Tot singur pe barca cu pânze; Warren pleacă din VA | Episodul 182

Tot singur pe barca cu pânze;  Warren pleacă din VA |  Episodul 182

În acest episod, Warren o părăsește pe Erica. Ei bine, sper doar pentru o săptămână. Warren zboară înapoi în SUA pentru a-și rezolva cererea de viză de lungă ședere pentru Polinezia Franceză, în timp ce Erica este singură pe barcă pentru prima dată… oh, cum se va descurca? Primim și baterii noi-nouțe și de data aceasta am mers Lithium Ion baby! Suntem foarte încântați și mândri să facem parteneriat cu @RELiONBattery. Alăturați-vă nouă în acest episod în care spunem cumpărați la revedere Warren și salut bateriile RELiON. Alăturați-vă nouă în aventurile noastre de navigație prin Oceanul Pacific! Vă mulțumim că urmăriți aventurile WE! Partenerul nostru Sail @PrecisionSailLoftVictoria – Melodiile prezentate în acest episod provin de la @epidemicsound Vrei muzică fără drepturi de autor, dă clic pe linkul de mai jos!!! Vrei ceva WE|Sail Merch??? Consultați WE|Sail $WAG $TORE Obțineți 20% REDUCERE LA ÎNTREAGĂ Achiziție folosind codul: WEYOUTUBER Vă mulțumim pentru vizionare și NU UITAȚI SĂ ABONAȚI!!!! Gândiți-vă la a DEVENI UNUL DINTRE PATREONII NOȘTRI și ȚINE minte… membrii nu plătesc pentru călătoria noastră, ci mai degrabă ne susțin sucurile creative, care uneori echivalează cu o bere gustoasă! Așa că faceți popcornul floricele, reduceți luminile și stați pe spate, bucurați-vă de spectacol! @Patreon URMĂȚI AVENTURILE NOASTRE PE SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM


27 thoughts on “Tot singur pe barca cu pânze; Warren pleacă din VA | Episodul 182

  1. Congratulations on your visa and new batteries , I was always under the impression you needed all the cable lengths the same for balanced batteries. With your bank position looks like at least one was a bit longer. What did relion suggest on this matter it wasn’t really important?

  2. You guys, I'm so close to convincing my wife we need to leave it all behind and go live on a catamaran. She's actually recognizing it as a possibility. We've about had it with all the craziness going on in the country. Life is not meant to be about what you do for work 9-5 every week!

  3. Ok! Thanks for the video this week.
    Looks like back in July you had a hell of a week.
    Ok just want to say Aloha and Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Ya'll be safe out there.
    So until next time Aloha from your friends on the Big Island of Hawaii!

  4. Hi Erica
    I do understand you very good. I'm in the same situation right now after 4 1/2 years. Me time is nice and important, but we time makes so much more fun.
    We life on such a small space and can still miss each other.
    Thomy is on a sailing trip for 3 weeks, while I'm recoverz from a rib bruise.
    Next time we put us together and have a women time. Enjoy yourself and take care. Greetings, Claudia

  5. So many sailors just zoom through the South Pacific on their way around the world. You are doing the right thing extending your time. Loads of adventures to document. On another note. What is going on with the insurance companies and Lithium batteries?

  6. Loved the open… emmy award winning editing…and good acting. Enjoyed intermission, and LOL trying to start the outboard the first time. The vibe changed when Dad showed up and Warren got back way to fast. Erica – you could have played out being on the boat solo for several more minutes of this episode… with more time underwater and enjoying "me time" would have been relaxing to the viewer. I always enjoy watching Warren doing boat work, and learning…nice endorsement and best wishes with the new batteries and getting your long term visa! ⛵❤😎

  7. Super exciting to see all the new toys. But it’s obvious who wears the editing pants in this household. Really nice job Erica!! And then Warren pipes in with his bit of filming and what-do-ya-know…. it’s really good too.

    Great hump day viewing! Thanks.

  8. I love the whole Erica doing her "me time" thing. Funny stuff. Ive have heard of that battery Company, but do not know much about them. I know a little about Battle Born, which seems to be the popular system installed on sailing yachts. I hope they do what they say and you enjoy them.

  9. Great video guys. So pleased for you on the visa front. Not knowing is horrible so great news. I can’t say I blame you for wanting to stay!! Thanks for sharing as always and look forward to more adventures.

  10. Following you two is never boring. Love the day in the life of you, Erica getting a chance to relax around the boat just doing girly things. Down time is important even when your living in paradise. So glad the passport crap got sorted out.

  11. OMG 😱 WOW, Erica and Warren ‼️‼️ Over-the-top episode 🎉🎉🎉 Happy with the logistics getting straightened out. V. I. C. T. O. R. Y. ‼️ And even some new batteries and clean install. Merry Christmas ✨🌊💨⛵️🏝️👙🌞✨🎄✨

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