Ei bine… NOI AM FĂCUT-O! + Planuri de navigație și traversarea CANALULUI ENGLISH NOAPTE – Ep 117

Ei bine... NOI AM FĂCUT-O!  + Planuri de navigație și traversarea CANALULUI ENGLISH NOAPTE - Ep 117

Kamikoto le oferă spectatorilor noștri o reducere suplimentară de 50 USD la achiziția dvs. cu codul nostru de cupon JIBSEA50 https://kamikoto.com/JIBSEA50 După o pauză de odihnă lungă de o săptămână, Travis are timp să se vindece de accidentarea lui BMX și pornim din nou. Ne îmbarcăm într-o călătorie cu barca noastră cu pânze monococă din Weymouth, Anglia, până în Țările de Jos. La fel ca în majoritatea lucrurilor din viața de barcă, lucrurile nu merg niciodată conform planului. Navigația noastră de zi se transformă într-un pasaj peste noapte, ceea ce înseamnă că vom naviga pe unul dintre cele mai aglomerate canale, Canalul Mânecii, pe timp de noapte, înainte de a acosta într-un port de agrement din Franța. VIDEO NOI ÎN FIECARE VINERI! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipurile noastre – fiecare sprijin este foarte apreciat, ne continuă călătoria și conținutul să vină! MÂNERELE NOASTRE DE TROLIU – The Flipper by Easysea – Folosiți codul nostru de cupon: JIBSEA10 pentru o reducere de 5%! o achiziție efectuată prin link-ul de mai jos ajută la sprijinirea călătoriei noastre fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs. 🙂 https://easysea.org/?sca_ref=1842873.88IEFDzrSD APARATORUL NOSTRU – SeaWaterPro AC Double Membrane – o achiziție efectuată prin linkul de mai jos ajută la susține călătoria noastră fără costuri suplimentare https://seawaterpro.com?sca_ref=1318981.ElEepUm59l VIZITĂȚI MAGAZINUL NOSTRU DE SWAG – arătați-vă sprijinul față de canalul nostru dând niște lucruri interesante 😎 https://sailing-jibsea.creator-spring.com DACĂ DORIȚI SĂ SUSȚINEȚI CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA – primiți actualizări exclusive și filmări bonus https://www.patreon.com/jibsea ALTE MODALITĂȚI DE A NE SPRINI – pentru a contribui o singură dată pentru a ne susține călătoria și pentru a canaliza PayPal: https:/ /www.paypal.me/jibsea Interac E-Transfer: sailingjibsea@gmail.com VREI MAI MULT? Urmărește-ne AICI https://www.instagram.com/sailingjibsea https://www.instagram.com/sstephcee https://www.instagram.com/t_sexsmith https://www.facebook.com/sailingjibsea https:/ /linktr.ee/Jibsea #sailing #englishchannel #sailingadventures #england


44 thoughts on “Ei bine… NOI AM FĂCUT-O! + Planuri de navigație și traversarea CANALULUI ENGLISH NOAPTE – Ep 117

  1. Another great video, being a Dutch Canadian, it will be interesting to see what you explore in Holland 🇳🇱 …

    Hope I get meet when you're in 🇨🇦

  2. Hi you two, just a quick heads up, the 'knife company' is the same one as the scammy 'lord company', where the yt community is now crashing down on. Perhaps you already knew, but do with this what you want; the internet is already full of evidence why the cutlery isn't all that great either. Personally I don't care, money is money. But lots of people link things, like reputation, together.

  3. The scantily clad videos from the Caribbean are always good for good for ratings. After watching Uma and Ran sailing videos last year, I would say Norway and Sweden are MUST sail destinations for world cruisers. Really beautiful country. Enjoy the holiday season there. I bet it will be spectacular! Merry Christmas!!

  4. Glad Travis's shoulder is ok- big relief for the both of you.
    Dinner looked great Steph- good food matters to your tastebuds.
    The generator from hell carb teardown again. Dear Santa…
    A Dutch holiday destination- that will be entertaining for the crew.

    I follow Sam Holmes sailing channel his boat is in storage over there now.
    The knifes premotion is on almost every UT channel now- so give us your feedback.
    I like the ceramic blades myself but that's just me when slicing & dicing things up.
    Slept through the alarm going off- again… by personal choice. Happens to the best of us.
    Crossing the English Channel at night- the pucker factor.

    Croissants in Calais could be dangerous but oh so delicious for the crew moral.
    Caribbean ones were in warmer conditions though, but glad to see you both made it safely.
    Thanks for bringing all of us up to date with your adventures.

  5. Experience here. By a Honda genset. Yes, more expensive initially but very well made. Worth the investment. I’ve had mine since 2004. Use it all year long in my RV, even in winter at the ski hill. Still going strong. 🇨🇦

  6. Vlissingen 😂😂 Ye, you kinda butchered that name, but hey!, I still understood what you meant 😁It's callled "Flushing" in english. Easier to pronounce! If I can take a guess at your sailing route you're going to Antwerp after? If not you def should. Then go back up north again along the coast. Maybe port in Scheveningen (Try pronouncing THAT ha! 😉) then further north to IJmijden, to get to Amsterdam. There's a marina located in the city centre. You are avid bikers no? You'll love Amsterdam. Aside from that you should go to the Wadden Sea and visit the islands there. I'm not sure about your draft but some of them should be accessible. You could even go thru the afsluitdijk and enter the IJsselmeer. Lovely little towns there (Hoorn/Enkhuizen/Lemmer) to get a good vibe on the Netherlands. Have fun, I hope you enjoy my country!

  7. So many countries you're visiting! Your channel is one of the most enjoyable sailing channels to watch. Glad you finally got a comfortable sail for once. A couple episodes back I was getting a little sea sick, lol

  8. They are horrible knives they do not hold there Sharpness You can purchase other knives that are a lot cheaper with the same quality this is not true Japanese metal They are Chinese metal that is not a good grade

  9. Do you Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving? What kind of generator did you buy? Honda? I heard those were good. Happy Holidays to you both! Kudo's to you on that dinner looked great!

  10. After doing your Atlantic crossing how do all other passages feel to you two now (12 hours mentioned in this vid etc.) I’m sure you did some decent ones down south here as well but do they feel the same or pass by quicker as you do more? Happy holidays from back home in Toronto! 🎄❄️🇨🇦

  11. Super glad Travis is on the mend!!! 😊Every time Steph cooks it makes me SOOO hungry hahah that dinner looked so darn good. Hopefully your generator woes will be solved soon 😉 Those wind farms on the water must be something else to see, amazing. Fair winds and following seas my friends

  12. Welcome to the Solent, I am shocked that you didnt visit Cowes, home of English sailing. The Solent is where I fish when I go out on my boat to fish recreationally. The anchorage was Newtown Creek that you sat outside of. I watch your story and I have nothing but admiration for you two. Stay safe. Steve

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