S2E60 Camberul cabinei este stabilit

S2E60 Camberul cabinei este stabilit

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23 thoughts on “S2E60 Camberul cabinei este stabilit

  1. I highly recommend mocking up your hatch/ladder/handhold layout in cardboard or plywood and trying it out yourself. You’ll be doing it many times per day in all weather as you know. Maybe it’s worth the physical testing to be sure it works for your ergonomics.

  2. Thank you again for all of the videos you have provided to us out here in YT land Alan. Have a very Merry Christmas. Hunker down and stay warm and safe with Mrs. Wave Rover and Mr. Speckles.

  3. I’m a fan of your cockpit-less design; it will shed water fast and add strength. I suggest your lifelines/rails are up-sized to increase the protection factor against being swept off the aft deck. Add some height with an extra rail/line surrounding the aft section. Also ensure ample bulwarks. These will make your movements to & from your favoured aft seat safer, by having a decent sized protective enclosure.

  4. I have a side opening hatch on my boat. It really doesn't get in the way when open and gives me a handy half-way-out position for taking a quick look outside. Also I have a useful grabrail immediately above it which is a big help with egress/ingress. It opens to port and I will be able to reach through to my starboard mounted radio to starboard. It is an alloy/tinted acrylic Gebo deck hatch and gives a good view of the cockpit when closed.

  5. I'm medium sized (maybe 2 inches taller than you) and I've just measured my shoulders and they are 20 inches wide with no shirt. If I was wearing warm clothes and foul weather gear I think that a 20 inch hatch would be too small. Have you got an old piece of sheet material that you can cut to make a 20 inch wide hatch and then dress up as you would for going on deck in a storm to try the fit? If it's too tight make it an inch wider and try again until you get a comfortable fit without being so wide that it starts impacting on the strength of the structure.

    I would be tempted to put portlights either side of the hatch to get more light and slightly different viewing angles.

    Have a great Christmas.

  6. As long as you are happy thats all that matters, "Wave Rover" is YOUR vessel after all, not ours. Have a fantastic holiday season and may 2023 be a most awesome one for you and the family.

  7. I'm thinking of a hatch door that is something like a bank vault. The hinges can be arms which extend well past the opening. This will enable a much better seal when the hatch is closed.

  8. I like the shortened intro. After watching a lot of YouTube, I've reached the conclusion that very quick title sequences are the best. My favorites are the ones that simply tell the viewer what channel they're on for like 3 seconds or less, and then get on with it. Like the Wave Rover herself, smaller is better.

  9. Looking good Alan. I was thinking. Now you have done away with the cockpit, why not move the aft face of the cabin back a bit. This will give you greater internal volume plus the hatch will be between the longitudinals where the cockpit was going to be. You could add a short bulkhead at the forward end of this area to restrict any water that comes in through the hatch and stop it entering the main cabin area. Just a thought. Wishing you and Mrs Rover a fantastick Christmas and a productive and successful New Year.

  10. You might want to consider a double opening hatch. A bit easier to reach to close and less likely to be caught by the wind. The downside is getting a water tight seal in the middle. The convenience might be worth the additional complexity

  11. The cambered cabin top definitely adds some elegance, especially against the hard chines which can make a boat look boxy. Note: I know you're in a tight space, but can you try zooming the camera out so that we can see the cabin and the entire hull in the shot? Sometimes I got confused as to the whether I was looking forward or aft.

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