De la lansarea Old School Runescape, nu a existat niciodată o nouă abilitate. Jagex a anunțat ieri, în timpul summitului lor de iarnă, că vor efectua sondaje pentru a evalua interesul comunității dacă doresc o nouă abilitate. Cred că navigația ar fi cea mai bună abilitate pentru OSRS datorită factorului său de nostalgie și pentru că cred că este abilitatea care reprezintă cu adevărat comunitatea. Surse/referințe: -2007scape referendum: -Sailing April Fools: skill-is-out-today?oldschool=1 -Sondaj de navigație: -Videoclip oficial de navigare: /watch?v=rTRheCLQ6kg -Videoclipul lui B0aty: -OSRS April Fools 2014 -Istoria navigației în OSRS https :// -Istoria navigației în Runescape -Hunter și Summoning leaks: -Tipit forum https :// -Scurgeri de navigație Cântec folosit: OSRS Music – Sea Shanty 2 ▶ Canal Irl: https:// ▶ Twitch: ▶ Discord: ▶ Twitter: https:// Joacă Oldschool Runescape aici:


20 thoughts on “Navigație.

  1. Exploration, adventuring, etc. what would be the best name if a skill like this was implemented?

    The consensus seems the toughest part about this being a skill is discerning it from a minigame. A big factor is how xp would be gained. Otherwise it would just be like a combination of slayer + artisan. Slayer if you gained new skill xp by exploring island dungeons to take on new mobs and bosses. And artisan if you gained new skill xp by doing tasks on islands that involved other skills such as woodcutting, hunter, mining, etc.

    How do you think xp should be gained that would differentiate it from a minigame, if this was proposed as a new skill?

  2. Sailing would be so cool, it could be like construction where you can upgrade different sections of the boat. You could have it so people can visit your boat like your house. You could fast travel to different ports and add it a ton of new quests. You can slow travel by the ship and add a ton of new mini games. You can expand fishing in the oceans, do more diving. Have tons of new quests and sailing mini events where you get stranded on evil bob's island. There could be sailing pvp mini games. Underwater enemies to train on. A whole new underwater area. You could expand on many skills through sailing and even have new water crab armor sets etc. Underwater agility courses. Anchoring your ship in the ocean. New bosses. It's pure genius

  3. I hate to say it, but I would vote no on your idea. I don't want a skill that's actually just a mini game. I would vote no on dungeoneering too. I really want a new skill, but this it not it.

  4. Tell me what the skill will be. Incredibly annoying they give us a "voice" but no say in what it is.
    Jagex: Hey do you want a thing?
    Me: Well what is it?
    Jagex: I dont fucking know.

  5. I want to go for a new skill in Animal Husbandry. I know RS3 did it a little bit but it's nowhere near as fleshed out as it could be. But then the idea of sailing being a half PVP skill sounds AMZING.

  6. Sailing is another "teleport" method in an already confusing matrix of teleport options. Every benefit people use to justify why it would be awesome could easily be accomplished with another teleport method; hot-air balloons, for example. What people like about sailing is where it can take the player and the various activities hosted on the "islands". Sailing would likely devolve into a "slow teleport" with a timed minigame where you try to keep your ship alive. (Remember taking the boat to the final boss in Dragon Slayer II?) You get to some small island that you'll see copy pasted a thousand times while leveling to 99, probably fetch some item, and do the sailing minigame again on the way back, repeat. The "perk" of the skill would probably be new fast travel points to annoying to get to locations, like hot-air balloons or agility shortcuts. I think we can do better, don't settle on sailing.

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