Cutter Cape George De Vanzare. Proiect, Ieftin.

Cutter Cape George De Vanzare.  Proiect, Ieftin.

Canalul nostru este posibil de tine! Consultați contul nostru Patreon pentru a obține acces la actualizări săptămânale în timp real (în timpul sezonului de ambarcațiuni), acces anticipat la videoclipuri și poate chiar scrisori surpriză scrise de mână livrate în cutia dvs. poștală. Patronii sunt cei care mențin acest canal în viață! Magic Carpet II este un Cape George 36, construit în Port Townsend, WA în 1982. Corpul și balastul ei au fost construite de Cape George Marine Works, iar restul a fost terminat. de către proprietarul inițial. Consultați site-ul nostru pentru a afla mai multe despre noi: Dacă doriți să ne susțineți, dar patreon nu este lucrul dvs., puteți face o donație o singură dată prin PayPal și vă vom trimite multe multumesc in schimb!! Lucruri care ne plac: (link-uri afiliate marcate cu *) *PANTALONI DE LUCRU A lui ALADINO: SIA SANDPAPER: șmirghel elvețian de înaltă calitate, care nu se fulgeră sau lăsați un finisaj neuniform: BEST COAST CANVAS: șorțuri, halate, jachete și alte articole din pânză lucrate manual. Totul facut la comanda. CAPE GEORGE MARINE WORKS: șantierul unde a fost construită barca noastră. Situat în Port Townsend WA, lucrează de înaltă calitate pe bărci în stil tradițional. De asemenea, pot construi bărci noi la comandă. Vezi muzica Mayei pe Spotify și iTunes! SPOTIFY: iTUNES: https : / / muzica . măr . com / ca / ​​artist / maya – eliza / 1 5 1 8 1 8 6 7 5 6 Suntem pe instagram la @SailingMagicCarpet Color graded with Phantom Luts by Joel Famularo Adresa noastră de e-mail este doar pentru întrebări de afaceri, vă rog! Dacă aveți o întrebare de afaceri sau o altă propunere, vă rugăm să ne trimiteți un e-mail la SailingMagicCarpet (la)


41 thoughts on “Cutter Cape George De Vanzare. Proiect, Ieftin.

  1. Hey Al this is Kelly Carpenter from San Diego califonia .Its cool that you are supporting The cape George. Im looking for a cape George 36 .in refit condition. The cape George has a righting moment of over 50,000 lbs can handle 1050 square feet of sheet to the wind easy .And if you go to the golden globe sail boat race on youtube you will find Minnehaha a cape George 36 sailing first in fleet wish my luck Kels

  2. She's a beauty and in my backyard, I'm on Van Isl in Nanaimo on acreage with a barn she'd fit in love to do it as I've restored a couple wood boats and really enjoy the woodwork buuut I'm getting older and just don't have the energy anymore (was like Aladino when younger could tackle any project) hope she finds a good home.

  3. Side note on the capabilities and integrity of the Cape George boats, Kerstin, in her sister ship to Magic Carpet 2, is currently second in the GGR and might very well be leading if she hadn't rescued one of her competitors whose boat sank.

  4. So great that you have put this out. Sorry for the owner, who obviously put a ton of money and effort into this before his life took a turn. Hope this video helps him sell it soon.

  5. Two (Soon Three) Sailing Magic Carpet Videos in a week? It seems I underestimated the amount of luck I had on Sunday!
    She is really beautiful, even out of the water. If I had the space, time, tools, thousands of dollars, and lived in the Greater Vancouver Area, I’d probably take up the offer. However seeing as I’m very far away and lack most of the things listed previously, I’ll have to wait and see where she ends up. I’ve been a Cape George fan since I first saw MC II, so I hope she ends up sailing again soon!
    Thanks for the videos and keep at it,

  6. "20 Years ago and a couple of Thousand Pounds more in the Bank and I would be all over it….. Oh and a Beautiful Partner of course….. But now I am afraid it would be way beyond me….. But well done for trying to get some help for this Glorious Yacht….. Bless you both… :-))) xxx

  7. Is it a 36? or 31? Billy Atkin drew the lines for the 36 and I fell in love with the shape of that hull when I first saw one 15 years ago. I haven't seen the other Cape George variants.

  8. aldino, you have a unique set of skills and abilities and through that filter, refurbishment of that boat is a viable project, but through anyone else, its not

    wooden boats like that are doomed, because like church organs, the necessary skillset is dying

    you refurbishing the boat to make a profit i guess you have thought about

  9. Nobody can do it like you two! I was hoping it was a new boat that you just couldn’t pass up……It’s beautiful and I hope someone feels the same way about it but with the abilities to bring it back to what I now know it can be…

  10. That is a huge project and requires major skills . Aladino is doing it full time when working on it and they still are not done . Decent boat once fixed but if i calculate in my labor they near need to pay me to take it .

    Way different if it is your hobby or you make a living selling videos about repairing it

  11. What am amazing opportunity. I wish I was in a position to take it on. I am sure someone deserving will get an amazing boat. He/she better take the current owner out for a day sail when they are down.

  12. Make sure if it gets sold due to the use of your efforts the you get a cut as a brokerage fee, either from the seller or the buyer or both. It's only appropriate for you to get your cut.

  13. massive project. ripping the whole deck, probably replacing all deck beams and blocks because it is more time/cost effective, redecking ,new bulwarks and replacing the top of the cabin. i would go divinicell whenever i could just to make sure no more work would be needed in the future

  14. Being on Vancouver Island i could see a joint venture to restore this boat. If you find an individual or group mid island let me know. My carpentry skills are nowhere near Aladino's but definitely willing to be part of a team.

  15. Hello Aladino and Maya It was very nice of you to publicize the boat. It is such a shame that the boat was allowed to deteriorate to the extent that it has. I hope that a new home can be found for it. Ben S/V DAWN

  16. I am interested, but I don't have the skills to repair it. Thank you for your interest though, I hope it goes to someone who will repair it and get it running again.

  17. very nice boat but a lot of work visible without digging in. Was this boat built with a balsa core? Looking at the water damage you know what that means….

  18. I’d love it but I’m 500 miles away; close enough to sail the Salish sea but too far to get any work done. A workshop is really the critical element as Aladino identified. At least she could come out of the weather and that would take the pressure off, for she’s surely worth saving. I sure hope she finds an owner.

    I appreciate your passion for the Cape George’s. They are some of loveliest sailboats, in my opinion. Aladino has demonstrated the fix to the Achilles heel of the design: the wooden decks and bulwarks. He and Maya have shown us how the right combination of craftsmanship, materials, and modern adhesives could make her better than new.

  19. Lest we forget right now a Cape George 36 is running second in the Golden Globe Race. These are exceptional boats and I am sure there is some one out there who can save this one. 🐟 😁

  20. Lots of ways to skin (or deskin) a boat, and the relatively crude work required to rip up decks and replace rotted blocks and such to a strong structure is not all that daunting. Aladino's level of quality and perfection is NOT required here and would be unnecessary to salvage this craft. Hard part is finding a comfortable sheltered and heated space to conduct the work, move it Port Townsend, stick it in a shed and bang away.

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