Este ISRAEL sau PALESTINA? Explorând Orientul Mijlociu cu barca (Ep 221)

Este ISRAEL sau PALESTINA?  Explorând Orientul Mijlociu cu barca (Ep 221)

Ai nevoie de AC (sau încălzire) pe barca ta? Verificați CTM: Utilizați codul de reducere: zatara (toate litere mici) pentru 5% reducere! sau găsiți unitățile noastre specifice aici: Deci îi spuneți „Israel” sau îi spuneți „Palestina?” Contemplăm acest subiect fierbinte în timp ce continuăm aventura noastră la Marea Roșie, părăsind Aqaba, Iordania și trecând la Eilat, Israel pentru o săptămână de kite surfing, cumpărături și evitând furtunile cu fulgere! Mulțumim pentru acordare în această săptămână! Toate episoadele emisiunii noastre sunt create exclusiv de mine, Keith și copii. De asemenea, puteți urmări călătoria noastră pe Facebook și Instagram sau, dacă doriți să susțineți eforturile noastre de realizare a videoclipurilor, iată câteva modalități prin care puteți împărtăși dragostea: ❤️ — DEVENI MEMBRU AL Z-CREW! —CUMPĂRĂ UN BILET LA SHOW! –LUAȚI NIște MARFĂ sau ECHIPAMENTE DE BARCĂ: –CE CAMERE UTILIZAM? Găsiți toate echipamentele mele de filmare preferate aici: Folosesc Epidemic Sound pentru aproape toată muzica de pe canalul meu, iar tipii ăștia o omor!! Bibliotecă masivă și NU a avut NICIODATĂ probleme cu drepturile de autor! Înscrieți-vă pentru abonamentul YouTube PROBA GRATUITĂ DE 30 DE ZILE: (obțin câțiva dolari când o faceți, așa că încercați-l gratuit!) Această muzică oferită de Epidemic Sound http:/ / Dans pe o amintire de Hallman Just Friends de Alice Spence Atrasă de Cospe Happy Sailing! Renee & the Z-Crew ___________________________________________ 00:00 Navigați spre Israel 07:22 Israel vs Palestina Discuție 11:39 Cursa de zmee 13:25 Furtună și fulger 16:34 A/C pe o barcă #călătorie #redsea


40 thoughts on “Este ISRAEL sau PALESTINA? Explorând Orientul Mijlociu cu barca (Ep 221)

  1. Hey guys we do not have a “telegraph” account, please don’t respond to the spam replies. We don’t have any sort of contest going on nor are we giving away anything! We’re not that awesome. 😊

  2. To answer the question it is Palestine they are the indigenous people of that land. I would suggest you look up the atrocities the Israelis are committing against the Palestinian people and see how many kids are being killed just yesterday 16 year old 11th grade student Diaa Rimawi was killed as Israeli soldiers opened fire on him and his friends, Diaa was killed his friends were injured and are in hospital. This is just one of many hundred just this year alone. Keep safe in your journey Z crew x

  3. So ridiculous you feel you need to mention you're not racist when you mention black markets. Its part of why I'm working so hard towards my own dream of living and sailing the south pacific. I don't want to go anywhere cold though. And don't bother mentioning ethnicity and racism when you say things like "black market". You won't see this most likely but I feel better having said something regardless. Just do you. Karens gonna Karen. (At work, we call standard rebar "black bar" and don't plan to say it any other way cause its not relevant.)

  4. OMG. I started binge-watching your channel on November 8th, in one month, I've watched every video, all 234 of them. Keith, early on you questioned whether you were doing the right thing for your family. I believe that the book of your life is yours to write. You are giving your family the experiences they need to write an amazing life book!. So, heck yes, you did the right thing. Congrats!!!

  5. Was on an Air Force mission in Israel and had to fly into Cypress so the dirt from the wheels would not touch the runway in Syria. An extra couple of hours when we could have easily flown from Israel to Syria.

  6. I think it was a mistake to attempt to address the Israeli Palestinian situation at all in this episode. Unless you are well read on this issue it is advisable to stay well clear of it. In my experience Americans have little to no knowledge of the historical backgrounds there and shouldn’t even begin to address it.

  7. I love your videos so much❤
    I have a correction regarding Palestinians, yes there are 1.8 Mil. of them live inside Israel (but search "apartheid wall" to know why they don't consider themselves Israelis)
    The majority of Palestinians are living Gaza 1.8 Mil. and in West Bank 2.9 Mil.
    These areas are occupied by the Israeli army.
    They are NOT Israeli citizens and they have Palestinian passports
    So basically there are 6.5 Mil. Palestinians in israel and the occupied territory.
    Love ☮ Peace for all.

