CONSTRUIȚI sau CUMPĂRĂ-M CATAMARANUL DE VIS?! – Verificarea realității catamaranului Wharram | Sălbatic Sailing

CONSTRUIȚI sau CUMPĂRĂ-M CATAMARANUL DE VIS?!  - Verificarea realității catamaranului Wharram |  Sălbatic Sailing

În acest videoclip, vizitez James Wharram Designs din Cornwall și vorbesc cu Hanneke Boon despre planurile mele de a construi sau cumpăra barca visată pentru a naviga în jurul lumii. Instagramul meu: @boat.fella Facebook:… Întrebări de afaceri: Bărci frumoase, trimiteți aici: Vă mulțumim foarte mult celor incredibil de oameni generoși care folosesc linkurile de mai jos PayPal: Ko-fi:


41 thoughts on “CONSTRUIȚI sau CUMPĂRĂ-M CATAMARANUL DE VIS?! – Verificarea realității catamaranului Wharram | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. Hi Everyone! Sorry about the looped bit at the end of the video, I must have accidentally re-pasted the clip just before exporting! All supporters names are in the second loop 😅 stay tuned because I have a ridiculous adventure coming up which I can’t wait to share with you.

  2. If you purchase a wharram in Costa Rica ima shit your trousers. So rad bro!!!!!! Either way ill always have a cabin open for you in the pacific north west! Say when, there will be loads of killer Whales waiting to meet you.

  3. The thing is: IF building is an option, one of James' and Hanneke's Catamaran designs would probably be the safest-to-finish and also a quite fast-to-build boat You could realize in a seaworthy quality as an amateur willing to understand the philosophy underlaying their boats (which is seen as "not seaworthy" by principle when You ask the wrong kinda people anyway) and the ply-fillet method to build.
    It is, even with prices for materials like Epo and good marine spec ply exploding, still an economic way to come to a quality build, once You really put in the effort and do not count in Your labour with employer's rates. It still is a huge task, while getting a derelict boat back in shape is, too.
    Plus You have to find ways to de-build what You gotta rebuild without losing all what You wanted to keep in the first place (beginning with the form ….), and all that possibly in a nook of the globe where supplies and quality third party support are not readily available, at all. Getting a preloved Wharram often lets You with the build of another amateur – a possible tremendously huge problem making building Yourself even more desirable – Hanneke did mention that thoroughly.
    Gettin' out on the water asap ain't what You get building though, and I personally would recommend to get a boat and go sailing before getting into a build any day.
    As a sea-gypsy You do not sail competitively and can choose Your weather windows wisely, You do not need to have a boat always suited for the roaring fourties or the screaming fifties even, and the right seamanship gets You through three nasty days on a plywood leisure daysailer better than being a noob on a steely Colin Archer.
    Congrats to having met Hanneke and thanks for sharing.

  4. The Wharram's are out of the South Pacific. Something to consider in northern climes. Since you are a multihull fan, consider a Heavenly Twins 26, several on sale locally in Yachtworld, reportedly seaworthy and inexpensive. For ocean sailing and similar price, I would like something like an Alberg 37 or similar British boat. A Wharram in aluminum would be interesting. Larry Pardey: go small, simple, now. Good luck and Happy Holidays in Costa Rica.

  5. Go for it mate, will you be looking for a new lady companion for the next chapter, and lastly we all so glad you kept the little man, as we say from the blue half of our city KRO, you know it makes sense 😀

  6. What does a Warram use for motive power when entering port for supplies, repairs, emergencies etc.? Is there an outboard mounting position?. I note that you sat in the helm position on that boat & I could see how exposed it was. This would not be good in bright sun or heavy rain & spray. You did not ask about protection of the helmsman for long periods.
    I would also be interested in how you would sort self steering. You will need some sort of wind powered self steering as you will not have an inboard engine for generating electric. Will you use a wind or towed generator, or will you mount solar cells somewhere for Nav lights & electronic navigation & your computers.

  7. Hey Mark, i have watched u and your Journeys for long time now, But it seems to be much better now, Its nice to start your new adventures with u Mate, Best of luck j to come

  8. you should build one! you can do it! I just saw the Wharram 24 cnc cut kit is just over 12k, including sails etc – what a bargain! go for it- the whole sailing world would love to see video's of you and your Dad building one!

  9. This must be the best Wildlings video so far. So much nice history. It was just so good to hear about the Wharram boats. And many many thanks to Hanneke Boon for the tour around the workshop. This video score a 10 out of 10. Thanks so much.

  10. Hi, also, do not let a immaculate shiny smooth boat draw you in to thinking,it must be well built. Check out parlay revival. For example check for cracks between the hulls. I hope this will help. Ps such a nice knowledgeable lady. Always great to hear such a person pass on knowledge. Good luck. Look forward to your next video.

  11. Amazing video Mark, well done. I really think a Wharram would suit you well, and the history behind them also suits you. Cornwall is a fantastic place and you would do well to move down there and embrace their positivity!!! Its like a different country down there.

  12. Build in steel… a large steel catamaran in the Wharram style ith flexible cross beams but updated materials. Easy to weld and not so heavy as you think. Ask Elon Musk. He went from carbon to steel in the blink of an eye. Junk rig(s).

  13. Further… Build in India or Chittagong in Bngladesh. This is where you will find cheap fittings and fixtures, winches, hatches etc. But make sure you enclose plenty of foam so the craft is unsinkable. Then you don't need a liferaft.

  14. You didn't learn your lesson on the last catamaran you had. There's something about them that just don't jive with me. You do better putting sailes on a big barge. But I guess you got to learn it the hard way. Maybe you should ask the dog and ask him what he wants. He'll probably say a good sound mono hull

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