Ninsorile provoacă întârzieri și anulări ale navigației BC Ferries

Ninsorile provoacă întârzieri și anulări ale navigației BC Ferries

Călătorii și echipajul de pe BC Ferries nu au mers fără probleme. Cel puțin 100 de navigații au fost afectate de ninsori. #britishcolumbia #cbcvancouver #bcferries Conectați-vă cu CBC Vancouver online: Site: TikTok: Instagram: /cbcvancouver Facebook: Twitter:


9 thoughts on “Ninsorile provoacă întârzieri și anulări ale navigației BC Ferries

  1. Deborah is so full of it – first of all she looks SMUG. She/They basically look at YVR and think 'oh wow its a real mess there' , 'we better cancel sailings too. LETS pretend the SNOW impacts US TOO, and not let the people who picked to use us instead get home smoothly'. SHE thinks that no one will 'notice'. They should be REDOUBLING their effort and saying "We're going to add extra sailings for the people impacted by the closed airport" . FIRE HER. She's not even at work, but taking a holiday while people suffer. & thinks 'OH well i've done work if I record a 1min message, back to the eggnog'

  2. Quote: "Snowfall causes B.C. Ferries sailing delays and cancellations."  

    ~ No, it's not the weather, it's our government who supports SLUMLORD corporations who operate on a shoe-string-budget, so their CEO's can get obscene amounts of money via their over inflated salaries, bonuses, or giant golden pensions and severance payouts. In the meantime, the man on the street pays, and pays and pays, taxes that'll never reach the broken down infrastructural maintenance and repairs needed to operate smoothly and efficiently, like one used to expect in 1st world countries.

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