Accesați toate zonele acestui iaht de designer nou-nouț | Tur complet al Pearl 72 | Barcă cu motor și iahting

Accesați toate zonele acestui iaht de designer nou-nouț |  Tur complet al Pearl 72 |  Barcă cu motor și iahting

Raportând de la Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2022, Elliott Maurice (alias @thebritishboatguy3130) ne poartă într-un tur complet al Pearl 72, care își făcea debutul global. Sponsorizat de: Specificațiile Pearl 72 LOA: 72ft 2in (22m) Lungime: 18ft 10in (5,75m) Motoare: 2x MAN V12 de 1.400 CP Viteză maximă: 32 noduri Preț: 2,6 milioane £ ► Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a MBY acum – ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre turnee, vizitați site-ul nostru aici – http://www. ► Urmărește-ne pe Facebook: ► Urmărește-ne pe Twitter: ► Urmărește-ne pe Instagram: /motorboat_and_yachting/ ► Ce ai crezut? Spune-ne în comentariile de mai jos! ► Nu uitați să apăsați butonul de LIKE și să vă abonați dacă v-a plăcut 🙂 #motorboatyachting


22 thoughts on “Accesați toate zonele acestui iaht de designer nou-nouț | Tur complet al Pearl 72 | Barcă cu motor și iahting

  1. very hard to see what was getting filmed at times, beautiful boat, but is it a 3 berth or 4 berth boat. What is the range? The flybridge looks stunning, I would have the hot tub. Please, don't say stuff is obvious as it is not, no explanation of what the seakeeper is. TBH felt very rushed.

  2. Sorry Elliot, but definitely not the best work I've seen on this channel. You seemed to sometimes have a problem pointing the camera directly at the features being described, plus various things were missed completely (eg refrigeration/freezers in galley area). Lovely boat though.

  3. My earlier comment stands but I also want to point out that the presenter should continue to work on his presentation skills and camera-work. I hope others at the channel can help him. I'd LOVE to see this presenter get better with some training and some more experience right here.

  4. Good to see you back Elliot. It was plain this was shot over multiple attempts. The shadows kept changing. Not a fan of Pearl. Kelly Hoppin's designs are boring. If you gave me one I wouldn't keep it. If there wasn't a cash option I'd just flip it. it is a trope that NY lofts look like this. They usually don't. Lofts tend to a very industrial minimalist esthetic. Exposed brick and beams. Bathrooms and Kitchens sometimes do this ultra sleek modernist look. I can respect that she and Pearl have committed to this design sensibility – but …. if you don't like it you gotta start looking at Princess. You never say that there is owner specification. Neither does anyone else.

    As a suggestion you should be more of a Producer/Director and largely decided ahead of time what you want to show and what story of this model you want to tell. The side wings mentioned at the very end were the biggest deal I noticed. The issue with Kelly Hoppin's designs are that they are very repetitive. Instead of commenting a lot on it you could have just said look at all the other Pearl videos and it will look like that. What did Bill Dixion bring?

  5. lovely, but I for one am not a fan of Hoppen interiors. i am not looking for a "feminine touch" on a yacht interior. elliot saying her name 5 times more than the name of the boat seems a bit over the top.

  6. Dude – That camera is SOOOOO CLOSE to everything. Pull back and give us a more complete picture of what you're showing, maybe try to get more in the frame.
    You made a 72' yacht feel as claustrophobic as a cuddy cabin!!

  7. Not the usual high standard we expect from motorboat and yachting .
    The presenter instead of walking us through the boat jumped so you could not visualise how each area connected . The engine room no mention of how big the engines where or range.
    Don't give up the day job and get the magazine editor to show you how it should be done
    But still a big fan of motorboat and yachting.

  8. Lovely boat, my current favourite, and what a shame you weren't given the time to do a full tour in one go, in peace. My fave bit was the jump from the engine room to the flybridge. Dizzying!

  9. Hi, interesting boat, but sadly I must add my voice to those criticising the video. It was incredibly disjointed, with harsh cuts, and no real flow. There seemed a lot of detail missing, engine spec, range, speed, drives etc.
    I know it's a hard thing, but as stated, Hugo has really bailed it, with a bit of fun and genuine passion in his tours. May be worth checking out the godfather, the OG. @aquaholic, the granddaddy Nick Burnham. He has an effecient flow, lots,of detail, and a genuine delivery and enthusiasm. Good start, A for effort, but needs some polish. Sorry !

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