SAILING BAJA MEXICO – Excursie de vis de surf

SAILING BAJA MEXICO - Excursie de vis de surf

Aceasta este linia de coastă pe care toată lumea o sare și urma să fie aici o lună! Ei spun că este prea expus și nu e nimic aici, dar o să aflăm singuri. Îți place acest episod și vrei să facem mai mult? Luați în considerare susținerea canalului la: Obțineți Swag-ul Breaking Waves la Obțineți scoop în timp real pe Instagram! @breakingwaves.ben @breakingwaves.alie O parte din tot ceea ce facem de pe acest canal va fi donată către pentru a ne ajuta să curățăm oceanul.


25 thoughts on “SAILING BAJA MEXICO – Excursie de vis de surf

  1. I just love watching you two get up in the morning, have some coffee while you check the surf, and then head out. Not neglecting Bruce of course. Boat shit just happens, I'm glad Ben was able to jump on it and get it fixed. Surfs up!!

  2. Nice sweater Alie Just like the one I am wearing from LUND. Looks beautiful and warm on the beach there however it is snowy and -15C in Salish Sea

  3. Guys, you should always have some petrol treatment in your boat to deal with the water in the fuel. Sometimes you can get a droplet of water sitting over the main jet in the carbi and it will not move, but if you have this fuel additive it will remove the water by mixing it with the fuel then burning it.
    Failing that, if you have some methylated spirits on board, you can add half a cup of it to your fuel tank and mix it around. It also mixes the fuel and water and gets rid of the droplets of water.

  4. Love this video. Your joy is infectious. Thanks. The break looks small but well formed. Can I suggest you push patreon a smidge more without being too push & maybe have a direct pay alternate. Merri kirimiti from Craig in Marlborough NZ

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