  8. Really enjoy your travels and you sharing your journeys. Just wanted to let you know if you have ever looked into pork and what they feed off of you might think differently. This goes along with how what they eat is absorbed into the skin which won't allow for the toxins to die no matter how high the heat is you cook it at. There's a very good reason G-d gave certain dietary laws. Like the clams that keep our oceans clean for another example. Worth taking a closer look at. Just because it taste good doesn't always mean it's good for you! 🤗

  9. Re Israel and Palestine. Look at a map of the area beginning in 1947 and showing the change in boundaries year by year up to today (there are animations on the internet). Now, think instead of looking at Palestine you're looking at that happening to Texas. What side of the golden rule are you on?

  10. The "history" lesson is soooo far off. Please research just a bit more. "Don't shoot the messanger" comments should read, "Don't be the messanger if you do not fully understant the total history". This coming from one who is not anywhere close to the middle east nor that continent, nor of that ethnicity. Otherwise, love your channel.

  11. I watch a couple of your episodes like 5 months ago and I really like them so I start watching everything from the beginning. It’s really inspiring what you guys are doing and the way that the whole family it’s involved it’s really something special.
    Keep up guys and God bless!!!

  12. I feel like this family should have millions of subscribers their content is so high quality it's amazing.. mean while there's youtubers making videos that they throw together in 5 minutes while sitting at their house who get millions.. not fair. We need to get zatara to a million!

  13. Obviously Keith has never read the Holy bible ! Check out the old testament Keith , you'll be less ignorant ! The Palestinian people are actually a nomadic tribe that squatted on Israeli land ! Read all the reasons the USA doesn't recognize Palestine as a state ! You are an American right Keith ? Maybe you would have a different point of view if you actually investigated the entire true story and had to duck from a few of the Palestinian attacks on Israel ! You almost sound as if you like the Palestinian Hamas terrorists that spread the lies ! Romans only knew the so called Palestinian people as a country less nomadic tribe ! Maybe antisemitism starts with your misinformation ! Israel predates Palestine by 1,000 years ! It truly is Israel's land from the beginning ! Now you know !

  14. Hilarious, I was in Israel about 20yrs ago and turned a bunch of people onto bacon. We came up with a bumper sticker that said “cool Jews eat bacon”
    I became known as bacon guy.

  15. Been watching you guys for more than a year with my son on his subscription but he isn't always present to see your new episodes on Thursday so I just had to subscribe to keep up to the minute on you guy's post each week. Don't tell my son! I'll just watch again with him. You guys are so awesome, love what you are doing and sharing.

  16. Well to the people saying it’s Israel not Palestine because Israeli people lived their before, then according to your logic the land of America must be given back to the native people of the land! And make them in control of the country and do what “Israel” is doing to Palestine 😅 what an awful way of twisting values and facts just to justify what happened to Palestine

  17. Palestine has generally been referred to as the region which encompasses Israel, the west bank, and Gaza. When Israel was initially recognized as a state in 1948 the British had also set aside land for an Arab state in the region which would just be called Palestine. Palestine was immediately occupied by hostile neighbors in the region in order to quickly eliminate Israel, but Israel ended up defeating its enemies. Today, many UN resolutions later, Palestine refers to the Palestinian authority in the West bank, which is a semi autonomous state which falls under the two states which make up Israel. Some will say that it also refers to Gaza but this is false, Gaza is actually run by a terrorist organization known as Hamas. I highly recommend that you avoid calling Israeli territory Palestinian or vise versa to avoid confusion. I would even go another step to refer to each region outside of what is commonly considered as Israel by the region name, Ie, instead of saying you are going to Palestine, I would recommend saying you are going to the West bank. I would conflate this telling someone you are going to China, but you end up going to Taiwan. You are only wrong depending on who you ask.

  18. I think its great to show ya working on the boat… give insight of what boat life really is.. not all play. I appreciate that you guys always respect the countires you visit, rather its by going the extra 5hr trip, flag, wearing coverings, or just what to call it. 😀
    I started watching this channel when i was going through the toughest 3yrs of my life (living with my inlaws), you guys always made my days much better n made me daydream while i was doing "chores". Thank You! 😀

  19. Don't understand why you would want to eat unclean pig products…. Pigs are cleaners and they are NOT food… Curses and Sickness comes from eating it.
    Leviticus 11…

    Said out of CARE, not hate ❤️

  20. I don’t think there was a need to put in the fact your not racist lol idc but someone’s gunna just for the future don’t talk bout it or like that cuz someone’s gunna mad or sum and try and cancel y’all, personally I love y’all and don’t care but I wanna see y’all keep on going 8:31

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