Cea de-a cincea roată favorită din față!! 2023 North Point 382FLRB

Cea de-a cincea roată favorită din față!!  2023 North Point 382FLRB

The Nerd Preferred #2023 Jayco North Point 382FLRB Baie frontală și ½ RV de lux pe roată a cincea!! ► Verificați prețurile și disponibilitatea acum la https://bit.ly/3x4c5em ► Faceți clic pe ABONAȚI-VĂ ACUM pentru a viziona toate videoclipurile viitoare!! Există multe roți fantastice pentru camera de zi din față. Dar aceasta este încă alegerea mea personală și preferata dintre ele! Designul „înapoi” în zona de zi a acestei a cincea roată și bucătăria surprinzător de bună sunt un pumn greu de învins. Dar Baia din aceasta mă oprește de fiecare dată când văd una dintre ele. În plus, depozitul exterior și bucătăria de tabără sunt pur și simplu minunate! 2023 North Point 382FLRB Specificații Cârlig 2.945 Gol 14.765 Marfă 2.485 Max 17.250 Lungime 44′ 0″ Înălțime 13′ 4″ Lățime 8′ 0″ Copertina1 14′ 0″ Copertina2 14′ 0″ Copertina2 14′ 70.50″ Negru 70.50″ Negru Cauți ceva asemănător? Încearcă una dintre acestea! ► Montana https://bit.ly/2Z03MC6 ► Paradigm https://bit.ly/3od4CnY ► Wildwood https://bit.ly/3vYNZBD ► Aflați despre beneficiile Bish’s Diamond Club pe care le primiți gratuit la achiziționarea unui SAU nou RV FOLOSIT aici: https://bit.ly/3oVqODp Conectați-vă cu Bish’s RV și Josh the RV Nerd pe… ► Site: https://www.bishs.com/ ► Bish’s YouTube: https://www.youtube .com/c/BishsRV ► Josh este pe TikTok! https://www.tiktok.com/@joshthervnerd ► Facebook-ul lui Josh: https://www.facebook.com/josh.winters.731/ ► Instagram-ul lui Josh: https://www.instagram.com/josh_the_rv_nerd/ ► Josh pe Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoshtheRVNerd ► Alăturați-vă lui Bish pe TikTok la https://www.tiktok.com/@bishsrv ► Codul de antrenor Pokemon GO al lui Josh: 5403 2403 6298 (LOL) ► și vedeți mai multe videoclipuri la https ://www.youtube.com/c/BishsRV #fifthwheel #nerd #RVNerd #RV #rvlife #rving #travel #camp #camping #camper #campinglife #homeonwheels 00:00 382FLRB Prezentare generală 02:15 Stepping Inside 04:00 DUAL VEZI Televizorul! 05:22 Dormit pentru oaspeți 05:58 Spațiul superior de pe puntea superioară 06:30 La bucătărie! 08:01 Depozitare în bucătărie 09:04 O jumătate de baie 09:55 Dormitor 11:22 Baie cu baie 13:45 Mod drum 15:21 Caracteristici exterioare 20:10 Bucătărie de tabără 23:37 Anvelope și acoperiș 25:51 Abonați-vă acum pentru mai multe!


25 thoughts on “Cea de-a cincea roată favorită din față!! 2023 North Point 382FLRB

  1. Josh, I am beat! I have watched about 500 videos, so many that my 12 year old yells because you are the 1st option for YouTube 😆 and am an in love with many things I can't even pull>without needing a 2500< Which I am seriously debating 🤔. I like the style of THIS, the Eagle HT 320 FBOK and the and Salem Hemisphere 35RE. I want the backlit things whenever I can have it >mirrors and cabinets<, neat features and the prettiness WITH an on-demand water heater, enclosed underbelly, outdoor fridge/griddle, and an option for a pull-out sofa bed (2 teens getting near the out of the house stage). I can't keep up! I want a 5th wheel. I don't mind upgrading trucks but am trying not to. WHAT DO YOU HAVE around or under 30ft? My eyes are gonna pop and my brain is going to blow out soon, lol. "Thanks (my favorite) Nerd" 🤣

  2. "NERDHERD" – Just a little NERT for you. Out of all the 5th wheels out there this is my favorite. Turning the plan backwards and having those two televisions back to back is so appealing to me. The master bathroom is amazing. ⛺️

  3. This is very nice. Lots of storage, inside and out. If I had this I would be living in it so I'd want a butlers pantry maybe with a little desk in it. I don't care if my guest walk through my bedroom because they'd just be my kids or grandkids. If I moved it, it would be to change locations, not travel. I like the interesting seating in the living room. The recliners are like the thrones for the king and queen! OH, and I did wonder.

  4. Thanks Josh, for such a detailed video of this model. The bathroom is attractive, BUT, if you lost one of the double sinks, could the space be revamped so that hanging storage is not lost? Double tv/televator is a big YES! Great under storage in basement!
    One thing that husband and I haven't seen in ANY FLR model is the option of having a beefy desk with storage cabinets/shelves on each side of the desk; this of course in place of one of the couches. THAT would be phenomenal for a couple who uses the rig for themselves and only occasionally have guests. PLEASE pass this on!!!
    Jealous of your Cedar Point visit! We honeymooned there!!! THANKS!

  5. Josh, does montana make a floor plan like this one? I have watched so many videos I don't know which way is up and which way is down. We really like this floor plan, but we do love our keystone tanas . Quality is the most important part of something you want to full time in. Wonder who taught us that? Not saying.

  6. This one is kind of a miss for me. Watching TV alienates anyone in the kitchen. The powder room is comically tiny. There is limited storage or real usable counter space in the kitchen. The dinette is clearly made for two yet sofa seating for 8?? A drinking faucet 3 feet from a fridge water dispenser? The bedroom is light on clothing storage. Dual vanities are over rated – who can't wait 30 seconds to brush their teeth?? And I HATE that distressed farmhouse cabinet look.
    Other than that – sharp rig!

  7. It's better than a lot of units but I do like the front living rooms with the TV in the nose. The kitchen has a counter although a bit narrower but still more use than this. I love they didn't cram the stove against a wall or fridge. I love the back bath except I'd like only one sink and more counterspace. Looks cool tho. The 1/2 bath is a no go. I don't want anyone pooping at my kitchen. lol I'd have to remove it and give a sort of pantry/closet space.

  8. Good video 😀 front is not a good idea 😕 not rv Park friendly also is this rig on lipord frame so do other manufacturers the weld's a cracking on the front bad quality control and not safe

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