? Just save up for a power winch.
    Key to livability is not just the saloon space and all those pretty couches, it's that there are at least two completely separate spaces onboard – so you can get away from each other. (I was once sent on a long trip so my partner could see what it was like without me. Apparently it was good. But generally the problem may not be the other person (after all you did become a couple), it's the other person ALL the time. So bigger boats are not only faster they're more conducive to happiness at sea.)

  3. Funny you mentioned "comfort zone"….I know sailboats and where they go are pretty and thats about it; but something this big (imo) would suck the fun right out of the experience and make you a slave to your boat or pay people to slave for your boat and spend all your free time being a host…

  4. Hinkley boats, you talk about them. Why would you buy one like that ???? I wouldn't. I want a boat, that I can live in…. Looking forward to a boat at 180.000. Thanks for posting. See you next week…..

  5. What a wonderful selection on this episode. You sold me on the Swan…until I saw the Hinckley. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful boat. Thanks for the great content Tim, I look forward every week to your newest episode. I’ll be in the market soon for a new boat, I promise you’ll be the first person I call.

  6. That Hinckley gives me the impression she should be owned by someone who could afford a 300k boat but wants this classy style. Like a classic Mercedes from the '70-s – you must be wealthy enough to give her what she takes to really shine. And just like the old Mercedes, if the point is really to live on it and go to places, her disadvantages start to show more. She is a beautiful vacation boat, even if she was designed to sail you around the world. At least, that's how I would use her.

  7. These series are interesting but you are getting to or have arrived at the cost level beyond many viewers' means. Just fantasy for many. I have watched videos for years and truly enjoyed the Bahamas. Hope the future has some sailing adventures.

  8. My question to you is How Many Sea Miles have you sailed aboard a Swan 57 . ? As we have crossed paths before , I own a 71 ft ex Whitbread racer converted to cruising interior plus smaller vessels to 25 ft. I have 3 1/2 circumnavigation miles behind me and 4 Trans-Atlantics as I delivered vessels for a living in the years gone bye. I have come across Hunter . Columbia and many production boats all over the World you basically have condemned but they were there under there own keel . I sat in Micalvi Yacht club ( Chili) and interviewed the boat owners there Transiting Patagonia and AntArctic which produced a very outlook between budget strapped cruising to what I called Corporate cruising. During my Circumnavigations I found out 36-40 ft seemed to be the most popular size cruising vessels. Cutter rig was the preferred rig . Fiberglass was preferred followed by Aluminum then steel depending on cruising grounds. Displacement fluctuated on time , speed and comfort . Seaworthy designs took preference. . On many Swans , the galley is on the outboard of the galley which creates a drainage issue . The drain is Teed into the bilge outlet with a non return valve . Not good design ethics. Catalogue boats ( mainly French ) if sailing Internationally is an awesome concept when requiring parts etc depending on age of vessel. There are a lot of design features , characteristics , righting , performance features people should look at before purchasing any vessel.

  9. It's funny to hear how you talk about the Hinckley. I was once smitten by one for sale in my area but the ask was about 30K more than I wanted to pay. I considered making a lowball offer but didn't because I thought it would be rude and insulting to both the owner and the boat. She was too pretty to quibble over the price so I let her go.

  10. The Bermuda 40 is considered (by many, not all) the most beautiful production boat of all time. The grace of its sheer is unmistakeable and its performance in the cruiser/racer segment is undeniable. Unfortunately, for the crowd looking for livability on long passages, the B-40 just doesn't meet modern standards of interior layout and space utilization. The reason this boat doesn't sell for a heck of a lot more is because the primary demographic is the Yacht Club Captain that does not live aboard and wants a design with pedigree that can give a spirited performance in club racing or regattas while also being big enough to make the Newport to Bermuda trip.

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